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I've just found out about and pledged to be a part of Ada Lovelace Day on

I've decided that for my technology & women-related post, I'd like to talk about video game heroines. So, to all you video gamers out there: who are your favorite female characters in any video or computer game, ever?

That can be Lulu from Final Fantasy X, Catherine from the Myst series, or even Flo from Diner Dash! Name her, the game, and why you like her, and I'll do a collective post featuring these lovely ladies and then some on Ada Lovelace Day.

Not enough female game characters (or the women that play them!) get attention in today's world, and I hope I can contribute a little to ALD by posting something like this. So help out, join in, and pledge yourself! It can be a blog post, art, a musical composition, a YouTube video...anything!
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Well, it's my last evening in San Francisco, and I feel semi-accomplished. I went to the flasgship (?) Apple Store in downtown San Francisco today, intending to buy a new hard drive for use with Time Machine. I do have Apple's Backup program, but for making a "bootable clone" or something similar of my hard drive, I would need to spend far too much time specifying exactly what "folders" I want copied and to where. I've used Retrospect Express before (which comes with a number of portable hard drives), and I didn't like it-- too clunky and complicated.

Thus, my requirements for a new portable hard drive:
The Duh
* Compatible with Mac OS X 10.5.2
* USB 2.0 and FireWire 400 at the minimum

The Good
* FireWire 800
* Slim and lightweight
* Quiet
* At least 160 GB, which is enough to make a single copy of my entire HD (which is not filled to capacity, mind you) and still have some wiggle room

If only...
* Solid-state format of the HDD
* Less than $200

I'd been leaning toward the Iomega UltraMax 500 GB, which is pretty huge and pretty cheap for the size. One model even comes with FireWire 800, but reviews I've read say it craps out after a few uses, and I don't want to have to deal with that stress. I'd rather put up with something ugly that doesn't break.

The question is, should I be looking at more-expensive, larger-capacity drives, as "preparation" for the future? Or should I just stick with what I need, which is basically something to backup all my important stuff (music, photos, applications, websites, documents) quickly and easily, in case my HD needs to get reformatted?

All this pretty much came into play when I tried to play a CD (brand new), found out my Super Drive just may be crapping out on me but it's covered under warranty, which means I can send it away to get "fixed." If I do that, it'll be an agonizing X amount of time without my laptop, but it's worth it to get a better-working Super Drive. The Apple warranty explanation page says, "expect to get your HD reformatted." As if that's logical for every repair... -_- Well, I'd rather not take the chance of them doing that, as some users have said they did for a supposedly simple Super Drive replacement.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Remember: The ONE DAY CONTENT STRIKE is tomorrow. Don't post on LiveJournal. Don't comment. Don't fill out polls. Read if you must, but don't do anything else. Let them know that their removal of Basic accounts was a BAD IDEA!

I'm posting now to get my last-ditch LJ posts in. :P
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Apple finally released the long-awaited and very-much-needed 10.5.2 update to Leopard, the newest "big kitty" in Apple's line of OS X operating systems.

The only problem is, there are STILL problems. Well, it's probably impossible for any given update, on any given OS, to solve ALL the reported problems with the previous version of said operating system, but I was hoping that at least supposedly-dinky things (especially those things that had been FINE in Tiger, 10.4.x) would get resolved in Leopard.

The problems I've been experiencing with my MacBook Pro (2.2 GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM, 120 GB HD) include:

* Problems syncing my Motorola RAZR v3re using iSync. For some reason it keeps syncing OLD information that is not on my iCal (e.g. last semester's schedule). I'm not sure if iSync is interfering with something in the phone itself, and the phone is copying over old data (e.g. from last year), but it's really annoying not to have my alarms on my phone. I've already tried to do this, and it's STILL fucked up. In 10.5.1, I already tried deleting the device from iSync, but it's done no good. If there's a way to reset calendar data on the V3re, I don't know what it is... I don't have the manual(s) on me, and the on-phone browser help... DOESN'T help. Not surprising, frankly, but it pisses me off more because this is A NEW PHONE.

* Problems creating PDFs from Word documents (and presumably other programs); the Adobe 8.0 PDF printer simply "couldn't be located" and the only work-around I found was something that spit out the PDF but kept the PDF printer in a perpetual "paused" state.

* I have an HP 1210xi PSC (All-in-One) that I bought with my original MacBook Pro two years ago. Two years isn't that old for a printer (I feel), but HP seems to think it is, and has "no plans to release a fully-featured driver for Leopard." Fully-featured meaning I can actually DO what I paid for the printer-- printing, scanning and copying! Supposedly I can print, but from my experience, it's only with the printer directly connected into USB, not via Bonjour (using my AirPort Extreme Base Station). I can't test whether or not 10.5.2 fixed this problems; Apple says they released more drivers for compatibility with this very issue, though; they just didn't specify which drivers.

* Firefox would "hang" (not respond, crash, whatever you like to call it) a lot more in Leopard than in Tiger. Of course, Firefox has its own updates, and recently updated to, so it's entirely possible that the hangs are program-specific and not related to 10.5.x at all... but I doubt it, because I've had no such problems on any PC I've used (and I use Firefox all the time at work), and not on older Macs (like the iMac at work which uses 10.4 or 10.3 or something. In any case, it still has Sherlock). Plus, forum threads I found about the issue mention something about Leopard incompatibility with certain DNS servers...? It sounds bizarre to me.

* Dashboard has been a right BITCH since I updated-- sometimes I have widgets that won't go away, even when I click the X in the corner in Manage Widgets mode, and sometimes I have widgets that never "update" (e.g. weather, Apple Store updates, etc.) Very annoying. Sometimes a good ol' fashioned restart helps... but I'm always afraid it'll happen again during a period when I really need my widgets. People came up with odd solutions, like using the Leopard install disc to "Archive & Install," while others did some sort of Terminal command. A restart did the trick for me, so I hope 10.5.2 means I won't have to worry about those other potential solutions-- I don't want the problem to be an issue anymore. So far, so good... I've gone into Dashboard a few times and not had any issues.

* Finally, since I couldn't get my phone to work with iSync, I tried my iPod-- I didn't know it had Calendar, Address Book, etc. capability until I started playing around with iTunes one day. But it seems to have the same problem as my phone, grabbing dates that frankly ARE NOT in iCal. To make matters worse, when the alarm goes off, the iPod will stay ON, which means my battery drains a lot sooner. I'd like ONE device or another to just WORK with iSync, PLEASE? I'll have to test this when I get home, since I don't have my iPod cable with me. Maybe iPods ought to be able to sync with Bluetooth?

But I guess in the long run, all of this is stuff I was never able to do with any PC I ever owned or use, and compared to the problems I see every day in the Walk-In Center with spyware, viruses, and other B.S., the Mac is still a godsend. So for all my bitching and ranting, I still love my Mac. :)
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Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your recent order.

We regret that, because of a pricing error, we have cancelled this order as it relates to a SimpleTech 1.5 TB Hi-Speed USB/eSata-300 Duo Pro External Hard Drive.

As you may have noticed, Dell specifically indicates on our web pages, catalogs, advertising and order-confirmation that Dell cannot be responsible for pricing or other errors, and reserves the right to cancel orders arising from such errors.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We truly value our relationship and reputation with our customers. Please be assured that we are working hard to avoid similar issues.

We invite you to visit or call 1-800-999-3355 if you wish to place an order for this product at its correct price.



[ profile] azhp, we almost had them! *cries*

For everyone else: we almost scored a huge hard drive for only $69. Both Sean and I ordered one (my Dad tried to, too, but the deal was dead by then; Dell probably realized a huge mass of customers ordering HDs was suspicious), and we even found whole forums dedicated to catching it. But it seems that their little fine-print has shafted us all... damn.
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Well, my nose isn't so stuffy and/or runny anymore, but I do have a cough, which sucks. Nothing will make people avoid you more than you hacking everywhere. At least it's not phlegmy or anything...

Today I got to work a bit early and my "usual" desk was occupied, so I decided to switch-- this area isn't so bad. Still too brightly lit, but at least there's no super-cold air conditioner above my head. I had to spend a few minutes setting everything up the way I like (Quick Launch on my taskbar, certain extensions for Firefox, and it occurred to me I might never have shared my favorite extensions. I won't link to them, since they're so easy to find, but I'll give you the proper names, a brief run-through on what they do, and why I like them. Feel free to add your own suggestions!

Extend! )

I didn't get my laptop yesterday per se... they didn't have any 15" anti-glare MBP's in stock, so I ordered it online. I figured it was a better solution than waiting for an unknown number of days for their next shipment. I got the standard MBP, but I got suckered into getting .Mac ([ profile] dqbunny, didn't you used to have that? Was it any good? Can I return it if it ends up being a bad idea...?) I got iLife and iWorks, too, of course, and when I actually GET the thing I'll buy a shell and possibly One-to-One and/or ProCare.

Oh, and I got a black 30GB iPod engraved. I could have gotten the 80GB, but... it hit too close to my max budget, what with the tax. Besides, even if I do start to download movies or TV episodes, I'd rather watch them on a widescreen TV or something-- not on a mini iPod. Music videos, sure... full-length anything? Not so much.

Anywho, got more of my PCH packages (honey roasted mixed nuts and collapsible leather photo boxes!), expecting all of my textbooks (gotta check Half!), and have to run to the walk-in center now. Buh-bye!
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It seems a side effect of my surgery is that I got a cold-- a nasty one, too, that has me sounding like a frog (well, I think-- Steve at work and Shawn both said I sound pretty good) and blowing my nose all the time. Thankfully I have my own personal box of tissues, and no matter how big, I'm going to start bringing my Vaseline with me to work so my nose doesn't get TOO dry and red/flaky.

But I'm taking Zyrtec for the congestion, Vicodin for the horrid headaches from hell (hey, alliteration!), and Keflex for the general antibiotic. I feel like such a pill popper... :P

Also, it seems I couldn't get my new laptop today because my check hasn't cleared YET... but it will in... 47 minutes. Not that the Apple Store's open now, but that either means a) I can get up early... which I may do, just to get used to my new schedule starting this Thursday, and take a shower and head to the mall to get the new laptop so I can actually go to school with it... or b) be a bit more patient and wait until AFTER school so I can bring both the old laptop AND get the new one, so I can hang around the mall while they transfer the data from the old laptop to the new one. I think I should do b), no matter how gung-ho I am.

A few questions of random:
What do you think is more effective at school, a binder with tabs dividing each class, or a notebook for each class? I've always gone with the notebooks as of late, but plenty of classes have paperwork, so notebooks that DON'T function like binders (which is the majority of them, except that new "Flex" note-binder I saw at Rite-Aid last week) are useless. What do you use?

What do you think are the most flattering words to be called in reference to your appearance? (Girls only, please) I got to thinking about this because after the new shopping spree and my haircut, Baba (like grandmother, like father... my dad does this too) said that all the guys would be staring down the front of my (low-cut) shirt. Well, none of the guys at work did do that, but Zack surprisingly called my new haircut "cute." And only because I was so congested and miserable-feeling did I not go "squee!" on the spot. It's always nice to be complimented. But if I had to rate my squee, then here's my Top 5:
5. cute - not as in "fluffy kitten pink cloud" cute, but cute like attractive, but without all the syllables.
4. hot - always nice to feel sexy, yeah? (applies to all derivatives thereof, such as "hottie")
3. sexy - for someone that spent years thinking she'd die a virgin spinster, this one always makes me happy.
2. gorgeous - flattering, but it can sound somewhat plastic depending on the tone.
1. beautiful - the word just makes you feel wonderful inside and out, like nothing else can. And said the right way, it can do a whole lot more!

I got my NSCS gift card today-- it wasn't as large as I hoped (just $25), but it's money I didn't have before. Maybe I'll buy that "Diner Dash: Flo on the Go" game I saw at Game Stop the other day with it. I mean, I'm already going to be spending my own money on:
* new laptop (with no extra bells and whistles though-- the new default packaging for the MBP Core 2 Duo is fine by me)
* new iPod video (what color!? And should I get a dock...? Maybe I should wait till Christmas/Hanukkah)
* iLife and iWorks '08
* Renew my ProCare membership
* Casing for the computer, so I don't have any more "accidents"
That alone might get me close to the $2000 range, and since I only get paid once a month, I want to make sure everything STAYS in great condition

Today I learned that deadline means deadline, not one minute after. Even if my EIC was trying to show he had a sense of humor (and I doubt it, if he's anything like me... which most fellow journalism students seem to be in terms of "sense of humor," a quite scary thought) by threatening to drop my grade by 10% when the semester hasn't even started... well, I'm guessing they ARE anal about deadlines. 12:00 means 12:00, not 12:06. :P Well excuse me for being sick! On the bright side, I do have my other stories mostly done-- I'm waiting to hear back from a representative from the Klotz Student Health Center for my soda health article due on the 23rd, and then I have to contact people at the Topanga Canyon/Westfield mall and an astronomy teacher for the articles due on the 29th.

Just another reason to get to bed now so I can kick this cold that much sooner...
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You're a Window Shopper!

You know that shopping's a blast, but you prefer to save your money
You hardly ever give into an impulse buy, unless it's a total steal
You've always got the most money of your friends - and you never have to borrow
And you've got a nice wardrobe too ... of classic pieces that last years!

I guess this is why reading about Becky Brandon neé Bloomwood in "Shopaholic and Baby" irks me every now and again-- she's not the worst protagonist I've ever read (not by a longshot), but sometimes I want to reach through the pages and strangle her for her absolute airheadedness. But then again, maybe if I had a rich husband I'd want to buy stylist prams too. :P

I left work early today because I was feeling nauseous-- but I hardly ate anything. In fact in all of today, I've had a single Oatmeal Raisin breakfast bar and a pair of waffles with maple syrup. The thought of stomaching anything else makes me queasy, though I could go for some juice right about now. I hate getting sick in the summer.

I'm feeling better than I was earlier, but I'd still rather be lying back and either reading or playing video games. Speaking of the latter, I think I'll make use of those Ultimania maps I got for FFX and try and get Kimahri's Saturn Sigil. If I can't do it by 9:30, I'll save it for another day.

At least the computer's not UNGODLY slow atm, but I'm going to have Erin's friend Eriq look at it (whenever I can get to Westside, that is) and then hopefully get my FinAid check soon enough to get a new one (because I'm all for taking the easy route when I can).

Dark Purple

To others, you seem a bit dark, mysterious, and moody.
In truth, you are just a very unique person who doesn't care what others think.
And you really enjoy your offbeat interests and friends.
You've decided that life is about living for yourself - simple as that.

I want to see "The Bourne Ultimatum" this weekend. With Shawn. But I haven't seen the second one yet. Will that screw me over (probably the wrong wording, but who cares)?

...I've become addicted to ordering things from the Publisher's Clearing House, by the way. Smack me.
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Work wasn't bad.

Met Shawn after work; we hung out and snuggled. It was nice.

Found out at my cousin Josh and his dad Jim were in a plane accident (not sure where, though it sounded like Arizona...) on their way to a long-awaited fishing trip. They escaped fine and swam out to a rock (makes me think this was a hydroplane, not a 737 or anything), but the conversation just before I was leaving for dinner with Melina had me scared and pacing-- I hate "phone calls at weird times," because they always spell death for my family-- that's how it was with my sister, my uncle, and countless other relatives.

Had a decent time at Islands with the other NSCS members from Philly; we're going to be at the Clubs & Orgs fair and hopefully plotting ways we can make use of what little we learned there. I was one of the few (if any) that finished the survey post-convention, and I gave the leadership crew there an earful! But I hope it actually does good/helps.

Finished reading my latest book, "Secret Society Girl." It was an incredibly juicy read, very much targeted toward college students, something that I think is a rare find these days. Even better, there's a sequel, "Under the Rose," which is already out! To Borders!

Actually, I'll probably read "Shopaholic and Baby" first. I've already read 2 books in the past 2 weeks (HP being longer than SSG should give me some more credo in saying that), which is a pretty good record, if I do say so myself. :)

Re: computer -- still planning on getting a new one, since 512 of memory just isn't cutting it, and I really don't want to risk anything else breaking by putting a larger module in the one slot I do have working. The question is, when will I have the dough to get said new computer, and what horrible things will I be thinking I could have gotten with said money AFTER it's been too long for me to do anything about it (besides regret it)? At least Erin (cousin) is looking into getting her friend who works at a third-party retailer to see if I can get a good deal on THIS one.

The backup did finish, by the way-- it must have been at least 36 hours though, since it wasn't done until around 6:30 or so AT LEAST. The only error I got was something weird about my Parallels VM, but all the "necessary" files seem to have copied over fine, so I'm not too worried. Even if that is somehow messed up, I can always reinstall and redownload everything on that half, which thankfully is not a lot.

When you can't sleep, what do you do? Any of these:
-Light incense
-Drink warm milk
-Listen to classical music
-Something else?

My usual routines aren't working, so I'm looking for advice in other areas. I know my sleep schedule isn't the best anyway, but trying to change that hour by hour (trying to go to bed at progressively earlier times) hasn't worked too well, either. I haven't fallen asleep at work yet, but it's weird being off the meds that normally knock me out an hour after I've taken them (at night). However, my mood is fine and I don't feel stressed, and that's primarily what said meds were for. I guess if I'm really a lunatic and there's a problem with my sleeping, I should get Lunesta or something.

I do have an eye appointment on August 9th (relatives arriving on the 11th and 18th; wonder if I'll have a stylish new pair of glasses by then?), and I need to make an appointment for my wisdom teeth before school starts on the 23rd (YARGH!)... ugh, medical stuff SUCKS.

I want mochi.
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My right eye hurts (good god I hope I don't have another eye infection. The last thing I need is to miss school/work from being legitimately sick), but AT LAST! I am done... not with WDKY25, sadly, but with my Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon VHS/DVD Inventory. It's as done as it's going to get-- I couldn't find images for 10 volumes of VHS tapes (mostly the Edited versions) in the Sailor Moon SuperS series, and I have yet to add images for the boxed sets for S and SuperS, or the "Dream Set" for the movies. And I wanted to edit the info so that the "volumes" also mentioned which episodes were on which volume, because there's almost always a difference from VHS to DVD.

Maybe I'll get around to posting the new page up on Epiphany/Mare Serenitatis whenever I get around to working on that again. :P

I didn't get to go shoe shopping with Adrianna today. ;_; She never called. I wanted to call her early this afternoon, but to my dismay, I discovered I didn't have her phone number! I swore I did before, so something must have happened and I deleted it. :( Alas, no double-points at DSW for me.

I did go out to dinner at Mimi's Cafe with Baba, Grandpa, Elliot, and Erin. The service wasn't all that great, but the food (Jumbo Spinach Tortellini with artichoke hearts) was pretty tasty. Elliot and I had fun trying to remember the 14 Leadership Traits. Apparently there's an acronym for it I never learned in ROTC: JJ DID TIE BUCKLE. See if you can figure out the Leadership Traits from that (no Googling, now!).

Also, I spent a while listening to [ profile] akavertigo's awesome awesome ideas for "Reconstruction." I tell you, it shall be a KILLER story! I can't wait to actually read all of it. When all of it gets written. :D

AND I got up to the Watchtowers in Bevelle in my new FFX-2 game... damn watchtowers NEVER rotate the way the guide says they should! I must have done this at least a hundred times, but I can never get the platforms to go the way I need them to! And the dumb guidebook "names" the towers, instead of using the Glyphs to identify them, which would be LOADS easier. Can anyone help? I already have 3 Ribbons, but... I WANT ANOTHER ONE! :P

For the record: LJ Phoenix gives me a RealBasic NilObjectException error that prevents me from opening the program 5/6 of the time. I'm pretty much back to using the Web Update form of LJ because the error annoys me so much. *sigh* To find a client that does what I want *AND* works on a Mac... why can't someone just make Semagic for the Mac!? >_> Or maybe I should download it for the Windows VM and try and force myself to use it more often (lately I only use it for "The Ultimate Guide to Sphere Break"), so I don't become such a bitch about Windows (which I have been, lately. But seriously, Apple's commercials trump Microsoft's new "WOW" Vista CMs ANY DAY OF THE WEEK).

So I think I'll go to bed now and pray my eye doesn't become some sort of snot ball in the night.

P.S. Today Daylight Savings Time starts. Did you set your clocks forward? (Except you Arizona-people. Weirdoes.)
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Okay, so I'm considering giving up on the Mac client for LJ, iJournal. It's crashed so many times in the past few days-- I lost a nearly-completed update for [ profile] weekly_ygo, and that REALLY pissed me off. But it's also just randomly frozen or crashed a few times before.

Now, the great thing about Macs is that while the applications can range from superb to batshit craptacular, the operating system usually remains unaffected. Only once or twice have I needed to "cold reboot" the whole Mac-- and that was usually due to reheating.

Anyway, I need to find a new client. I used xJournal before, but I didn't like that either, because it didn't have security settings. Here are my needs for an LJ client:
* auto-save or backup function for entries (i.e. auto-save of drafts, or save as file for offline editing/viewing)
* security settings (set entries to Private, Friends Only, Public, or Custom)
* select userpic (this should be a given)
* add tags (especially helpful would be the ability to select tags from a menu of already-used tags, or tags already IN use by my journal)
* location (not 100% necessary, but nice)
* auto-detect music (from iTunes)

Because I use a MBP, I can't use anything made for OS9 or lower, or for PowerPC Macs. Rather than download every single blog listed in LJ's downloads section, I thought I'd ask if any other Mac users ([ profile] mklutz?) could recommend something. Right now I'm using the Performancing extension for Firefox, but it's not made exclusively for LJ, so there are MANY features I don't have access to.

I think I'll make another post later... probably just using the web interface. I still have to update WYGO, and of course I want to talk about the first day of the elementary school visit the other Exchange Students and I had. So... "I'll be back."

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Okay, so in trying to clear off some space off my HD, I've burned a few CDs and DVDs. One of them was of NANA the anime, episodes 1-10. I was downloading a batch download (all that was available) of episodes 1-13 using Tomato Torrent for Mac. But apparently Tomato doesn't allow one to pick and choose the files WITHIN a torrent to download, which bothers me (now). So I heard Java-based Azureus could do what I needed.

I tried to download the *.jar from their site, and nothing happened when I clicked on the finished download. I read their FAQ on their Wiki, made sure I had the latest Java for the Intel Mac platform, and clicked again. Nothing, even after I'd installed it. Then I went hunting around and found a link to an older (by maybe one minor release) download of Azureus, using a DMG. I opened that and dragged the install file to the Applications folder, like I do with every other application, BUT NOTHING HAPPENED. I tried dragging a torrent onto the program icon... I tried double-clicking a *.torrent associated with Azureus. NOTHING.

GAAAH! Help! What the heck do I do? What am I doing WRONG?

ETA: Okay, so I managed to find a DMG binary for the latest version of Azureus, which I downloaded and have been happily using. I trashed Tomato Torrent. I can't risk having what happened with NANA 1-10 (all the Ureshii files were corrupt, likely because Tomato & Finder both told me they were complete, but they were not) happening again. So now I'm downloading 1-6 again from IY&oki fansubs -AND THEY ARE DAMN GOOD FANSUBBERS- using Azureus, and all is well. But I need more DVDs, because... my HD is getting all filled up again. :P Bad Mer. I'm just glad deleting stuff on the Mac is *SO* easy! None of that horrid "Add/Remove Programs" bunk as on the Windows. Speaking of which, I do have a host of torrents on my Windows half that need to be completed... alas, I don't think I have the room to even try and start them (as starting torrents often tells your computer 'hey, reserve this space for these files,' and that's why Finder told me the NANA episodes were big enough to be complete). So I have some drive cleaning to do.

Maybe I *WILL* just end up getting another external drive. I can't believe I'm saying this, but 80 GB really isn't a lot. I mean, with all my full-sized photos and music, it adds up. And I'm starting to really LIKE the way everything's organized (when initially, it scared the crap out of me because I couldn't find anything, and it made no sense). It's not perfect, but it's suitable. And Spotlight usually finds anything I need. Of course, programs take up their share of space on the Mac too, and the way the OSX envrionment is designed, sometimes it's hard to tell just how much space one program is taking up. But since they don't have a Universal Binary of Photoshop yet, I deleted the trial; if I need it DESPERATELY, I can use it on my Windows VM. In the meantime, I'll wait until CS2 comes out for Intel Macs, and then get rid of the one on my Windows side.
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Ow. Okay, so I had my first lesson in bike riding today. What, you didn't know Mer the Inept is not only Terrified of Driving (I'm sure there's a phobia name for that) but that she has also never successfully ridden a bike (since age 10 or so, and I hate to tell you, but you CAN forget if the incident is traumatic enough). But to get around here in Japan, it's either dish out a bunch of money for bus tickets, set aside a good few hours to walk, or... bike. Everyone else bikes, so why not me? I paid 500 yen for a bike registration, and today Kevin, Daisuke, and Todd teamed up to give me lessons.

And I think I improved a bit, even if I can't "ride" quite yet. Balance first! But because the bike is a small one rescued from the trash, it's not exactly in top quality. The handlebars are way too hard (I keep death-gripping them and giving myself bruises) and the seat... well, just read the subject line. MY ASS HURTS. But I'm glad I'm not a guy. :P Well, for just that one thing.
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I want to meet these 5 other women. :D

This seems to be the season for Seto/Anzu fics! Yay! If I beat bribe my muse to get into high gear, I might even have the next chapter of WDKY in time for Kaiba's birthday. That'd be a dream come true, really-- because I keep thinking about is Ch26 and beyond. 25 is like a big hulking road block. But it's always good to get inspired by others- namely [ profile] geniusgirl and the ever-eloquent [ profile] atlantian_magic (expect a letter + omiyage from me soon! I haven't had time to get to the post office...).

Finally, FRUSTRATION! This whole Pages-is-like-Office-but-without-some-functionality pisses me off. I just want to print some freakin' labels! Pages doesn't do that, but Address Book does-- except they don't have the right label size (I'm trying to specify my own size, but it only asks for margins and gutters, rather than the damn label size! WTF!?). The FileMakerPro 8 trial is listed on my label's packaging, but I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to even get started. There's not a thing in the program labeled "Labels," and the Help file might as well be Greek. (One more reason to end up spending the $150 on Office for Mac. Yes, Scott tried to give it to me, but it didn't work. It might have been because I didn't know what I was doing -installing by just dragging and dropping!?-, but it also could have been that he didn't copy the CD properly.)

I want to add Turkmenistan to the list of countries in the Change Address Format submenu in Address Book, but there seems to be no documentation on that, either. So I've asked at the Apple forums to see if maybe there's some sort of plist fix I can do in OmniOutliner or somesuch. It's either that or... again, invest in MS Office. This is how they maintain the monopoly, I imagine -they stuff their suite so full of features that you don't realize how much you need it until it's gone, not in the "comparable" suite for Mac, or the program that can supposedly do it can't do it EXACTLY the right way you need-- when MS Office *CAN*.

I wanted to upload images from iPhoto to my Scrapbook, like I've been saying I'll do, but short of browsing EACH and every damn folder to find the right image, there's no way to export them directly. I got two programs that can supposedly do it -one standalone and one plugin- and so far, neither of them have worked. One couldn't even find iPhoto's albums, and the other is apparently not compatible with the latest iPhoto, version 6. There ARE no other options, because the Perl script has modules unavailable on OSX, and the other option is that rotten Windows XP Explorer add-in. I used jix.jar back on XP, and while rudimentary, it worked.

I also liked IrfanView, because I could batch rename and resize things. There is a Batch Change option in iPhoto, but only for Title, Date, and Keywords. And when I go into Constrain in the Edit function, it only lets me customize by inches-- and I can't find a way to change it to say, pixels, or even millimeters. What if I have a photo I want to upload to the web? Can't I resize it according to a maximum KB size?

Gah, this is annoying.
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God, I love my roommates Midori and Kacchin. I've been sick for about two days now, and they've been totally concerned and caring. Kacchin tried to give me some "popular" medicine called Pavolon Gold-- a powdered medicine that tastes terrible, but supposedly kicks whatever cold you have really fast. I've never had a powdered medicine before-- usually I think you mix powders with water to make a hot drink (like TheraFlu), or you mix them in cold water (like AlkaSeltzer). Well this one, you chase with cold water... and even though I'd never done it before, I tried it-- and promptly threw up. I don't even know WHAT I threw up, just that it was bright yellow and vaguely chunky. I felt so sick that I could hardly see.

It doesn't help that my left eye is now puffy if you look close enough, and Visine eyedrops and a hot compress haven't done much. I've not only taken all my regular medications for asthma and allergies (the usual suspects for this sort of thing), but a Claritin from Holly, too. It made me feel better for the few hours I was asleep-- but now I'm sort of hovering between really nauseated and a whole lot better than I was. (Part of me wishes I could say it was pregnancy, but it's totally not. I have no idea why the hell I'm sick, but I know for a fact that it's NOT that.)

And no, I still haven't heard from Skype, so I don't have my number... yet. I did manage to figure out which setting the Network Adapter in Parallels needs to be set up to in order for Windows XP to leech off my Network connection, but I think it's wired in Windows, rather than Wireless (hence the Local Area Connection icon in Network Connections, rather than a wireless one). In any case, I got Windows Updates, but I don't think that helped with the whole USB Composite Device thing. Just googling "USB Composite Device" doesn't seem to help- I need to get the specifics of what's missing or unable to run and what's not. If anyone can help... please do, otherwise I'm going to end up buying Office for the Mac and the iWork suite. (already bought for 53 measly bucks).

Long story short, Tsuchiura for the fireworks competition is out-- which is a right shame, but I'd rather not be out late in a crowded place with no Western toilets when I'm feeling nauseated, puffy-eyed, sleepy, and all around sick and lethargic. Oh well. :P


Oct. 13th, 2006 08:43 am
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So I'm sitting in my room here at 10 till the time when I usually leave to take my "leisurely" walk to the International Center where I have my early morning Japanese class. I've gotten used to waking up early (I've even been waking up around 7:15-7:30 the past 2 days), so that doesn't bother me, but it's the little things I always took for granted that I miss here.

A mom or Baba to take care of me when I was sick.
Comfort food like Macaroni and Cheese.
Whipped Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

I'm staying in because I've got a killer sore throat. Jaclyn gave me some Sudafed (the legal kind, thank you very much), and I've been drinking/gargling saltwater like my mother's always directed me to when I'm sick. I'm not feeling any better though, which sucks- because today is actually my free day, with only one class, one tutor session, and one EC session-- compared to yesterday, when I had class, EC, class, EC (EC being English Conversation, or my "teaching," if you haven't picked that up from previous entries).

But obviously, I have internet-- at last. The first two months are free, and since I'm renting all the equipment, there's more of a charge for that... but I don't mind. I'm certainly getting paid enough to handle a measly 2 months after the campaign is over. And if my speed is as fast as it's supposed to be (50 MBits/sec), then they might even send me a BBTV pack, so I can watch TV~ Maybe not American TV, but hey, something's better than nothing. I'd love to see more of the drama we've been watching in Japanese class, "Chuura-san" or the new Hana Yori Dango. Or heck, NANA (the anime)!

I have yet to get the whole printer thing for XP worked out-- need some composite USB device driver or whatnot, and the guy who wrote the Ultimate Guide to Sphere Break may have very well disappeared off the face of the planet. But one can hope things will work out in time-- just like this sore throat, I think things will get better.

I didn't have access to Apple Software Updates or even the iTunes Music Store at first, but I'm good now. Matter of fact, now that I have a Japanese billing address, I suppose I could theoretically even find a way to access iTunes Japan, but I'm not really THAT desperate for any particular song. Sure, CDs are expensive as heck here (unless you find them at discount stores like Hard-Off, and yes, that really is the name), but iTunes Japan doesn't charge 99 yen for a song-- it varies between 150 and 200 most of the time, and I can't really think of anything off the top of my head that THEY would have that a CD store of some sort wouldn't. Unless they have anime soundtracks, in which case, how do I access it?

We're (being the exchange students) are supposed to go out to Tsuchiura and see the formerly-postponed fireworks competition tomorrow night, so I really hope I'm feeling better by then. Especially once I get my paycheck-- which I have to get today, even if I start turning green and spewing flames. Weirdly enough, Erica, Daisuke, Holly, and my Criminology teacher invited us all out to dinner tonight-- we're supposed to have EC until 6:40, and I think he said meet him at his office at 6:30, but if I'm feeling like crap, I don't want to go to either, nice as the thought is (assuming he treats, otherwise, no point).

I suppose soon I'll be uploading pictures and the like for everyone to see. I have postcards in the wings for many people, though others have to wait for me to find the right omiyage for them... yes, I'm looking at you Mr. Gotta-Have-Haruhi!

I'd like to find some sort of Alarm Clock widget, since I'm lacking in a workable alarm clock anyway, and why can't my computer be an alarm if it can do everything else except wash my underwear? I found this Widget that will wake me up, but this morning's test didn't exactly work out- I think I need to figure out how to work the program. But what I want is something that will play streaming radio (via iTunes, probably, or QuickTime) for a set amount of time before I go to sleep (and if possible, dim or turn off the screen in that time, since you can't have music playing with the lid closed/computer in Sleep mode), and will beep or play another song when I wake up. If anyone knows of something, let me know. I'm sick of listening to my air conditioner's whistling to try and get to sleep.

Ugh, I probably should get off this thing and sleep for real... or eat something. Maybe I'll update later if I feel better. At least I got my homework done...
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After another long weekend (and another typhoon), both my face and my sanity are slightly less worse for the wear. However, I should be getting my own personal wireless Internet access in my room by the end of the week, so thank goodness for that. I can only hope that all the firewalls I keep running into are Tokiwa University firewalls, and not Japanese government firewalls (though I doubt it).

I somehow mangled my FFX-2 ILM game file (beyond getting the Enterprise accessory, which I already knew would prevent me from getting a Perfect Game) by getting all the way to Chapter 3 in a matter of hours, and I just recently passed the Sphere Break tournament in Luca. I tried to use my Ultimate Guide to Sphere Break to help me beat Shinra, but it was running incredibly slow on my Windows VM, and I don't know why. I wanted to see if there was a Mac version available, but the original page that the FAQ came from is firewalled, and the Colorado University page where J Covey (or whatever his online alias was) hosted the files (DOS-based scripts) appears to be gone. If anyone can point me in the right direction -for either a Mac-based version of a similar script or a way to fix the slowness of DOS-based scripts in my Windows VM, I'd appreciate it.

I also need not a USB Host Controller (which is something that comes with your USB CHIP, not a particular device's software), but a USB Composite Device thingamabobber. My printer still refuses to run in Windows because of this. If I can't think of something within a few days of getting my own Internet, I'll just buy Office for Mac or iWork for Mac and be done with it. I can't be going to this much trouble just to type documents up on my own damn laptop.

Yesterday I met up with Mike and his brother Dave in Akihabara. )

I suppose I should check the LJ Portal to see if anyone's got an upcoming birthday, because I might just be tempted to send a present...
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So, until I get internet (and who knows when exactly that will be, because NTT had problems with the idea of my dorm having a phone line in each apartment room -WHICH IT DOES- and so JJ from BBapply was going to call them and get back to me. Or my roommate Midori, either way. But she didn't hear from him yesterday, and I don't see an email in my inbox from him... NTT doesn't do appointments on weekends, so unless he gets back to me today, internet won't be happening at the start of next week (which I had hoped at the least; actually, you have to get PHONE service before you can get ADSL or whatever it is, and that might be another week AFTER I get the whole phone line set up). I might just have to go to Ishimaru and see if they have a phone adapter -not that I know if it'll help or not.

Anyway, long story short, if I want to print anything from MS Word (on my Windows VM), Windows XP seems to think I don't have any HI-SPEED USB controllers, so it SAYS it prints, but nothing ever actually comes out. I can print fine from TextEdit in OSX, but Printing is disabled in MS Word Test Drive for Mac. So I have two options...
- Get the latest USB 2.0 drivers for the Windows VM for my printer (HP Photosmart C3110 All-In-One)
- Pay $70ish for the Office Suite for Windows (I think it's that much)

Obviously, the first one is the most sensible and economical option, but herein the problem lies- the driver file I found at the HP website includes the Photosmart editing suite, which I already have. It says you can download just the drivers separately, but all my searching has come up nil in regards to JUST PLAIN DRIVERS. So say out of ease I download the whole package -well, it doesn't fit on my USB card, which is an ancient 128 MB. The driver package is something like 228 or more. I would try and email it to myself, but I don't think I can download anything to the desktop or some sort of student network drive(unlike CSUN). If I could, it would be fine.

So here I am, wailing for help again. Can someone possibly find the drivers, ZIP them up, and email them to me? If they're under 128 MB, I could transfer it straight to my USB; if not, I can borrow a friends'.

On the bright side, I am going to Mito Station (slash mall slash movie theatre slash giant place to blow all your money) later tonight to get some more fundage and simply have a good weekend- or try to, given that tomorrow is open campus and I have to wake up EARLY and then give a speech to a bunch of poor high school and junior college students about why a crazy foreigner like me wanted to come to Tokiwa so badly. Why me?
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I can laugh at the funny on GaijinSmash (thanks Jimbo for the link), but it hurts. As does eating, talking, and anything involving the slightest bit of jaw movement. And I probably shouldn't be here in the International Center right now; I should be heading to the Suzuki Hospital to get checked out and see if I'm going deaf or need my teeth removed. But Maeda-san took my laptop away again, claiming yesterday's technology dude misunderstood the system I have set up. The concept of Networked adapters confuses me too, but once I get NTT, ALL WILL BE WELL (or it damn well better be).

In the meantime, can someone be a saint and email me TTFs of Digital Strip, Wild Words, Anime Ace, and all them other comic-book style fonts? I know I could download them now, but I can't save them to the desktop here and email them to myself to smehow get on my laptop whenever it DOES get hooked up, but if someone emails them to me, I can save them to my Flash drive and transfer them that way. I do still need Matrix Book and Suburban (Bold and Light), but those are paid fonts on my computer back in LA, and I don't think Grandpa will have the slightest clue how to get them off and email them to me, even if I instruct him step by step. -_- If there were another way to get them, I would take advantage of it, but...

Also, does anyone know why ZSNES (my favorite emulator) does not want to work on my prettyful Intel-based Mac? SNES9x does, but I can't open up ROMs from the dialog menu, because the Network drive doesn't show up in the list of places to search, so to open games I have to drag them onto the 9x icon. What a pain in the ass.

And tomorrow I have to be up by 6am so I can go to Tokyo. Yay pictures.

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This morning I gave my laptop to Maeda-san here in the International Center with the hopes that the campus System Engineer would hook me up with wireless internet. I waited all day, all through class, through two more classes, lunch, a nap... all to be told it's no good, they don't understand Macs. I told them earlier that there's Windows on the machines, but obviously she forgot or didn't understand, because she didn't know later when I reminded her.

At least tomorrow I'm going with Jaclyn to the City Office to get a Residency Certificate so I can apply for NTT/Yahoo BB. Unlike everyone else (it seems) I don't plan on waiting to get our Alien card in a few weeks. I'm too sick of this. Midori (My roommate) said she'd help me return the lousy $22 dictionary I got, and hopefully help me fax the forms for NTT as well (which may cost me... I hate faxing). I have a feeling I'll need to be sent equipment (ethernet cable, router/modem, etc) before anything can happen though. Ugh.

And to add to it all, I seem to have lockjaw or something like it- I know the mosquitos like to nibble on my elbows and ankles, but I don't think I got something from them; still, it hurts on my right side, and I wonder. I hope it's not my wisdom teeth... I don't know about the dental insurance here. I just hope whatever it is goes away by Friday, when we go to Tokyo for a day trip. It hurts to eat and to talk; before, if I kept my mouth closed it was okay, but it's getting sore again, and 400 mg (a pair of pills) of Ibuprofen doesn't seem to do much. Wah!

Apologies to Jimbo, who I've been pestering about activation codes for the software on my computer... the time difference between PDT and here is 17 hours (we're ahead), so it's difficult to find a time when people are awake and available. I try and do texting more than anything else, because I have unlimited texting, and calling is so expensive, and internet access so rare, but if your texting is NOT free, or you never set your phone to silent when you sleep (unlike me), then... yeah, I can understand. But thanks for helping me with everything. It's alleviating the boredom at least a little bit. But I may need to rearrange my room (again) to accomodate whatever stuff I get from NTT.

All the email I've gotten so far (excepting stuff from the Mominator and a few comments) has been junk mail or useless mail. Come on people, talk to me! bored bored bored...

I started my Mass Media and Communication and Criminology classes today; the latter is taught by a German teacher who is... hm, shall we say "energetic"? I look forward to it.

Ja, tsugi o yonde ne!
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Ugh, who would have thought that a simple taifu (typhoon) could make everything go downhill? Even though my phone (Motorola V3x) is world compatible, in terms of both networks and power, something must have happened after the taifu, because it won't charge anymore. I thought it was just because it was almost fully charged and it didn't WANT to charge any more, but that wasn't it. I tried all the outlets in my room, on my "denki plug" and in the dining room, but to no avail. And my phone is just about dead- without internet, that means no way of contacting anyone, which means DEPRESSED MER!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to get Internet hooked up, but it's much more convoluted than I remembered, and I have to assemble all this paperwork, go to FAX (yuck!) things, and then wait. In the meantime, we have rotten access here at the International Center, and both wireless at the Internet Cafe and the ethernet here are so heavily secured, we don't have the slightest clue how to connect (then again, the other machines and the instructions are in Japanese, so...)


I hate being stressed.

I would have more to update with, but until I get net on MY DAMN LAPTOP, I don't particularly feel like locating the rearranged keyboard characters and trying to type out all that's been going on. It's been okay up until last night when all this electronic brou-ha-ha began. Right now, I just want a good dictionary and some sleep.

...And some Frosties.
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Ah, yes, I made it to Japan okay, and while I'm currently without personal 'Net access, I'm making do with the computers in the International Center. The plan is to meet [ profile] baine sometime this extended weekend (national holiday followed by school holiday for me). Problem is, she's all the way down south in Sasebo (think San Diego), while I'm in Mito (think San Francisco). And while the trains here are a lot more efficient than Amtrak, 9 hours and nearly $250 (26,630 yen) is pretty pricey. I have the money, but I need a way to get cash from my MasterCard, a way to get from the university to the Mito train station, and a way to get the tickets without ending up somewhere in Hokkaido.

So far, I've been getting accustomed to my new room (small), my new roommates (cute, fun), and my intimidating Japanese teacher (...) I have been calling some people, but at $2/minute, I'm trying to limit my time. Still, if you wanna give me a buzz, feel free. Text messages are better though, and you can text me via LiveJournal; just go to my User Info.

It was rainy here the past 2 days, and Bonnie was saying it might even be typhoon (Taifu) season coming up, but today the weather is very nice. I hope it stays that way for the weekend, because I wanted to go to the Phoenix Seagaia Ocean Dome resort-- an indoor beach. (Understatement of the year, actually. Go look it up.)

Anyway, there's lots to do, lunch to be had, and a few random necessities to be taken care of (more hangers, sticky pads, a folder/binder)... I'll try and update when I can; hopefully I'll get 'Net soon! In the meantime, I'm updating all of my pictures in iPhoto and making them shared in Parallels; I hope when I can finally update from my MBP I can show off some icons or pictures or something.]

Sore ja-- mata na!
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Meredith: The default MacBook Pro comes with 512 MB and an 80 GB HD, running the Intel Core Duo. Bother with an upgrade?
Sean: does it have a dvd/cd burner?
Meredith: yes
Sean: then nope
Meredith: :)
Sean: cause you can just back up any anime or large movies you download to dvd
Meredith: :D
Sean: and i can't imagine you needing a blazing fast processor
Meredith: yeah, me the l33t hardcore gamer
Sean: unless you're doing hardcore...fanfic writing
Meredith: WHOO Yu-Gi-Oh Online at blazing speeds.
Meredith: YEAH!
Sean: at 25,000 words per second
Meredith: type that fanfic!
Sean: er...25,000 characters a second
Sean: in any case you don't need it =P

Occasionally, he is funny.
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So I'm getting all geared up to buy a laptop (a decent one, this time) for Japan. The way it's looking, I'm really leaning toward the Mac Book Pro (white), since it's lightweight, can run on both OSX and Windows (yay for Boot Camp), and is just generally better than anything I've seen so far on the PC Market. Now, at Tokiwa, you don't have TVs in each room, and hell if I buy and/or schlep a TV in/to Japan. I wanted to be able to play my PS2 on my laptop-- because I've never successfully been able to get a PS2 emulator to work, anyway.

But for all my searching, even if I found the right adapter or cables, it looks like the Mac Book Pro doesn't have a video input, which royally pisses me off. I wish there was a way to convert the video output into a video input, but I'm not sure if there is such a thing. Regardless, it looks like I might have to scrap the idea of getting cables and adapters to play my PS2 on my laptop screen; instead, I'm thinking about buying a separate mini-LCD screen for playing my PS2 (slimline) on.

I found this: here, but I'm not sure about it. If anyone else knows of any other ways of playing a PS2 with a small, lightweight screen (or converting the PS2 cords to something that can be input into a laptop without much fuss, better if it's for a Mac Book Pro), I'd really appreciate it. :)

Other finds:
It looks like the Joytech 8" one is the way to go (the other one I found had a dinky screen and huge speakers), but where to get it from? And is it worth the price?


May. 1st, 2006 12:26 pm
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Baba says I'm supposed to have a "five-check day" (meaning the best day the horoscope doles out) today, and be inspired. The school horoscope told me to watch my finances and consider more education. The horoscope told me that I'll get a romantic proposition that I just can turn down.

I think I'm placing too much stock in horoscopes. I love them to death, but yeesh! Is it bad when I wake up in the morning feeling like I'm going to be busy, stressed, and generally batty, and my horoscopes are BETTER than what I'm expecting?

Also, a rant. )

The whole FFX universe still confuses me. When I first joined [ profile] fanthropology, I posted what I thought was the history of the FFX universe. It didn't really belong there, but Fanthropology is a mixed-bag sort of fan community. In any case, no one really corrected me on much, and now I find out new things all the time. [ profile] new_spira was advertising today, and I went to their journal and the Wikipedia entry on Yevon, and I was like... wha? I think I need to replay FFX (well, actually, BEAT it. I never did, even though I know what happens at the end) and finish FFX-2 again.

I feel kind of stupid for thinking that Yevon was affiliated with Bevelle originally, not Zanarkand. But I'm pretty sure I'm right in that Bevelle and Zanarkand didn't have their final standoff in the Calm Lands; that was Sin and the Summoners.

Other stuff. Why is it that I can feel tired, tell myself "I'll go to bed soon" and then five minutes turn into two hours, and I'm still awake at 2am? It's bad, bad, bad I say! I never did watch my new purchase (the Indiana Jones trilogy) yesterday; I spent most of the night finishing up my translations of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles new songs, "IT'S" by Kinya, and "Kazemachi Jet" by Maaya Sakamoto. I transliterated AND translated the lyrics, listened to the songs OVER AND OVER to pull the kanji pronunciations from the lyrics... and I finally got it done. They're up for review at, and will hopefully be used by #yugioh! for their subs of the series.

People are visiting-- actually Dan (uncle) visited yesterday, and my aunt Joyce is here with her husband today; hopefully they're going to settle the ongoing dispute with their insurance company re: the San Diego fires that destroyed their home a few years back. I don't mind Joyce and her husband so much; I don't even mind the annoyance that is their dog, Mokie. But Dan kind of got on my nerves when he insisted that Grandpa didn't need a laptop, that he WOULDN'T carry it around from room to room, and that
a) laptops break more often (not true)
b) they're more expensive (true)
c) there isn't really a necessity for it (not true... necessarily)

Regardless of what, I'm planning on getting a laptop before I leave for Japan. Grandpa can get the computer I'm on refurbished with a new monitor or whatever, or he can get a new computer altogether. Whatever he wants. All I know is, I need enough time to clear my stuff off, because I refuse to be away from my email/fanfics/websites for 6 months. :P

Ooh, and guess what? I came up with a new name for my multi-fandom archive. I can start working on it tomorrow (or tonight, if we miraculously get out early and I don't haul myself to bed early like I should). The name... pure irony, right there.

Epiphany. Hee!
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Fuck it, I'm not F-locking this idiocy. You all want to know about the stupidity and immaturity of my dad? Fine, here it is. I suppose I'm being stupid and immature too, ranting about it here in my LJ, but it IS my personal bitch space, so I'm going to use it as such. If I was considering giving my dad a 2nd or 3rd (or umpteenth) chance after the debacle Passover week/end, I'm certainly not now.

I come downstairs to make dinner; Dad's on the phone. Baba says that he "wants to speak to the twit." I responded back (snappy, not angry or bitchy) that I don't answer calls from people who can't come up with anything better than monosyllabic insults. Of course, I ended up picking up the phone anyway, but instead of saying "Hi, how are you?" the first words out of his mouth are "I thought we agreed you wouldn't move the computer upstairs."

Er, no? When he mentioned my idea might not be such a good one, I took it into consideration. But the fact is, the family only comes over TWICE A YEAR, with the occasional stay-over from random relatives for a night or two --AT THE MOST. I am the one that uses the computer the most, for school work and for fun. I am the one that KEEPS IT RUNNING SMOOTHLY when the relatives visit and stupidly and unknowingly stuff the computer with viruses and spyware. They have done this on practically EVERY OCCASION without fail, my so-called DAD included.

I may not have paid for the computer itself, but let's see what I have paid for:
-Wireless adapter $50
-McAfee Suite 2006 $70
-Microsoft Office $89
-At least 3-5 bundles of 100pk blank CDs $15/ea.
-Macromedia Studio 8 $235
-At least 2 reams of paper $10
-At least 2 ink cartridges $58
-Wacom Tablet Mouse and Pen $99

And probably more I'm forgetting. Plus there are the things that didn't necessarily cost money, but took up time, and provide help, resources, or entertainment to everyone else who ever uses the comp:
-Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition
-Games (like The Sims, which I did pay for; Doom, which I did pay for, etc.)
-Spyware removal (Lavasoft AdAware, Spybot S&D, Windows Defender, SP2, Windows Update)
-Belarc Advisor
-Drivers that support better audio and video
-Drivers to keep the existing hardware running smoothly
-Better media players
-Support for iPod and iTunes
-Support for downloading large episodes/movies, etc. (file downloaders)
-Firefox and Thunderbird + Extensions and chrome fixes
And on, and on...

On to the point, I told Dad that I asked Baba and Grandpa if it was okay before I did it. It took some convincing, but they agreed. Why? Because IT MAKES MORE SENSE.
a) It's less dusty up here
b) I won't bother anyone with lights on, noises playing and echoing off high ceilings, etc.
c) less bugs!
d) I actually am in MY ROOM, with the desk MADE for the computer, where I can go STRAIGHT to bed when I feel tired

Finally, Grandpa really doesn't use the computer much anyway. It's also an old piece of crap, but I'm slaving away keeping it running, even while I bog it down with Sims and music. I still streamline it by removing programs and files frequently, running scans, defragging, updating, and burning CDs. Grandpa LIKED the idea of getting himself a laptop. I would get my OWN laptop for Japan, paid for ENTIRELY with my own money-- the same way I paid for my LAST laptop!

I told Dad this -that I took into account what he said, but I still asked Baba and Grandpa, and it was fine with them. He keeps going back to how I supposedly "promised" (which I did not) that I wouldn't move the computer, as if he comes often enough for it to matter to him, or if he has any freakin' say about what goes on in the house, or what Baba, Grandpa, and I say or do. I told him that I would always listen to his good advice and help, but not his insults or arguments.

He hung up on me.

I don't care anymore. The idiot's getting worked up over a 5-year old computer that isn't his, that he doesn't maintain. He hardly knows how to do anything on computers outside of Firefox and AutoCAD, and maybe some MS Word. I AM TECH SUPPORT. It used to be a joke, but it's not now. It's my job. I know what I'm talking about. I'm constantly learning-- I love it, and I'm getting paid for it. I wouldn't want to go work at Dell or anything like that, but I hate how he treats me like I don't know anything about computers, this house, my grandparents, or what it means to be an adult.

I'm 21. I'm an adult. I'm a fully grown woman. I would appreciate having a parent in my life who cares about and for me, but obviously my father is not that person. So forget him. He's the one that's going to miss out-- NOT ME.
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I had to turn off my router's firewall in order to access the CSUN's Virtual Private Network (VPN) client successfully, so I could access my virtual remote hard drive, called the U-drive here in the tech support biz. Alas, it turns out that having the firewall down leaves me susceptible to elusive Adware. Nothing really malicious, it seems, because I don't get system errors or pop-ups, but both AdAware SE and Spybot S&D found plenty of things when I did full scans of them earlier this afternoon. Amazingly, Spybot S&D managed to do a fix for my corrupted Windows Security Center, which I rarely use, because it conflicts with so many of the third-party BETTER PROTECTION programs, such as Symantec's Norton Anti-Virus. But I was able to access it after the fix, and it said that I was protected with everything -firewall from ZoneAlarm (I'm pretty sure the Windows Firewall is turned off), Auto Updates, and Anti-Virus (Symantec Corporate).

I was worried last night (with the whole DVD fiasco, which remains unsolved; I'll have to ask Zack about DVD decoders and the like) about the amount of disk space I'd have available, hence my temptation to buy a new HD at Target, or a 2GB flash drive. It doesn't look like I'll need to, though, even with the Sims 2 install; mysteriously, I have 1.56 GB free, which is enough to burn more CDs, free up more space, and then install Nightlife. :D

I've already created Domino and Téa Gardner's family (obviously, I'm following the WDKY-verse. It was weird having to create Sims based off my OCs like Eric and Elizabeth Gardner, but it'll be fun to finally have "bios" and "illustrations" for them. The only difference is that Téa is a Leo, as she is in the series, rather than the Saggitarius she is in WDKY). Later on: Kaiba and Mokuba (of course), Yugi, Yami, Bakura, Ryou, Jounouchi, plus Mai and Tristan if I can find decent hair styles for them. I might even throw in a Malik and Isis if I can find better hair for them (Malik more than Isis, since Isis' hair is just straight).

Finally, I got tagged! )

I'm going to really have to get my sites in shape this summer. No, srsly. I want to get Dreamweaver on the comps here at work, so I can work on it (since all I do is mostly websurfing anyway... I do my actual work-work fairly fast, even when there are customers!) when I'm not at home. Staff and faculty members are supposed to be able to download it-- I'm a semi-staff member (well "password administrator"), because I work here on campus, but I can't download it, nor can I install it w/o Admin privileges. ;_;

Anyway, the big projects are:
* A new "Animanga Collision" (needs a new name)
* Specifically, Darkness Rising (my YGO fansite), which will include Yu-Gi-Oh sims downloads for LJ users that need the space and don't want to use YSI or whatnot, and templates for custom Yu-Gi-Oh cards-- not the Matrix/Emigre font though, since I paid for that.
* Also Dragonfayth and AMC's own eFiction archive, so I can finally have a singular archive for ALL of my fanfics-- save the SxA ones, since those'll be on DF.
* Souten Scans- I really want to get scanning the Gospel of Truth started, but what happened to all the enthusiasm from everyone before?
Augh, for some reason, I feel frustrated...
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Note to all: never watch a DVD on your PC. Okay, maybe if you have a DVD Decoder, which always costs money, and never comes on your computer by default, even if you shelled out extra cash for a better video card (save maybe nVidia) or the Media Center edition of Windows XP.

What the hell?

So I tried watching in PowerDVD, but the anecdote tracks (I'm trying to watch Back to the Future, Part III) will flicker and then show up again-- or sometimes the anecdote signals (icons like the Hoverboard, an arrow through a bowler, etc.) will show up, but there'll be no anecdote. This didn't happen before on the PS2 and Part II! PowerDVD is supposed to be great for capping though, but apparently the version Dell includes with their comps isn't one with the extra/advanced features... it's Ver. 4, and Ver. 6 is already out! >_<

I also tried to watch with VLC, but even though VLC sees the anecdote tracks, it doesn't display them. VLC is even better for capping, though (since it's FREE).

There's just no way to win! ;_; Any suggestions?
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* Black bikini top $17.99
* Black and white (with pattern) "boy-short" swimsuit bottoms $17.99
* C-size batteries for portable speakers $5.19
* Batman Begins Special Edition 2-disc DVD $22.99
* Cushioned bathmat with suction cups $9.99
* Kodak one-time use disposable underwater camera $9.99

Learning how to striptease and get fit with Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease... PRICELESS. (Actually, it was $18.36, and whose idea was it, anyway?)

WOW. I just worked out for an hour straight, and I didn't even think about it. Sure, there's hardly enough room here in the rec room, but I can remedy that by...
a) getting a wireless card for this hunk o' junk computer ($50)
b) moving the computer upstairs to my room (also gives me the excuse to clean off my desk)
c) moving this junk desk elsewhere... maybe the garage! (okay, it's not a junk desk, it just collects a TON of dust back here, holds very little with NO compartments on the side or top, and only one drawer thing that always gets stuck if you open it wrong)
d) moving the long couch and coffee table backward
e) practicing until my thighs don't look like bowling pins anymore

o_o One hour a day? That's like, nothing. I could fit that into EVERY DAY except Monday (because no, I will not do it at work and be caught on camera). It's fun (Carmen Electra is so... CUTE! X_X I can't believe I'd use that word to describe her, but IT DOES!), and I can actually feel it working! Plus, it's useful... ^^ I'm probably driving Scott crazy with all the hints I've been dropping about this since I finished my routine about 15 minutes ago (I'm TMing him all sorts of naughty clues, poor boy). There's a reason why they say on back of the box: "feel great and spice up your personal life."

Even better, I have songs already that are non-DVD (I like how you can change audio tracks on the DVD for the Runthrough portion of the Routines) that would actually FIT with the routines! I'm not kidding. Kelly Clarkson's "Miss Independent" has JUST the right beat for it!

...Yeah, I know I'm crazy, but at least I'll look hot in Hawaii... and on top of that, I'll give Scott and excuse to get his butt up here for Passover, even if family gatherings weird him out.

So let's see... I didn't manage to fix my layout problem. I must have changed my layout about 3 or 4 times today. For some reason, I was using an external style sheet for my tweaked Flexible Squares layout, and it was causing the text color to be wrong in my sidebar. When I changed it, all things went to hell, so I went and got a proper tutorial on adding a Header image to the FlexiSquares. That erased my color preferences, so I had to redo them. Now it's okay, but it's still IRRITATING. I'd like to use the new header image I'm about 1/4 done with, but I need to get that whole pattern thing (see my last post) figured out.

I ended up using three others...
(1) Grunge (which wasn't displaying my friends' page, so until someone gets back to me on that, I won't use it)
(2) Mellifluous (which is nice, but narrow, with no support for tags)
(3) Butterfly (from, also no tags support. Not as narrow, but I don't like not seeing user icons)

I also like The Boxer and Tranquility II, so if I can figure out ways to really edit those and make them look original, I'd like to.

Anyway, I have to finish...
(1) planning Passover, because we have too many people and not enough places to sleep
(2) watching Batman Begins, because it is TEH shit and Christian Bale is TEH SHIT (and of course, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Liam Neeson)
(3) working on WDKY24, because even if I get the history right (still need to tweak some things), I screwed over this one scene I wrote by doing it out of order. I also got plotbunnied for a later chapter, which might change things...
(4) commenting everywhere, because the [ profile] 30kisses tagging system has suddenly exploded on itself, after all the hard work of [ profile] svelterose and others (myself included); on [ profile] fanficrants, where troll-chan [ profile] aguitarist has made a special guest wanker appearance; on [ profile] playthedamncard, because I WANNA! And everywhere else it suits me. I'd also like to figure out this whole journal thing, but it's a slow process. In the meantime, I don't actually have to use the Styles. :P

*runs around* And I still have to teach some Education majors about Dreamweaver tomorrow morning at school (and not get paid! Why am I so nice!?) and write 3 query letters! WAUGH WAUGH WAUGH!
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And now for a 2-question meme whose results are amazingly true:
I do know how to LJ-CUT, I do, I do! )

I finally managed to clean some junk off the computer; I need to somehow scan my Waseda application to be able to type in it, but short of scanning it to Adobe Acrobat, I don't know what to do. What about Word? I could do it in Photoshop too, but I'd rather not, because it'd take up so much space. Does anyone else have any ideas on what to do when you have a paper copy of something that needs to be typewritten? I can't get a digital copy (as far as I know)...

I tried to scan it before, but I think my Scanner software is being all stupid on me, so I might need to uninstall and reinstall it, along with a security update. But to do that, I had to delete some things-- I think Meteor Garden episode 3 was part of that. So I burned Episodes 1 & 2, but 3's missing, and I have 4-27 now. I also have to burn the HYD J-drama, some leftover Red vs. Blue episodes, Yu-Gi-Oh! (though I might keep Capsule Monsters eps 3 & 4 on my HD so I can upload them to for anyone that wants them), and... blah, other stuff. I burned some good AMVs-- "The Light You Bring" (Eizou, to the song by Fuel) for Yu-Gi-Oh, "Listen to your Heart" (unknown creator, to the song by DHT) for FFX-2, and Studebunker Studio's "1985" (to the fabulous song by I-can't-remember-who) to Azumanga Daioh. There's a bunch of others. Me loves AMVs. :)

It seems I can't get anything done unless these other things get done first. I have to get Meteor Garden 3 again... though finding the torrent (as I usually don't save them) will be a pain in the neck. ;_; Anyone that has that one episode subbed, I would be much obliged. Then I can download the scant few episodes of Star Ocean EX that I'm missing, because the DVD package is incomplete and ridiculously overpriced, and Soldats did a better job anyway...

I've got so many damn ideas for [ profile] 30kisses that I started to post one, trashed it (sort of), and saved it as a Private entry so I can edit it later on without ya'll seeing it in its horrific-ness. But on the bright side, if I don't make these all horrendously long, I should actually be able to get most of them done... soonish? I still have to worry about all these scholarships and applications, plus letters of recommendation, work, school work (including getting interviews done for my first news-feature in a week), and everything else.

Just when I thought the stress was over...! This is what I get for having a relaxing weekend. Damn it, I hope I sleep well tonight.
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Ten things you never knew about me )

Okay, so I'm awake at this ungodly hour on a holiday because... I woke up with Seto x Anzu on the brain. I went to sleep with it on the brain. I have a guilt complex for not working on my [ profile] iconfiend100 and [ profile] 7sinvirtueicons claims more often. I'm not that great at manipulations, and there doesn't appear to be a whole host of fanart for SxA out there aside from what Kysra, Lin, and a few other people do... but I'm making do (due?).

I'll work on my claim later.

The primary thing I got up for is applying for study abroad money. I'm filling out the National Security Education Program application, but of course, the essay requires a lot of thought. I have to relate my reasons for studying abroad to the objectives of the NSEP as they relate to homeland security. I know it sounds like "o_O Whar?" but if I land this scholarship, my year in Japan would practically be a free ride. That's right down to the cost of the shinkansen! So yeah, I'm going to do it. There are a lot more scholarships I have to apply to, but as always, I appreciate any pointers in the right direction, essay help, etc. I know I'm not the only grammar Nazi out there! :D

Here's the question I'm having some trouble with... )

Huh... so I overwrote my old StuffIt that was FREE (that is, it never bugged me to register, and it always worked) with the new version, which will expire in... 27 days. Is there such a thing as a freeware, all-purpose unzipper out there? I suppose I could try and find a crack, but that's bad and I also don't want to get porn/spyware on my computer as a result. I need to be able to unzip the massively massive file that is Stepmania, and afaik, I downloaded a perfectly good copy through BT, though I suppose I could direct-download it and see if it matches up size-wise. I think changing the extension from *.smzip to just plain *.zip affects the file size. Should it do that?

WDKY23 is up for beta'ing at [ profile] betasquad. A reminder of the user name and password to access the forums is given. With joining and posting made SO easy, why not help out now? New members are also welcome to join the community. Just drop me a line with why you need a beta or can help out as a beta, and you'll be approved shortly! Join the fun, the madness, and the helpful nature! Join [ profile] betasquad!
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-uploading the 2.0.3 fix and patches (1/6) for Dragonfayth Trying to re-mod everything after the patches; it looks like crap right now... and I need to sleep.
-hoping someone on the forums will get back to me about my sudden and rather unexpected inability to add members to Blue Eyes and Apricots
-wishing there was a way I could recover all the "duplicate" PSDs that I just deleted, that I thought were copies (but were not) and either did not end up in my recycle bin, or did and got deleted/made invisible anyway

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Truthfully, I don't use my laptop much. As it turns out, I don't really need it. So I wasted over $1000 on something I don't need and pretty much can't use. Yes, it's nice having my own computer when relatives visit, or when I go to school and the Collaboratory comps are all being used, but it doesn't help me when I need to print, or other things. It was nice saying I had this cool piece of technology that was all my own, but... it doesn't work.

I've done a clean install about 3 times now. I've bought and downloaded the best of the best software, only to have it not work. I have tried calling three different customer support numbers, only to be told as I follow the menu options that the number I have reached is out-of-service. I have emailed the return form, only to have my order number (as it is listed on my account page) to be rejected. Remember when I kept calling Dell, and one week after the other, they said they'd send this CD to fix all my computer's ills? And then it turned out... they forgot to send it, they weren't authorized to send it, I had to call this department, and then I had to pay $250 for it!? WHAT. THE. FUCK!?

All that time I spent ended up "expiring" my 21-day return policy. What the hell is the point of having a 90-day warranty (expires in 12 days, shit shit shit) if the return policy doesn't last for the length of the warranty? Besides, in those 3 months, I've hardly used the damn thing, because I've spent so much time trying to FIX it! And now if I can't get ahold of Dell within the next two weeks, I don't know what I'll do. I hate calling tech support, but I hate thinking that I've spent $1300+ (that includes the leather case, the Windows XP Pro, the snap-on cover, and Office 2003 Pro) on a piece of shit. This happened with Dad and the Vaio-clone several years back, and that's still a piece of shit sitting in my closet back in SF.

I wonder if I can go to Fry's and assemble an all-new computer from the craptacular parts that Dell has... I mean, the CD+/-RW drive can't be bad, or the 40GB hard drive, right? And what about my 1GB Kingston Memory Card, and the rather nice monitor? I don't know, [ profile] god_101, you've put comps together from scratch, is it possible to do that?

...Needless to say, this whole idea of being pressured for time and not having any options is stressing me out a bit. A review of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will come later. Right now, I'm exhausted... and by 7pm I have to be ready to go to King Tut. I still have to find time this weekend to do a smidgen of Japanese homework, BS at least part of my byline clip project, polish my study abroad essays and application(s), work on my VComm presentation for the 30th, AND work on Scott's birthday "present/card" for the 21st (MONDAY!!).

I feel like crying, but even my eyes are too tired.

I feel...

Oct. 8th, 2005 03:30 pm
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I returned the Crossover cable to Best Buy; no hassle. There was a $5 difference between it and my new blue PS2 controller. :D The whole store was so noisy though, because they had some girl named Sabrina there from Radio Disney. All these screaming tweenyboppers. X_X Gah, I'm glad I don't work at Best Buy. Their poor employees didn't even get ear plugs!

Okay, so I got the Crystal Chip firmware working. Dave set it to boot automatically; all I have to do is press the reset button. Simple enough. :) I already played DDR 3rd Mix (ow...), but 5th Mix doesn't work; I guess the CD it's on is too scratched up. But I can try to do a disc-to-disc copy and see if that works. I tried the reset thing with Persona 2, but it gives me a disc read error (not even a "insert a Playstation or Playstation 2 format disc" error).

...And even though the 5th Mix CD takes up 380+ MB of space, my Explorer can't see anything on it (thus, nothing to copy to another disc), unless there's something I don't know about burning games...?

I'm crossing my fingers that I'll win the Persona 2 auction on eBay, but I'd also like to get FFX-2: International/Last Mission. I think I know the game well enough to be able to read the menus (plus I know 'Hai' and 'Iie' in kanji...) but the whole point of buying I+LM is LM... which is entirely in Japanese. Does anyone know of where there's a Last Mission translation? And supposedly if you beat FFX-2 (J) or FFX-2 International, when you play LM and get to the top of The Tower, you get a special ending. Anyone know where that's hosted? I've already seen the "perfect" ending of FFX-2, but not this LM one.

Oh, and is there any released artwork for YRP in their new dress sphere outfits, Psychiccer and Festival-goer?
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My body picked a lousy time to catch cold and have my period. I've been feeling like I'm walking on another planet all day long-- gravity must be sucking me into the center of the Earth. If that meant a free ride to Japan without worrying about molten magma, I'd be all for it, but somehow I don't think that's going to happen.

I've been so sleepy, I've actually done what I thought was unthinkable-- I not only fell asleep in mythology class (I missed the entire lecture about how Sigmund Freud connects to the Electra complex) but I went to the library afeter class and conked out on the 4th floor near my locker. It was only an hour nap, and I didn't really feel all that better afterward. But I was okay after visual communications; I went and grabbed some lunch with my requisite iced tea, and now all is well. I still feel a bit tingly and weird and out of it, but at least I'm not passing out and drooling all over my keyboard.

ATTENTION SAN FRANCISCO-ITES! Yeah, I'm talking to YOU, Stephanie, Eva, Lindsay, and everyone else whose names I can't remember or whose user SNs aren't accessible to me now! Go sign up for the schools feature here on LJ! It's so quick and easy, you just search for all the schools you've ever gone to/are attending, and it automatically sorts you by username. You can input the years you attended and all that fun stuff, and even see other LJ users associated with your schools. I've already added mine: CSUN, Lafayette (EVA!!!!!), Presidio (EVERYONE!!!) and Wash House (zOMGcleanlaundry!) so you hop to it! Besides, I wanna know who else I know here on LJ that went to any of my schools... *peers*

Also, I wanted to randomly show up in San Francisco from 10/7-10/9, since Scott's going to be there anyway for his NOVA or GEOS interview... not that he'd stay with me or even have time to spend with me, mind you, but if he's going, I could use it as an excuse to go to. I know that doesn't make sense, just trust me on this one. But of course, since it's only 2 wks. before that departure time, tickets are expensive! $214 min. on SWA, and $260 on JetBlue (which, for some stupid reason, only flies from Long Beach to Oakland, and not Burbank to Oakland, even though Oakland is its Northern California major way-station. Durrrr, DUMB!). Hm... wish I could go...

I'm having trouble finding a speech to go to for Story #2 for WRPII. The ones at CalTech already ended; besides, Pasadena's too inaccessible on the weekends. There are supposed to be some Executive Speakers coming here, but I'm not sure if they've already made their speeches in the past week (when they started) or not, and even if they didn't, would I be allowed/able to go? The speech I'm interested in going to is by CBS Studio Center president Michael Klausman, but he's speaking primarily to Cinema, Television and Arts students-- which is in my college, but it's not my department. There's also a speaker from NASA's Mars rover program this Friday at 7:30pm, but that would mean missing Anime Club and possibly my 2nd cousin Joey's (oops, call him JOE now, he is 20!) birthday party-- if he wants to have one. Grr! And the story is due Oct. 5th! What do I do?!

...Hmm, there was a thing downstairs about the opening of the Guitar Research Archives here at the Oviatt, but I don't think that's the kind of speech I'm looking for. Besides, it's rather impromptu and more about performances than information, so I think I'll pass (and spend another hour here on the comp! :P)

Someone on the eFiction board helped me look at a problem Dragonfayth was having on its new modded Authors page; I've been tinkering with some of the mods offered there, and one of the people is named 'Lazuli.' o_O No relation to OUR Laz, right, [ profile] smrff!? o_O Anyway, what the new mod does (or is supposed to do) is differentiate between Authors (people who have submitted stories) and Members (people who sign up to read fics and recommend fics, not write them).

I'm sure there are all sorts of other mods that I would like to implement; as they're a lot more feasible for eFiction than InkTank, I'd like people to check out the list over at, under Mod Releases. There are about 3 pages of mods, 2 or so individual mods of which I've implemented already. The full release list (not sure whether this includes all mods and requests, or just completed/tested mods) is located here:

Go check it out, mmk?

So apparently I can only study driver's ed at school (which I like doing, because I don't have the distraction of my MP3s, fanfiction, chatting, the television, my grandparents, food, or my bed) on the WHITE GST computers here in the Collaboratory. o_O I wonder why? Anyway, I'm almost done with Lesson 3 of... er, I think it's 10 or 11. Sure, that's not a whole lot, but I think I'm learning. I've done well on all my quizzes so far, and all the interactive lessons. Still, how do I memorize this stuff? Do I take notes? Print the pages out? ;_; Eeek! There seem to be many laws regarding feet estimates: signal 100 feet before turning, never enter a bike lane more than 200 feet from the turning corner or driveway, and stop at least 15 feet in front of a railroad crossing. How do you estimate that distance, anyway?

Also, if I'm still awake and somewhat coherent tonight, I have a short list of things to do:
(1) Reformat the damn laptop... again. Maybe the clean install will work better this time with more memory?
(2) Add a scene or two to WDKY19. I wanted to end it on a somewhat happy/teasing note, as I have been alternating between zOMG cliffhangers and "aww." moments lately. But I'm also neglecting other characters and relationships in the process, along with some teasers I need to work in, so I think the addition of this one scene I've been thinking about will do the fic good. I might even get doubly inspired.

I'm hoping that if all goes well and I can make it to the CTVA Exec. Speaker, then on Friday I can go to anime club as usual and FINALLY get a DVD from Phil of Adam & Joe Go Tokyo. Various specific Google and BitTorrent searches have turned up bupkis in the way of actual episodes, so it really *is* as rare as Phil said. A right shame, but he better keep his promise this time around and get me the episodes. In the meantime, I'm downloading episodes 3-9 of Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid, Chibi and I are arranging an exchange of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and Trick, and I need to see Last Order and probably read "The Complete Story of FFVII" or something like that on GameFAQs. Unless one of you l33t gamer guys (*stares at [ profile] staplerx, [ profile] zigx, [ profile] psyjoe_dilandau etc. etc.*) wants to inform me... MMM?

Only 15 minutes till I have to leave for class, so I might as well update this and catch up on my reading for class. The good thing about WRPII is we don't have any pop quizzes or tests based on the reading-- whether or not you read shows in how fast you can get in-class exercises done and in the stories you turn in. So far, so good. I'm glad I made the decision to stay in Salido's class, even if the rest of my body is protesting today. Oy!
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Okay, I don't know what to do.

Microsoft apparently gave me a "dirty" install when I deleted 2 of the 3 partitions on my hard drive, so I don't want to call them back and do the same thing again.

Dell can't help me install Pro, because I didn't purchase it through them. They also won't send me XP Home without paying $200 first, which is ridiculous, since I need a backup of the OS anyway, and I paid for the frickin' laptop, which should have included the cost of the OS. They can send me an XP Pro CD, but that's pointless, because I already have it-- and they want to charge me $200 more than what I paid!

...So I can do another Image Restore and lose all the programs I downloaded-- whoop de doo, I can download them again. Same goes for the Drivers & Utilities, as they're "all" supposedly available online, including the Owner's Manual and the software that came with it. Of course, it would make my life EASIER if they would send me the CD, but the stupid software support technician I talked to made it sound like online was the only option.

...And then apparently she hung up on me.

-_-; I'm at wit's end here. I've been lied to, transferred no less than five times, referred to a different company, 2 or more different departments, and God knows how many technicians, support "professionals," or whatever other BS they can come up with.

Worse, I have to go to work at 1:30, for approximately 2 straight hours with no break, and I don't even want to think about how busy it is. I'm not stressing as much as I was earlier this week, but my throat hurts, the dirtiness of my room is bothering me, and even though I got all my files off the laptop (everything else that's on there I can move, redownload, or burn onto CD/DVD) I want to break/burn/destroy something.

Or maybe just return the damn laptop and get my money back. the_sweet took the free personality test!

"Seeks the determination and elasticity of will nec..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

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Why is it every time that I listen to the Spice Girls' "Move Over(Generation X)" I get this complete AMV in my head of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX with splice-scenes of Yu-Gi-Oh interspersed in there? I mean, I can even see certain scenes:

Hold it down, feel the noise, let 'em know it's a fight, pick it up it's alive
Juudai meeting Yuugi and receiving the Hane Kuriboh card, and hearing it "talk" to him for the first time

Next phase, next stage, next grade, next wave
From different duel phases, different duel stages, different dorms, and then the gang getting washed off their rock by a wave, as in the OP theme

Every color, every creed, teach, never preach, listen up and take heed
All the different students and the various dorms (Ra Yellow, Osiris Red, Obelisk Blue) and the teachers

Take the heat, feel the flow, 'cause you're ready to burn and we're ready to go
Juudai's Elemental Heroes-- a fire-based one, and a water-based one. If not that, then someone else's monsters of similar attributes.

You gotta know the rules if you wanna play the game, respect and dedication never riding on the fame
Oh, isn't this one obvious? Rules of Duel Monsters, the revealing of Spells and Trap cards; the use of the Duel Disks. "Respect" in the form of Duelists like Yami no Yuugi and Juudai, and "Dedication" with ones like Manjyome Thunder and Jounouchi. Fame, on the other hand, might be Kaiba. ^^;

^^;; Oooh, I should do it (and at the end, have Pharaoh the Cat paw-print the screen).

Anyway, I called Dell-- and they didn't send the CDs (of course). Turns out the technicians I spoke to aren't allowed to authorize the sending of CDs; only Spare Parts can do that, but according to the lady I spoke to, it's not covered under my warranty, which means I MIGHT have to pay for it. X_X Ugh... And I also apparently did NOT do a clean install with Microsoft, when I deleted those 3 partitions from my original Dell set-up and installed Windows XP Pro on what I thought was a completely blank hard-drive/system. So I have to call them back tomorrow between 7am and 7pm Central, talk to Spare Parts, and get my bloody CDs. -_-; I have a 90-day warranty; if this doesn't pan out by the time I get the CDs (and I will give them no more than a week to get those CDs to me) then I will return the damn laptop, demand my money back, and either buy a better one someplace else, or save the money for something smarter and wiser. I guess...

Did I mention Mom paid for my courses? I'm on Lesson 2 of 7 right now, and I can schedule the first of my two-hour behind-the-wheel driving sessions at any time, but I don't know whether I should do that AFTER I've completed all the courses, halfway through, or at certain intervals. Has anyone who's taken a Driver's Ed course with behind-the-wheel done something like this? ^^;; Any advice would be appreciated, because I'm starting to get the heebie-jeebies about this, even if I am excited and determined.

I have no homework for most of my classes; Mythology is an online assignment that I'm sort of working on now; I finished my work for Journalism; there's some simple typing up for Visual Communications; I have a bit of story-writing for Creative Writing (we're getting into drama/plays now), and a skit to make up this weekend for Japanese class on Monday. Also, I might try and finish "I'm Listening" (one of my original fiction pieces) for the Northridge Review, a CSUN literary publication. :> Can I do it before Oct. 1? I have tons of reading/writing to do already...

Speaking of writing, WDKY in particular, here are some interesting factoids )

Oh yeah Mamono I had some ideas for upcoming YOT icontests (aside from the ones we already talked about). Try deciphering these words to see what I mean; otherwise, IM/email me.
* Rehash
* Grimm's Brothers
* iPod
* Gobble Gobble?
*< /insert gobbledygook here >
* [ profile] iconfiend100
* [ profile] 7sinvirtueicons

Oh, and could you do me a HUUUUGE favor and tag your past entries with:
* Challenges (for the challenge entries)
* Voting (for the voting)
* Results (for the results, whether or not they include banners)
* Banners (for the banners, even if they're posted with the results)
* Extension (for extended challenges)
And anything else that might be applicable?

...I have the feeling I'm forgetting something, but I can't think of what now. At least I get to sleep in tomorrow before I work (for a measly 2 hours), and then, at last! The weekend! More studying to be had on the Driver's Ed front, but that's okay. :) Soon, I'll have the whole house to myself...
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Well, today was better than yesterday, purely because:
a) I didn't embarrass myself in Japanese class and lose credit (when I shouldn't have)
b) I got to see Scott (even though he was rather difficult to get along with, let alone TALK to)
c) I woke up determined to make this day better, and I think that actually made the difference.

The downside is that I'm still very much worried about the laptop that I blew so much money on, and my current sorry state of funds. I also find myself getting bored by everything I do, lacking inspiration or motivation to do the things I want and NEED to do, and generally becoming very cynical about everything around me. I want a challenge, I want freshness. That doesn't mean I want to change my religion, rearrange my room, or start eating an all-sushi diet. But I *AM* trying to be more fit (I signed up for the gym at last and had my first workout session of this week; I would have done another today, but I thought it would be yucky to get all sweaty and then go to class), eat better (note: foods I once enjoyed make me sick now-- that's how healthy my body is!), and do things that will improve my life, even if I don't see some immediate benefit to me.

With the laptop, I'm still waiting on the Drivers and Utilities CD. It's not that I think I'm lacking much in terms of drivers; all the necessary devices work just fine. But I do want to have all the original Dell programs that were likely included in the cost of my laptop (Norton and WordPerfect excluded), and the Owner's Manual. I also wonder if maybe some obscure driver NOT listed in the Device Manager has something to do with why the computer is so sporadically slow to shut down, open up some programs, or download email. Worse, when I try to use Firefox on my laptop now, I get the browser with the title bar of the webpages, but no tabs, no screen-- just white! It's freaking me out, and I don't know what to do.

I'm also waiting on my new Kingston 1 GB memory chip (which I paid a lot for, so it better damn well make a difference), my PS2 (I pray that it got to Dave okay; he hasn't emailed me back yet), and a bank statement, because WaMu online is being a bitch.

I want to have more time to myself, to actually SLEEP, perhaps get some more writing/work (icons!) done, webpage design, and the inevitable CLEANING OF ROOM. The right side of my room is all paperwork; the leftside is all clothes that need to be put away or hung up. ;_;

When I finally DO finish my icon sets for [ profile] iconfiend100 and [ profile] 7sinvirtueicons I want to pimp them over at the usual places: [ profile] goodygoicons and the like. The same applies to my fics; when I release a new chapter of WDKY, I have to remember to post announcements at [ profile] setoanzulove and [ profile] pro_anzu_fans along with [ profile] ygowritersguild (any others?). Same goes for the completed [ profile] 30kisses set! X_X I really think I need to make lots of colorful to-do and checklists that are laminated or something.

I really want to be enthusiastic about October and November:

* October 1st is the all-day Clubs & Organizations Recognition Conference. Workshops and free food = fun!
* October 1st-5th, Baba and Grandpa are away in Seattle. PARTAY!
* October 3rd is the Student Development and International Programs (SD&IP) workshop for potential Study Abroad students. I plan on commanding and conquering the competition!
* October 3rd or the 13th I can apply at Red Robin. Hopefully that will lead to a new, more challenging job where I can make friends, get good pay, and learn more.
* October 30th is Daylight Savings Time-- one more hour of sleep!
* October 31st is Halloween/Samhain, my favorite holiday EVAR! If only I could come up with something cool to do/dress up as...
* November 1st-2nd, there are two Leadership Institute workshops I'd like to attend.
* November 20th is Mai's birthday, and I'd like to have several of the late 20s WDKY chapters out by then, when Mai has some pretty big, kick-ass roles.
* November 21st is Scott's 26th birthday, and even if we're not together, he is still technically the best friend I have down here, and someone very dear to me, so I want to think of something special to do/give.

There's cool stuff coming up this month, too. September 25th is both a speech about the miracles of twins (too bad it's at CalTech; I have to find a speech to attend for Story #2 for my WRP2 class), plus a scrapbooking workshop at this lady's house in Granada Hills. September 26th, Eva comes back to SoCal. September 29th, UCLA starts and Alias premieres.

The big kicker, as I kind of mentioned before, is my lack of funds. Food, clothing, treats (manga), and all the computer stuff I bought has added up, and now I don't have the $400 to take a Driver's Ed course, which I really wanted to do before December. So I sent Mom an email (early Xmas present?) and asked her to call me back, but I haven't heard from her yet. I can't ask her over the phone... ;_; If I get the money (regardless of who) I will take and pass that damn course. I want my driver's license, dammit, even if I don't have a car.

A slight update on my 30kisses )

I have to do my [ profile] ygo_lyricwheel entry soon, plus there's (as I said before) all those icons... and hey, [ profile] rhapsody_dragon, we need to brainstorm more themes for [ profile] ygo_offtopicon ne? I have a good idea... ^_^;
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Like Mamono, I'm a bit busy but somehow not feeling it. Now that I've resolved my computer issues (I can transfer things from one comp to the other easily; I bought a memory card by Kingston/1 GB), I'm better. Scott's also agreed to go with me to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) museum when he gets back from San Diego next weekend; there's a Star Wars costume exhibit there through December. I also have to get tickets for the King Tut exhibit, because I will hate myself forever if I don't go to that while it's here in LA, even if it is at LACMA.

Tonight was a pretty defining night though, because I have resolved once and for all to get my freakin' driver's license. Seriously, I can't depend on my grandparents for rides, but I hate worrying people (or worrying myself) when I claim that I can do what I did in San Francisco and WALK everywhere. Northridge doesn't have the transportation San Francisco does, which is the big pitfall of a suburban neighborhood like this; it's really a sub-town of LA, it's got its own area codes and zip codes, but it has none of the ease of getting around that a big city does. So I think I'll stick with and try and take lessons through them. Where I will get a car from is another matter entirely.

Also, a bit of a to-do list:
* More ideas/forums/layouts for the [ profile] betasquad forum (the forum directory will be locked on opening, so only people from the LJ community will have the PWD to access it. This will help prevent spam and indexing.)
* Open up the [ profile] betasquad LJ community to all fandoms, but lock the membership so people must apply
* WEBSITES!! zOMG, must update Blue Eyes and Apricots, Dragonfayth, and Darkness Rising.
* Get the hell started on [ profile] ygo_icontests, and keep track of all the icontests. Maybe enter a few more than I have been as of late...
* Work on my entries for [ profile] iconfiend100 and [ profile] 7sinvirtueicons
* Work more on WDKY19 ([ profile] atlantian_magic? [ profile] guardian_kysra? Actually Kysra, you just stay safe. I'd rather dump a bucketload of steamy SxA goodness on you as a THANK GOD YOU'RE OKAY present once you're all safe and sound again.)
* Work on CO7 (I've already finished Chapter 1, and I have a nummy idea for some of the "later early chapters"
* Read all my books (1 for Harper Teen, finish Genpei for myself, 3 sappy modern romances, and 1 new Shopaholic novel in paperback).
* zOMG Story #1 for WRP2, VComm homework + reading, Mythology assignment on Yahoo! Group (?)
* Clean closet/room
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So I'm a dweeb. I joined [ profile] 4husorting and now I'm letting people dissect my character and determine if I'm a Ravendor, a Slytherpuff, or some other bizarre combination thereof of the houses. So far, people seem to think I'm a Gryffinpuff! Sad thing is, I thought each of the 6 house combinations would have one of the four main houses in the "first" position:

But the houses are as follows:
Ravendor (Ravenclaw + Gryffindor)
Gryffinpuff (Gryffindor + Hufflepuff)
Ravenpuff (Ravenclaw + Hufflepuff)
Slytherclaw (Slytherin + Ravenclaw)
Slytherpuff (Slytherin + Hufflepuff)
Slytheriffin (Slytherin + Gryffindor)

So as you can see, Ravenclaw has 2 houses (which is okay), Slytherin has 3 (hey!) Gryffindor has one (one shrot), and Hufflepuff has NONE! Not that I don't like the names or anything, but...

Slytheriffin should be changed to Gryfferin or something. And if you wanted to be fair, each house would get 1 name, and two major houses (for the sake of the HP verse, we'll say Gryffindor and Slytherin) would have an additional 2:
* Ravenpuff (Ravenclaw main - Ravenclaw + Hufflepuff)
* Gryffinpuff (Gryffindor main - Gryffindor + Hufflepuff)
* Slytherclaw (Slytherin main - Slytherin + Ravenclaw)
* Hufflerin (Hufflepuff main - Hufflepuff + Slytherin, though admittedly Slytherpuff sounds cooler)
* Slytheriffin (Slytherin main - Slytherin + Gryffindor)
* Gryffinclaw (Gryffindor main - Gryffindor + Ravenclaw)


Anyway, so I manged to transfer almost ALL of my files to my laptop -teh yay! But alas, I still can't get LimeWire or iTunes to work, and I don't know why! I'm praying for the Device & Drivers CD, and maybe I can afford to splurge on a 1 GB Memory Card... the question is $159 from Dell Direct, or possibly more expensive for a name brand? didn't even carry cards for my laptop!

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day! ARGH!

It be Joe's birthday! Happy birthday, matey! (I would do the giant text rainbow color thing, but I'm at school, so I don't have the prog. that does that.)

Also, I was thinking (completely randomly) to make some HBP banners that say (all sophisticated-like) "JKR sunk my 'ship. But I'm still writing. That's the power of my OTP/OT3/whatever." Anyone want?

And finally, because I love having an excuse OTHER than fanfiction to annoy [ profile] rhapsody_dragon I propose this question to her and all of you on my FL, because I love getting opinions and arguing/debating, or just learning about fresh perspectives...

What do you think of shock advertising? By shock advertising, I mean things like the United Colors of Benetton using the picture of a man dying of AIDS on his deathbed, and sticking their logo in the corner. I mean the same company using the nude torso of a male model and stamping his forearm with a Holocaust-like tattoo reading "HIV positive." What do ads like these do to you, make you think about the company advertising, the magazine/newspaper they appear in, the photographer, or the models/people pictured? Why? Is anyone justified using shock advertising, and if so, for what reasons? (For example, does donating to a charity for AIDS relief justify using the image described above for an ad for clothing?)

See the first image here:

Time to go to mythology class (Mr. Adams calls it My-thologee)!


Sep. 18th, 2005 09:58 pm
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Okay, so my genius has nothing to do with a damn Geek Squad cable, which I have every intent of returning as soon as possible.

All I had to do was type in \\ into Windows Explorer and it worked! YAY! Of course, it's taking forever because of all the Podcasts (which I never listen to, and for some reason, I have a Reggae podcast I never subscribed for) and music, plus episode 1 of Trick (wanna download the rest of Season 1, but I forgot where to go!).

I also successfully installed iTunes on my laptop, but it never shows up on my screen when I click the icon. I've agreed to the License Agreement, but still, nothing happens. *blink* Whar? I'm a bit relieved to know I'm not the only one who had such difficulties with updating to iTunes 5, though-- it goes to show not even Apple is infallible.

I'm also going to work more on my icon claims for [ profile] iconfiend100 and [ profile] 7sinsvirtues, especially the latter since 14 icons would be a snap for me. ^^; Note that the icons WILL NOT overlap, so there will be over 114 SxA icons on the web, courtesy of yours truly. I think I ought to start up a gallery of them over at BEA!

I need a smaller size version of the banner I just posted over at [ profile] betasquad. It needs to be about 200 x 150 or so, GIF format. Any takers?



October + November = THE SHIZNIT!

That is all.
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Okay, this has been frustrating me and stressing me out since I got the damn thing. I don't want to say I hate laptops or that I can and will return it, because frankly, I don't WANT to.

I managed to perform a clean install of XP Pro onto my HD... it's the only OS I have on my laptop now. But I also lost anything Dell-related on the computer, including the User's Manual (because they don't want to "waste paper" by including a hard copy with their systems anymore), so until I get the CD tomorrow or so (and it better come!), I'm stuck without it.

I want my laptop to be "my" computer, where I can do any of my usual stuff on it without hassle. This means Photoshop, Macromedia Studio MX, Office 2003 Pro, blah, blah, blah. So why is it giving me such a hard time?

* I bought a Crossover Cable (like a Firewire cable, only with "Ethernet" port ends) to transfer files from this comp (the desktop) to my laptop, but I couldn't figure out exactly where to connect it on my desktop. I tried connecting it to one Ethernet port (just above the modem ports), and nothing seemed to happen, and I tried connecting it to the router (which gives my desktop 'Net access and my laptop wireless access), and likewise, nothing seemed to happen. Apparently, I have a firewire port on the back of my computer, but the firewires I saw at Best Buy were upwards of $30, when Phil (Anime Club President and my resident tech support) said he had a perfectly functional firewire he got for only $1! WTF!?

* The past couple of days, I have had NO problems (except at school) connecting to the 'Net. But yesterday after all the brou-ha-ha about the crossover connection, now I can't get online... even though my wireless adapter keeps reporting that the signal strength from my router is excellent. ;_; I don't know what to do! I've tried looking up any settings in Norton I might have messed up, and now I'm going to hope System Restore does me some good.

Once I do get my 'Net connection back, I want to install Trillian and Semagic on the laptop, so I can actually communicate with people and get some "work" done when I'm not here at home. (EDIT: Looks like my idea to do System Restore worked. But for some reason, Windows Messenger keeps showing up in my taskbar, even though I disabled it in Administrator Tools/Services. Wha?)

On top of that, even though I have no intention of using the laptop for gaming of any sort (even dueling!) I do want to upgrade the memory to get everything to run faster, and hopefully, so things don't freeze. I tend to use several programs at once, and if 512 MB of RAM isn't enough, then I can upgrade. Sure, it'll burn a hole in my pocket (in addition to everything else I've been buying lately, plus stuff I still "need" like a new PS2 controller and memory card), but I can justify it by calling it an "investment." Catch is, "tech support" thinks I should go name-brand, like Corsair or Kingston. I don't care either way, because the PNY chips in the desktop (2 of them; brought it from 256 MB to 756 MB)

Less stress... less stress... less stress...

WDKY19 is sorta-kinda coming along. Atlantis? Kysra? I'm going to need to borrow your steam showers and your Hentai Goddesses for this one. Oh, and if you wanna come along and help me force Seto and Téa into a Very Awkward Situation, please, please, attend! (Truthfully, it's the later-20s chapters that have me all excited. I can't exactly say why, but certain people will be getting their asses kicked, and I'm not exactly thrilled to be thrilled about it.)

In the WDKYverse, what are the Top 5 things you can't see Seto or Téa doing, under ANY circumstances or twists of fate? (and be realistic here, people, don't say things like "getting a sex change" or some weirdness like that.)

Oh, and I wanna finally get around to opening up the betasquad forums to the public... but I have some last-minute tweaking to do:
(1) Semi-layouts, based on the votes of people... who haven't really been voting a great deal, or even according to instruction (I really want one that's all "shiny" like the Apple website!)
(2) More sub-forums, suggestions, etc.?
(3) Making it a subdomain or something, so it's easier to access.

...Le sigh, I have to catch up on homework, now.
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20 random facts meme )

So I called Dell up again today, and it turned out they never sent the XP Home and Drivers & Utilities CD they said they would. The guy I talked to said they would send it today, and I might get it by Monday, but all the same, I didn't technically need the CDs, because Inspirons have Image Restore that reset the computers to their original factory settings. I did that, and I called up Microsoft... and with them, I did a full system erase and replace, putting XP Pro on my computer. I installed everything that would have been pre-installed, like Norton, plus my new programs: MS Office Pro 2003, Studio MX 2004, Firefox, Thunderbird, AdAware, SpySweeper, and Spybot S&D. The only thing is, when I tried to run SpySweeper and when I tried to get the new definitions from AdAware, the programs froze... which is part of the same problem as before.

It's not that I have too much stuff on there, or that my computer is incompatible with XP (unlike my neighbor Larry said; he doesn't know WTF he's talking about), it's just... *shrug* I dunno, maybe a conflict with Norton? But I don't think Norton alone is enough.

Anyway, it looks like I'll be using a shitload of CDs to burn everything from one comp to the other (and that's just My Documents folder with my work, sites, music, videos, and stuff; I haven't even gone into the Program Files yet for Adobe PS Brushes or other settings and extras). Alas, but the File and Transfer Settings Wizard doesn't like me, and even though the two computers share a network, I don't think I can move things via the 'Net or something. Unless someone knows how-- enlighten me?)

Ugh, I have to wake up at 6:30am tomorrow to leave by 7am to get to work by 7:30 to open and leave by 11:30am, even though I HAVE NO CLASS. I'll come home, sleep, maybe transfer some more files, and if I'm lucky, pick up my Jamba Juice #111 pay stubs and tips, dogsit for an hour or two and THEN go to anime club. Teh yay, what an exciting week this has been.

I stayed home today, FYI, because I was stupid enough to eat another Eggo Waffle last night before bed. I have thusly determined that it is the waffles giving me indigestion (*wails* I LIKED EGGOS!) and so I will not eat anymore. On the bright side, Baba bought Cherry Blintzes, so I'll have those for breakfast tomorrow morning. :)

I gotta try and catch some Zs. G'night.

P.S. Forget Bakura bugging me for a role in WDKY, Dartz won't leave me alone. ;_; WHY, WHY, WHY?
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Ugh, I hate all the political-based responses to the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. The representative for the White House keeps accusing this one MSNBC/Newsweek reporter that he was finger pointing and playing the blame game (his exact words, repeated to infinity). The guy was only asking a yes-or-no question. -_-; Then again, I'm biased because I'm a journalist-in-training, I guess. Mamono, what are your thoughts on recent coverage?

Well, if it seems/feels like (on my end, anyway) that I've been dead, it's because I've been trying to get my new Dell Inspiron 6000 to work... to no avail. I upgraded to Win XP Pro the night I got the laptop, but apparently something went wrong in the install, and since I didn't buy the Pro from Dell, I have to reformat and reinstall the Home OS, and then bug Microsoft for help regarding the XP Pro upgrade. I won't have to reinstall much:
* Firefox (bookmarks, extensions, themes)
* Thunderbird (old email -still on this comp- and account settings)
* LimeWire
* iTunes 5
* Winamp

Also, no one from [ profile] betasquad has said yay or nay to my idea of having a website/forum (something I originally proposed to [ profile] nekokilala), which kind of bums me out. I have tons of [ profile] 30kisses claims to catch up on, and I'm wondering if there might be an easier way of letting [ profile] svelterose update when I'm not available.

I want to post WDKY18 --tonight, if possible, now that it's pretty smoothed out. I'm spending so much time (or what FEELS like a lot of time) at school, studying, at work (ugh, especially tomorrow!) and trying to clean up my room (I got most of the closest sorted out; now I have to put my desk papers and such together). The comp is running strangely slow right now (great, just what I need), so I'm going to finish this entry, install the latest Java in the hopes that it'll fix my future downloads, and restart. More later, perhaps.
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Leather pants on a hot day =/= a good idea.

Believe me, I know. I had a feeling it would be like this-- yesterday at 7pm it was still 93 degrees. We're supposed to hit the low 100s today. Yeesh. And it looks like the whole idea of feeling empowered (and making Scott drool) didn't work as I planned, anyway.

I got a "you look nice" and that was about it. Maybe I'm trying too hard? Or maybe HE'S trying to hard to stop himself from saying what he really thinks, because that would be "crossing the line." Heh, that's what I'd like to think, anyway. Scott didn't even have time to eat lunch with me or anything; on Mondays and Wednesdays, he's got Aikido (something tells me he'll drop it, just like he did his other kineseology class last semester) at 11am, 10 minutes after we get out of Japanese.

Speaking of Japanese, it's great to be in a class environment again. I know the material, it looks easy enough-- but like anyone else, I'm prone to getting confused a bit. Besides, there's a few native speakers in the class (I don't know why they were allowed to register, but the teacher's letting them stay, so long as they take different tests).

I bought my Japanese class notes (separate binder; looks like I won't need that section of my blue binder after all. I might still need my folder, but probably not the cute notebook I bought in SF's J-Town. Alas!) and my Greek Myth book; that class starts at noon and gets out 10 till one. I then have a half hour to make a lunch out of $6, and then I work from 1:30-4pm at Jamba CSUN. I made sure to bring my white tee and no-slip sneakerrs, but I wonder if these leather pants will make working any easier. Will they put me on reg, or somewhere else?

My laptop (the new Dell Inspiron 6000) should be coming around Sept. 6th. YAY! Then I'll buy the Office Student Edition (2003) from the bookstore, and the Windows XP Professional upgrade. It should only be $180ish if I plan it right. I was thinking about buying the official Adobe CS2, but... it's over $200. I really only use Photoshop. If anything, I'd want the Macromedia Suite 2004, because I use Dreamweaver, I KNOW how to use Flash, and Fireworks is pretty good in its own right. I don't know, what do you think? I get a student discount on most everything, but I aleady spent $1200 on the laptop and a couple hundred on my textbooks, and I still want to have money to travel later this semester ($555 Tokyo round-trip. I wonder if that's a tour or just airfare?).

Today's Sundial-- first thing on the first page in the top right corner was a mention of Ben's death. Not what I wanted to read first thing when I opened the paper. To make matters worse, I've seen 2 Ben look-alikes-- one at a sushi restaurant yesterday with Erin and Joyce (Erin took off for South America today for her 2 weeks left before UCLA kicks back into session), and then earlier today as I walked into (where I am now) the Collaboratory. ;_; I don't know why this is haunting me so much. And his full obituary's going to be in the paper tomorrow. *sigh*

Oh yeah, well, in other DISTRACTING news, I read PC Magazine's new review of the Windows Vista (formerly known as code name: Longhorn) OS, Beta 1. It looks... interesting. Truthfully, it looks like they ganked the Mac "shiny" aethestic, and Microsoft is using a rendering system known as Aero Glass. Security is the big beef with this OS, and not super-hot features. The WinFS search tool isn't included with the Fall 06 release of the OS as of the current news releases, but the search tool that they have in the Start Menu should work just as well, thanks to the implementation of metadata and additional search features (rating, etc). I wonder whether it'll even be possible to upgrade to Vista though. I know they're making a 32 and a 64 bit version, but the Aero system will require a nice graphics card, support for ActiveX9, and heck knows what else. Will my Inspiron fit the bill next Fall?

Oh yeah, Internet Explorer 7. They just might convert me back if it's as good as they say. Tabbed browsing (FINALLY!), super security features, and everything rendering as it should...! Firefox only rarely gives me problems, like when a page has embedded Quicktime. I went to the Firefox extension website and downloaded the Quicktime plug-in from Apple, but Firefox just isn't reading it. I manually installed it and everything, but if I go to a page with a Quicktime plug-in (e.x. music playing in the background as with the "What is Yu-Gi-Oh?" page, or Joe's Gradius music video on his MySpace page) nothing happens. I have to save the file or open it in IE/Avant. How annoying.

Anyway, I might as well catch up on some Friends' entries while I'm here. I'll leave in 15, and I hope my Mythology teacher is as good as the reviews said. :P I'd also like to start meeting some people and making friends, so that a) Scott and Ben aren't the only things on my mind, and b) Friday does not become the sole highlight of my week.
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I neglected to mention the severe creep-factor that was Wednesday en route to Carmel-by-the-Sea. We saw no less than 4 car accidents. One was a motorcycle accident, one of them happened within five minutes of our driving past the intersection where it happened, and the other 2 were on the freeway as we headed out.

Considering Ben died in a car accident, this didn't leave me with a very settled feeling.

I hate myself for not bothering to "try" harder, since that's something that bothers me-- people not TRYING, not making an EFFORT, being COWARDLY. I mean, I've TRIED fish before. I don't like it, so it doesn't make me a coward if I don't try it when someone offers it to be. I TRIED. You can expect to succeed at everything you do in life, or like everyone you meet, or enjoy every food served to you. But the trying of something counts for so much in your own head, if not to the people around you.

Turns out Ben was on MySpace and TheFaceBook all along, and I could have kept up with him, I could have... ARGH! I'm not trying to put myself down. I'm not. But I hate myself for not trying.

Anyway, WDKY18 with its 3-bites-out (that is, 3 scenes that need prose-ifying) is up at [ profile] betasquad. Help me, please?

I beat Bakura... now Yugi is all that's left of "Duelists of the Roses." ;D SQUEE NESS!

I decided to get the Dell Inspiron 6000: New compy for Mer Mer! )

I wish I could look forward to school starting now, but as of this moment, I'm just seeing it as another distraction, a thing to get done. I need to do a lot of that these days-- clean my room, move my room once Scott gets all his stuff out, send my PS2 to Dave (I need a box!), travel somewhere this winter... maybe Japan again.

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Funny how I've only seen about two movies in the past month or so, but the previews I've seen of Tim Burton's next flick, The Corpse Bride are enough to want me to dress up as her for Halloween. It would be better than an Emmy Award, at any rate. :P That was my most under-appreciated costume ever. But, I also have angel wings, cat ears, fishnets, glow-in-the-dark lipstick, bright red lipstick, and a mom who still has everything else Halloween-y stashed away, neatly organized and ready to ship. :>

A potential shiny new laptop for Fall 2005... Tell me what you think! )

I had a nightmare last night... sucks. I dreamed that I finally got myself this cute kitten-- it looked like Bloop, my dad's old cat (the one that passed away earlier this year). Bloop was this sleek, dark grey with bright blue eyes. I always wanted a cute cat like that. Well, I dreamed I took it home and everything, and then I went out again... and when I came home and went to "my room" (for some reason, my room was the larger one overlooking the backyard, the room I wanted originally. The catch is a) it's next to Baba and Grandpa's room and b) it's got all of Baba's creepy dolls in there) and went to my backpack on the floor.

I promptly started freaking out, because I'd forgotten to take the cat out of the top pouch of my backpack, and now it wasn't moving at all. (Bear in mind that I would never do something this stupid.) When I opened up the top pouch, I took the kitten out-- it was about the size of my hand, and completely deflated. Imagine a flattened cat-- no bones, no organs, just a FLAT CAT. I was devastated.

I woke up several times after that feeling downright rotten with myself, even though I told myself if something like that ever happened, a cat could easily claw its way through my puny backpack, and would be yowling and hissing in the meantime. Not to mention cats don't just deflate.

Well, I don't know what it means, and I don't particularly care to revisit the dream to find out. As we're finally getting closer and closer to school starting, I'm getting a lot done and a lot planned. I have work from 1:30-6:45 today, then I'll hang out with Jill and Co. plus Kara, my aunt who came all the way here from New York (she drove). Sometime eventually I want to finish cleaning up my desk, throwing out clothes that don't fit, working on WDKY18 (*sings* Mamono~!) and CO7-2+, getting Delishidoodle to go live, and posting my 100 SxA icons. *whew!*

AND on top of all that, I want to get WikiFic really going, even if (ALAS!) I am the only one posting articles there. -_- I don't get it, I pimped it here on LJ (various YGO communities) and now on FFnet... hardly any response. *scowl* Why does WikiPedia have such a large Yu-Gi-Oh section (wrong, mind you... Yugi was never the holder of the Millennium Ring...)

It's already 12:30, which gives me 1 hour before I have to be at work. Maybe I'll get some cleaning or something done before I go.
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1. Reply with your name and I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. You MUST. It is written.

I'm burning a bunch of CDs to clear up more space on here, and hopefully get the computer to run faster. Sadly, only one episode of Lois and Clark can fit on a CD at a time. -_- I wish I had a DVD burner. And for some reason, I have duplicates of the first chunk of the second half of PGSM (Acts 26-34). *shrug* Why? I do not know. But episodes 24-25 went missing, so I'm re-downloading them.

And then I have to backup my entire Music folder... X_X Ugh, the OverClocked Remix collection alone will take about 4 CDs, and I'd rather not take songs off the comp... >_>
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Well, the past few days have been HELL. Where to begin? Well, I have a nasty sore throat and cough-- it keeps me awake at night, and it makes eating/drinking anything rather difficult. And I thought it was bad when I just didn't EAT anything, now, if I *want* to eat, I can't!

On a lighter note, it's going away-- I've been taking so much acetaminophen and cough drops (cough sweets in England, my friend tells me) that I've either lost feeling in my throat, or I can't remember what it feels like... to have feeling.

I hope this goes away before school starts, since I'm supposed to be in choir. I mean, it's still about 3 weeks away, but...

I got my senior proofs, too. @_@ My hair looks so FRIZZY! And of course, with the stupid blue background, you can totally tell-- and what's worse, in most of the pictures, you can see how one of my front teeth sticks out more than the other. I know I need braces, but finances are so tight in my family that I've been able to go without them. I've never taken incredible care of my teeth to begin with, but these pictures -the most important ones of my high school career, my mom tells me-just seem to highlight my flaws! what's worse, I don't know how much retouching will cost... and if I don't pick soon, then they'll send an even uglier picture of me to be used by the school in the yearbook!

But of course, there's icing on this cake. The most frustrating thing of the past few days is a simple file. A zip file called It's in my layouts folder, and since I was on a Sailormoon website layouts downloading spree, I imagine that it's a SM layout. Sadly, wherever I got it from seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. I've tried unzipping the file, but it's password protected... and even though I have a record of the files inside, I can't access them to find out what they're of!

So now I have left.html, b1.jpg, b2.jpg, b3.jpg, blank.html, bottom.html, c1.jpg , c1_blank.jpg, index.html, a1.jpg, main.html, right.html and top.html... but I can't do anything with them. As you can see, the filenames are VERY generic, and doing a google search or whatnot doesn't help.

I've tried rummaging through all of my favorites and finding out which sites have frames anime layouts, but for the life of me, I can't figure out which one it is! Between emptying my over-stuffed mailboxes and redesigning an ML's webpage, I can't sort all my favorites!! AUGH! HELP!!

ETA:I'm adding to this because someone left a rather snotty note to me that had nothing to do with what I said in here. I'm sorry if I come across as self-absorbed or conceited in this, but I was really buggered when I wrote this. It was hard to think because it felt like someone poured kerosene down my throat and lit it on fire. What's more, my computer's been giving me such a hassle as of late that I just wanted to sort through everything and start to get organized.

So don't judge me by one entry if you haven't read the rest-- this journal is up here for ME, not for someone else's reading entertainment. I like getting advice and feedback every now and then, but I don't need it. I just vent here. And I'm venting now. I'm not, as this reader put it, a "d!ck sucking" person, or any of that $#!t. So I close once more by saying, if you don't have anything nice to say, click the f*c& off. =)
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You know how every couple of years a new fangled, super-cool computer watchamacallit comes out? If it's not a new operating system altogether, it's a processing chip, super-speed drive, gaming control pads, video cards, audio chips... you get my drift. Well, how often are the "buggy" systems actually improved upon? The minute a problem is fixed, a new set of them crops up in the new system.

Case in point: Windows. (You all knew it was coming, right?) I love Windows Me in comparison to Windows 95, but it has done nothing but annoy me since my mom got it. Then again, she did buy it via the Home Shopping Network... ^^;;

In any case, I am listening to Pink's M!zzundaztood. When I first listened to a CD on this computer here, I thought the ambiances were so neat. But enhanced CDs tend to start playing up immediately, and when you only want to listen to the music, well... >_< So for starters, how would it be if you could *have* the option of listening to the CD, or using the enhanced version, if it was an option?

Next, and this would be up to the recording artists and labels, but *I* think would be good for their sales-- on the CDs, play music videos in the media players. All OSs have media players now that support video... so why not embed music videos into them? If you didn't want to watch the videos, you could minimize the player, and you'd only hear the music. If an artist didn't have a video for every track, still images of the artist or ambiances default on the computer could be shown.

And how many times have you bought a CD, but the slip cover hasn't had lyrics? Sure, for some artists, it's easy as heck to go to their site and get lyrics, but for some, it's harder than it sounds. So why not have the lyrics (for ALL the tracks) on the CD? They could be embedded in the music videos, part of an enhanced CD, or could be DOCs, TXTs... or maybe, just MAYBE, all artists could start putting the lyrics IN the slip covers...?
Windows Media Player, when online, automatically looks up the artist, and provides all the track information-- the title of the song, the artist, the album... it's helpful. If you copied the music from a CD and it's in WMA or WMV format, you have the option of having the license on or not. That means that if the artist has specified how many times someone can listen to their music in MP3 or WMA format, if you OWN the CD, you just specify so, and the restrictions never happen.

Now it's perfectly possible I'm dreaming-- I'm just an inexperienced techie compared to the people who WORK in the biz... but tell me, how many of you wouldn't like a few simple extra features with your comp every now and then that didn't cost an arm and a head?
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Okay, by many, I am considered somewhat of a tech expert. I have found myself with the uncanny ability to hack into a school system (but not change grades), reprogram computers, take apart a hard drive, install a PCI chip, get past my mom's password on the Internet, and modify Microsoft Word so that it types in three languages at once.

Some of this is probably ridiculously simple to most, but then again, there is a limit to my abilities. Case in point: when I was working for my father, he blamed me for not having a backup of a certain HTML file that brought the whole web page down when the server crashed. I've never forgiven him for blaming me for something that is totally not my fault. What's more, he expected me to know three programming languages (I don't know ANY) so that his page could be in Korean! I don't KNOW Korean!

Everyone has his or her faults, yes? Well, this hacker-techie-wannabe has hers. My Windows Me computer at home has been acting more than a little fritzy lately, what with it booting up showing my old desktop, saying "Not enough memory" to run a non-existent program, and going into the Internet when there were messages on the phone line.

Not to mention all my HTML, DOC, and TXT files got turned into gibberish, I can't listen to anything besides WMA, RM, RAM, and WAV files (so much for those 316 MP3s) and, and... ;_; Waaah! Well, it all culminated into one big reboot last weekend, and I must have done *something* stupid in Setup, because now, I can't even get past the "VCI message" at the start-up-- rather, there's this thing about having an ATAPI BOOT CD, and not having any bootable media. I talked to Tech Support, and they said they would send the proper fix-it disk in two weeks. TWO WEEKS!? NOOOooooo!!

The only place I can use computers is school (here) so... yeah, that sucks. But I guess this is my just rewards for not turning in so much stuff to school, letting my grades slip and all... ;_; I have to learn my lesson, clean my room, Feng Shui my life... yeah.

Anyway, the newspaper has gone frooey again, since the tech teach increased the drive space to 30 MB (FINALLY). But until he de-networks these computers, we can't risk revising it again-- we can't save our works on floppies (incompatible) so we're stuck another week or more... waiting. Next year, a more energetic teacher is supposed to take over, but he wants to rename the paper "The Eagle's Post." WHAAAAT!? Hell, no! What's more, he wants to move the classroom (currently separated into a full class and a small office) to a non-secure bungalow (that ALWAYS gets wet when it rains)! It has taken me SOOO fu*king long to organize the archives in here, with old issues of the paper, yearbooks, textbooks, files, and computers. This room is my BABY, and even if I graduate next year, I want to do it with a BANG! and I'm not letting another airheaded teacher ruin it for me! YAH!
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Darwinism is the philosophy that the strongest survive-- the survival of the fittest, really. And in high school, it's a dog-eat-dog world. Or maybe I should say eagle-eat-eagle?

Anyway, so today during registry (homeroom) I'm reading the bulletin as per usual (just so the dipwads in there can't complain to me if they didn't receive such and such form or hear some message). I note this part about a girl named "Luyin Zhu" who received a $1500 scholarship. There's a quiet girl in my class by the name of "Li Hua Zhu" and, well... ^///^ I got them mixed up. Major embarrassment. When Sara, a friend of Li Hua's started shaking her head at me, I should have shut up. I know Luyin-- she was in ROTC with me. So I'll be cursing myself until I die: baka baka baka baka baka!

My friend brought a puppy stuffed animal to school today, and lent it to a mutual friend of ours who's in my math class. This mutual friend was really out of it these past few days, and I couldn't get her to give a peep of info on what was wrong. Knowing that life can sometimes just *sucks* I didn't persist-- but it was getting annoying how I had to start solving all these equations on my own... and we had less than 15 minutes to find a reasonable solution and post it! She finally 'fessed up and said there were some issues at home-- nothing really clear, but I got it. But meanwhile, while she was stared off into space, I dognapped the puppy and squealed "Puppy!" at the nearest group. They stared at me for a minute and a half, and then I hid my face behind the pup and laughed. -_-;;

The guy that I used to like and now am starting to detest because of his immaturity (go back two entries and see what I mean) sent me an email via the mailing list we're both on-- the one for the anime club at the local state university (that he's the new prez of). He sounded so damn intelligent in there, I wanted to wring his neck!! So I'm going tonight to this first meeting in months, and I know he'll be there. I have other friends there, its true, but I was so mad at him this weekend, and he was being such a f**king jerk that I really don't know how I'll react. I know so far I've been a bit bubble-headed in that I'm out to look good (I've donned the black leather motif again, with the theme: Dark Fire) and knock the socks off this @$$. A white silk dress shirt with french cuffs, mega-maroon lipstick, brilliant eyes, leather pants and jacket, silver bracelet and blue crystal earrings... and my nice rose-patterned, see-through shirt under that, with a sky blue tank underneath. Too far? /.\ Stupid boys. The damn DDR song "So Many Men" has been stuck in my head for a while now...

And if that wasn't the worst of the worst, lately I've been so tired when I get home that I fall asleep and don't wake up until some ungodly hour of the morning when it's too late to do my homework! What's more, my stupid computer keeps on starting up showing my old desktop, trying to start up programs (different each time I boot up) that don't exist (I checked) and changing all my *.txt and *.doc files into gibberish! AAAUGH! -_- I love computers, but they suck too... ;_;

Suddenly I feel as if I've gone waaaaay off topic... kekke...

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