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Did you know that [ profile] 30kisses has been around for over FIVE years? I'm so proud. Anniversaries for things like that are the sort of thing I don't remember, so I don't make a big fuss about it. :P

For those of you that don't know, 30kisses is the fanfiction & fanart challenge community that I run on LiveJournal. It's also got counterparts on Dreamwidth and AO3. People pick a fandom, a pairing (couple of characters), and a Theme Set List with 30 themes, and then try to write to each of those themes, along with a central "core" theme. For example, 30 "kisses," where a "kiss" has to appear in each story/piece of art, along with 30 individual themes. Submissions can use more than one theme at a time, or have one theme spanning multiple chapters, be Alternate Universe/Reality/Timeline/What-have-you, whatever! So it's a great challenge and it's been very popular over the years. I created it in response to the absolute SLOWNESS of the original [ profile] 30_kisses community, and I haven't looked back since. Apparently, people like it enough, because FIVE YEARS...!

It's amazing! And we've had some fantastically supportive, active members, one of whom has been churning out great fics for all sorts of fandoms, using various Theme Set Lists, including the most difficult one we've got, List Zeta/memory. As a thank-you and reward, we've given her a 1-Year Paid LJ Account and for completing the list, a 140 userpic Add-On over at LJ. It's not much, considering the community itself isn't paid and doesn't have a fancy layout, but I really wanted to thank people that seriously stick with the community, contribute to fandom, and of course, make my life easier by following all the rules... :D

I'd really like to bring 30kisses over to Dreamwidth, and I've already got the community token used, but I'd rather not have to create a dummy mod account just for the sake of managing the community. If a community can ACT like a regular user, posting entries and whatnot, that would be great. Or maybe you can already do that, and I don't know about it? Can anyone with some DW community experience share?

I'm working on overhauling the Hall of Fame for 30kisses; it's pretty plain looking, but at least the coding is valid, and it's easy to find everyone's entries. Still, I think most people read directly on LJ, because you know what order to read in, exactly what themes go to what number, and so on. I'm not sure if there's an easy way to do that for a Hall of Fame (on LJ or off), considering the SIZE of the HoF. I don't like the idea of breaking it up onto multiple LJ pages. :(

I also want to change up the way the banners look. Five years is enough time using the same narrow, vaguely-cutesy banner with a "kiss/lipstick" logo, right? If you've seen any awesome banners used for awards and the like online, let me know--I need ideas!

I'm very happy about this--among other things--right now. It's a good day, and I've accomplished many things, with the support and belief of others. Thank you, everyone! :)
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I think I mentioned this in a thread that sprung out of another thread about fanfiction meta or some such, and I got to thinking: it WOULD be kind of cool to have a list for 30kisses or a similar challenge community that dealt with status effects! You know, the ones from video games? Usually they're bad, but there are some good ones, too, and I had to use those to do some of the list.

This is a tentative list at the moment, and could go for some rearranging and better explanation, but what do you think for now? What would you think if I introduced it for [ profile] 30kisses? (I'm afraid the way it currently is would only be appealing to those writing for video game fandoms, but I know there's a way to get it to work for all other fandoms--what I need is a good core theme. "Ailments" doesn't work since some are positive, but some people might think "good" status effects are actually "ailments" depending on who's got them or how they act, right? Anyway, check out the list.

30 Statuses )
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The day before yesterday I got about 3 hours of sleep. Dad called me shortly after I'd finally managed to fall asleep without the help of a sleeping pill. He was mad that I was letting the mugging get to me in this way, and told me to get my ass out of bed and start to DO things. Exhaust myself each day, give myself more tasks than I could possibly handle, and stop being afraid.

It worked. I spent a chunk of the day doing some computer stuff (catching up on [ profile] 30kisses stuff, including Hall of Fame banners, which has been my real crime the past few months)-- sure, not wearing me out physically any, but I did do a bit of cleaning as well. Yesterday was the real accomplishment-- I woke up at 6:30am and decided "Hell, if I'm already awake, I might as well stay awake." It looks like it's a continuing thing, since I'm awake now, too. So I went downstairs and made myself a nice (albeit a bit greasy) breakfast of eggs and sweet bread, got the newspapers, and settled down to read. It was nice to have the table all to myself-- one of my issues with living with my grandparents is that sometimes they act like I'm not here at all, and it bothered me-- I didn't feel welcome at the kitchen table, where we usually eat, because the only place for me to sit was often occupied by Baba's foot, a pile of newspapers, or a bunch of dinner implements.

Grandpa was pretty surprised when he came down about an hour later; he thought I'd up and left for San Francisco. That kind of surprised me too, for him to think I would just leave my room a huge mess, the light and fan on (I only had the light on at 42%, and I always leave the fan on the lowest mode because my room's the hottest in the house, and we don't use AC) and not tell them in advance or even leave them a note. That and I told them several times that I wasn't leaving until the end of the month....

Anyway, so I decided my project of the day would be to take one of Baba's suggestions from a while ago and switch the position of my bed and my endtable. Getting busy with it )

Never a shortage of things to do. No sense putting off for tomorrow what I can do today. Never a dull moment. Why become a lay-about? Etc. etc.

Also, from Mac|Life magazine (which I'm contemplating not renewing my subscription for, considering it's $24.95/year for 12 issues, which is OUTRAGEOUS for a magazine with 16 pages of non-stop advertising between pages 48 and 49): why I'm a Mac user:

Apparently that brain-scarring video is an actual Microsoft ad.

I LOL'd.
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The reason why WikiFic's been practically dead the past... oh, very long time is because I'm always the one stuck on the backend trying to do everything. And let's be honest, a 22-year-old girl who is NOT majoring in Computer Science is probably not going to be helped as quickly as some major entity like Wikipedia on the MediaWiki-l mailing list when it comes to tech support issues and basic understanding of syntax.

Long story short, I'd love to make other people SysOps, but maintaining WikiFic goes beyond that; I'm not really sure how much my server can do, and I'm frankly not willing to shell out the amount for a dedicated server that probably CAN do all the bitchin' things that Wikipedia and/or Wikia can do. I wanted my own space so that I could control it how I wanted, and not be subject to the ads, multiple regulations, and freak cleanup squads that other Wikis have.

WikiFic has proven to be a great resource, but not too many people seem to be keen on helping out with it. Thankfully, it hasn't been vandalized recently, and there are people still adding articles, but not a whole lot of people who adhere to the rules. Wikis are monstrous projects, requiring TEAMS, not individuals.

There's always a million things on my plate when it comes to WikiFic; right now, I can't get styles working the way I want (likely because I don't understand Wiki syntax), templates love to kick my ass-- I'm missing a bunch of them-- and SVG images aren't rendering properly and I know it's not a browser issue, because Wikipedia's and such images display just fine. I don't really know how SVG images are supposed to work anyway, and while I know I have the GD library enabled, I don't know where to go from there. There should seriously be a "Wiki for Dummies" website or something...

Anyone who wants to help or can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, WikiFic will probably just sort of fester in the corner collecting dust until I check it again someday... truthfully, getting Epiphany up is my #1 priority, followed by maintaining my FLs, Dragonfayth, and my LJ communities. I'm still working on the damn [ profile] 30kisses purge, and I don't know whether the other mods are alive, dead, busy, or working.

It's frustrating both having to rely on others and to be stuck doing something yourself, and I can't seem to tap into the effective middle ground. Thus, I think I'm just going to take my leftover Chinese food and watch Sailor Moon for the rest of the evening. Ciao.
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New desktop. Oh yeah. )

Man, I wish I were in S.F. right now. I read the Macworld Expo update, and... gawd, I am so stoked for 2008. Not like I'm going to dash out and buy an iPhone (not until it's no longer attached to AT&T without hacks involved) or a MacBook Air (...this laptop is new enough for me. Until it breaks, I'm using it. Plus, I happen to like having an optical drive and a huge hard drive...), but DAMN. Apple just... kicks ass. Have I mentioned lately? You really oughta switch.

I personally think if I could have gotten a single measly day there and been back here... it would have been worth it, just for Steve Jobs' keynote speech. Sure, he flubbed a few times, but it sounded SO fun. And a play-by-play just isn't quite the same as being there, in the flesh. (Yes, the play-by-play had to suffice; it made me jealous) So I have a goal for 2009 (besides graduating in the Spring, that is): Go to Macworld Expo 2009. Network, network! (Who knows, maybe I could impress someone important and get a job at Macworld? Tee-hee.)

What else I'm excited about: the Time Capsule, the companion hardware to Leopard's Time Machine. It basically acts as the AirPort Base Station I spent $179 on, but it comes with a hard drive, supports 802.11n Gigabit Ethernet. A 500 GB (the smallest version available) is $299. I think I paid $250 for my 120 GB MyBook Pro external hard drive, so in terms of pennies per GB, it's very much worth it, in my mind. For die-hard downloaders, there's a 1 TB (!!!!!) version for $200 more. It ships out in February... around the same time as the new student-licensed version of Office 2008:mac, which I've been wanting, because Office 2004 on the Mac is kind of a bitch. Plus, I want more templates than Pages can offer. I didn't realize until today, when I had to make a flyer, that Word is really better than Pages for that. I hate still being Microsoft's bitch in any respect... but with all the years gone by, they have made a powerhouse of a word processor.

What I'm dreaming of: it would kick ass if more companies (including the ones that make $9.99 cheap games for Best Buy, Target, and the like) got on board with Cider to make games Mac-compatible. With Cider, there's only one source tree to manage (from what I read), so it's not like there's a whole overhaul involved. Basically, you take your game and wrap it in something that's friendly to Macs. Nothing changes about the game, the interface, etc. Of course, Cider has its limitations, and since it's not for end-users, it's not like I can just download something and all of a sudden be playing Doom again (*sigh* I miss killing Imps! And NO, I don't want Doom 3! >_< I like my pixellated pigs, thank-you-very-much). But I'd love to be able to play Riddle of the Sphinx, Pharaoh/Cleopatra, and similar Egypt-puzzle games (my favorite) again without going into Parallels. In reality, Parallels has felt like a waste of money to me, because... well, what the hell was I using Windows for? I hardly ever go into it. Blah. I hope there's an update that gets my games working again (in the meantime).

What I should be doing: the [ profile] 30kisses update. I've already got the T-Z stuff from [ profile] a_white_rain, though I have to sort through it all to put it in the right order-- by fandom. Today's the first day when my sleep schedule's semi-normal (and my computer hasn't been overheated), so I'm going to get it done-- especially since I said I would do it by yesterday. I'll also have to combine that with Phase Five of the Claims List Purge-- but as for the actual completion of the Tags Removal and putting the dead claims into the Memories, I'll need help. Mod Squad, you still around?

What I'm testing the waters with: Scrivener, a... humungo writing program JUST FOR MACS (eat that, Windows biznatches!). [ profile] dqbunny, you might like this one. If you try it too, we can compare notes. :D I'd also like to try MarsEdit2, a blog publisher. I use xJournal now, and have Phoenix as a backup, but frankly, one of them is always lacking SOMETHING. I wonder if MarsEdit would make a difference. I already know it's compatible with LJ; the question is if it supports all those tiny little features that aren't necessarily blog-platform-cross-compatible (e.g. stuff you'll only see on LJ and its off-shoots, not other blogging platforms like Blogger, etc.) For some reason, I'd get my panties in a wad if I couldn't change security settings or screen comments by default. I'm still kind of PO'd that xJournal doesn't support Location (okay, my location hasn't changed in the past two weeks, but still).

Anywho, to work, to work!
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I think I've mentioned that my sleeping schedule has gone to shit since I've come back from S.F., right? Even when I try to go to bed early, or I feel exhausted at a "reasonable hour" (e.g. 11 or 12), I somehow end up staying up-- either I get distracted, I start reading, or I get hungry... and then before you know it, it's 2, 3, 5!! 6!!! in the morning. And of course, I love to sleep, so even when I do finally fall asleep, when I wake up, it might be anywhere from 11-12 hours later. Maybe more. o_o

Anyway, with weird hours and other bad habits, I have weird dreams. The past few nights, some have been more like nightmares, but thankfully I don't remember them too well now; today's was... not a nightmare, but weird all the same.

Dream a little dream )

Anyway, I want to "finish" a lot of things today, if I can-- [ profile] a_white_rain, are you feeling better? I'm hoping to get the last bits of the [ profile] 30kisses Claims List purged, but I still need that portion T-Z emailed to me! Let me know when/if you can. :)

Other mods ([ profile] dqbunny, [ profile] svelterose)? I'm probably going to need your help to make sure all of those entries that we've dropped (basically, everything marked as "Drop" on the New Year's 2008 Claims List Purge file I linked you all to) are in the Memories, so we can get rid of those pairings (and fandoms, if there's no active pairings for that fandom) from the Tagging System.

Finally, I sent all the mods a lengthy email... but it covers some important issues, so I'm hoping to get feedback on those before too long, so if I have to make any changes to the community, I can.

>_> I've also got to clean my room, finish SO3 (because I'll at least beat Luther today, dagnabbit!) and do my laundry! AND OFF WE GO!


Jan. 6th, 2008 10:44 pm
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What Meredith Means

You are confident, self assured, and capable. You are not easily intimidated.
You master any and all skills easily. You don't have to work hard for what you want.
You make your life out to be exactly how you want it. And you'll knock down anyone who gets in your way!

You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone.
You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together.
At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together.

You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something.
You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense.
You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun.

You are balanced, orderly, and organized. You like your ducks in a row.
You are powerful and competent, especially in the workplace.
People can see you as stubborn and headstrong. You definitely have a dominant personality.

You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.
You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.
You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.

You are a seeker. You often find yourself restless - and you have a lot of questions about life.
You tend to travel often, to fairly random locations. You're most comfortable when you're far away from home.
You are quite passionate and easily tempted. Your impulses sometimes get you into trouble.

You are truly an original person. You have amazing ideas, and the power to carry them out.
Success comes rather easily for you... especially in business and academia.
Some people find you to be selfish and a bit overbearing. You're a strong person.

So, in overhauling [ profile] 30kisses (and we're almost done! Hip-hip-hurrah!), I've come across a predicament. What to do about fandoms that are set in the same universe?

For example, Final Fantasy X and X-2. Same universe, many of the same characters. But there are characters in each game that DO NOT appear in FFX-2 (or they're only referenced, at best). I consider them a "grouped" fandom, meaning they'd appear together on the Claims List. Also, someone requesting Tidus x Yuna from FFX wouldn't have to worry about someone ELSE requesting Tidus x Yuna from FFX-2. They're the same characters, even if technically, they're from "different" fandoms. I consider them the same fandom if:
(a) they have shared characters
(b) they take place in the same location (in this case, Spira)

But then look at Star Ocean. It's not quite as huge as the Final Fantasy series (where it makes sense to split up each game, with the exception of FFX and FFX-2, and possibly those games in the FFVII series), but still, it spans HUNDREDS of years. Technically, the only character that's ever been in two games is Ronixis, and he wasn't even a playable character in Star Ocean 2.

Should I consider Star Ocean 1, 2 (but not Blue Sphere), and 3 as separate fandoms, even though they take place in the same "universe"? I really wouldn't consider someone doing an Ashton x Fayt fic a "Crossover," because it is the same universe.

What I might consider a crucial factor in determining if you separate the fandoms is if they have different characters in each --characters that DON'T appear in both shows. For example, "Angel the Series" had Doyle, Fred, Gunn, et. al.; "Buffy" had Glory, Riley, Dawn, etc. But the main cast of characters (Buffy, Angel, Willow, Xander, Cordelia, Spike, Oz, Faith, Giles) all knew each other, and many of them crossed shows. I'd consider them the same universe, even though you can't say that a Fred x Gunn pairing takes place in the Buffy universe; technically, it's the Angel universe. So do I group them or not?

And, like Star Ocean, there's massive universes that span lots of time, like Star Trek or Star Wars. It seems silly to split Star Wars up by episode (or by the "Expanded Universe" novels) when they're in THE SAME UNIVERSE. Same goes for Star Trek, though it seems a little unwieldy to have Spock x Kirk listed alongside Harry x Seven of Nine.

What to do? When is it reasonable to break up a fandom-- e.g. Yu-Gi-Oh! vs. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX? Is it a matter of a whole new cast of characters, with no one from the original series in a recurring (main or supporting) role?


Snagged from Kysra )


Jan. 5th, 2008 06:44 pm
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Wow. What an amazing five days of the New Year it's been. Despite occasionally feeling bored, that's only been a rare occasion (when I get bored of what I'm DOING, not because I'm lacking anything "to do"), and generally I'd say I've been pretty productive.

[ profile] 30kisses is getting a complete overhaul, thanks to the help of fellow mods [ profile] svelterose, [ profile] a_white_rain, and [ profile] dqbunny. We might need more mods for the coming year, since this purge is just proving how busy we tend to get, and how easy it is to fall behind. And here I thought 30k wasn't all that active!

So that's been keeping me pretty busy the past five days, but at the moment, I'm taking a break to catch up on my Friends List. Yesterday, I was getting "computer butt," so I played some DDR; I might do that again tonight after I've digested my evening snack (yogurt cheese, pickles, raisins, and Wheat Thins, plus pulp-free orange juice-- yum! and who's to say THAT'S not healthy!? HAHAH!).

Since the WGA strike is still on, there's not much in the way of new TV-- and that's fine with me, as I've been craving oldies-- Lois & Clark S4, and Sailor Moon S and SuperS. :P I kinda wish I had the SM movies on DVD; I have the SMR and SMS ones on VHS (ugh...), and of those, I have both of them in sub ("UNCUT!!!!") and dub (edited mercilessly; massacred) formats. But no SuperS movie. And... I like Peruru!

...And you know what I just realized that's kind of creepy? Over the course of the whole series, Chibiusa had more love interests (people SHE liked) than Usagi. No, srsly:

Usagi: Umino (one-sided from him), Motoki (one-sided from her), Mamoru, Demando (one-sided from him), Seiya (one-sided from him). (So technically, we don't even count 3 of them, because they were one-sided from HIM, meaning they weren't HER love interests), Haruka (okay, she crushed on "him," but then stopped as soon as she found out it was a she... in the anime. In the manga, Haruka had no problem flirting with/kissing Usagi, even as a female, and Usagi was aware, but I don't know if that qualifies as a "love interest")

TOTAL: 2-ish

Chibiusa: Pegasus/Elios, Mamoru (one-sided from her and sick, but hey, it's canon), Perle (or whatever the fairy-boy in SuperS was called), Anshar (video-game canon, but STILL, it was the sweetest pairing, and much angstier than Elios!), that boy from Super who made a clay sculpture of the Holy Grail, that friend of her friend Momoko (manga-canon only?), ANYONE ELSE???


Why is it okay for the heroine to be "reserved" and have only one true love (which, as I get older, I find more and more ridiculous-- I can't believe Usagi and Mamoru would have a happy marriage if neither of them never dated other people. And what's unfair about it all is, Mamoru probably HAS dated other people before he got with Usagi-- and hell, technically dated Rei!), but her trouble-making daughter (who supposedly takes after Usagi in plenty of ways, and Mamoru in... uh, very few) is allowed to be... well, the "li'l tramp"? Okay, she's not exactly putting herself out there, but she claims to fall in love a LOT, making her seem like she's more of Minako's daughter than... ohshit plot bunny!

Ho-hum. Nothing else has been happening lately. Back to my FL.

ganked from [ profile] guardian_kysra
1. Leave me a casual comment of no particular significance, like a lyric to your current favorite song, your favorite kind of sandwich, or maybe your favorite game. Any remark, meaningless or not.
2. I will respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. Update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. Include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in your own post.
5. When others respond with a desultory comment, you will ask them five questions.

squee Indy 4 5/22 must see drool Indy!
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I would make like Happosai and go "what a haul! what a haul!" but my haul this year was meager but meaningful-- just the way I like it. From Gary, I got some gelt (and if you don't know what that means, go look it up in a Yiddish dictionary); from Mom I got a new black iHome iPod dock/radio with alarm, along with a $25 Macy*s gift card. Rochelle also gave me a $25 gift card; Eva got me "Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End" on the 2-disc DVD edition (YAYZ!). Though I don't think it counted as a Hanukkah present, Dad also gave me V for Vendetta, and I bought myself the Anastasia (remember that lovely animated film by Fox? Wow, John Cusak ~_~) Family Fun Edition.

Yesterday, [ profile] azhp and I made my traditional Spritz cookies, so those of you in the Yay Area who want some, better call your dibs now! (This is being awfully egotistical, isn't it? But I'd like to think everyone's liked them over the years; I know I do.) Speaking of cookies, the Jays (the family that owns the flat Mom & Gary live in) gave us some delicious... well, they TASTE like cookies, but they look like brownies. And they're delicious! :D I'm eating a chocolate chip one, now.

I've still got gifts of my own to give out, but so far, it's been a nice holiday-- fun, productive, and not overly emotional. Heck, I even managed to get the Christmas tree up and decorated last night-- what a relief, considering this year, it seemed like it wouldn't happen (again), but this time due to laziness/too much furniture blocking the way/whatever, instead of Mom-is-a-Grinch. This year it only took her a day or so to get into the mood, and she hasn't been a Grinch since. Yay for that.

-Seems a lot of my cousins are going to be in Northridge when I go back on Thursday. And Scott's coming in the evening and staying the night so we can hang out Friday... o_o I'm hoping it doesn't somehow end up awkward in any way. (Knowing me, I've probably already jinxed it.)

-Dad made it to Northridge okay. Another day, another adventure. I wonder what we'll be doing for the time he stays?

-Managed to edit up an image for a Dragonfayth Xmas skin. Now I need to make something for New Year's. But the skins only display on the holidays, so anyone looking at Dragonfayth today, 12/25, tell me what you think! Sure, I can't claim credit for the Seto x Anzu art (that goes to [ profile] lin_ko), nor the skin base design itself (that goes to Kali), but I mashed it altogether and made it work! Eh-eh-heh...

-In my old room here in S.F. (which is now called the Tovstin, a mix of Tovsen -Gary's name- and Westin, where Mom works), Gary has some tiny fish... one of them died last night. :( I didn't want to let it sit there (which is what I did several years ago in high school, resulting in a mass fish death that day), so I disposed of it... so sad that it had to die on Christmas. What made it especially suck was that he had another fish that I thought had died when I first arrived... but apparently it was pregnant and just floating around, trying to avoid swimming too much. Gary poked it and it turned out to be alive, so I was relieved. I was hoping the same thing had happened with this other one, but... no such luck. I poked and it just floated back up again. ;_;

-I didn't get the chance to work on (let alone finish) my Aria's Ink 2003 Xmas competition entry "Information, Please!" (title subject to change now), but I've got it pretty fleshed out in my head... I think it was 4-5 chapters, and I think I've decided not to make it an AU... the drama's always more fun that way. If I did get it done by New Year's, it be a nice "opening fic" for Epiphany when it goes live.

-Gotta work on the [ profile] 30kisses purge!

-Wonder if I can get that purple double-breasted pea coat from H&M tomorrow...? I'll call the main store in the morning and see if they got a new shipment.

-Many, many books to read. Did I mention I'd gone on a bit of a spree at Borders the other night? Plus, I'm about halfway through the whole "His Dark Materials" trilogy; I'm several chapters into "The Subtle Knife."It's pretty comfy just lying in bed, watching movies and/or reading. I think I'll go back and do just that right now...
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The "Grissom's Gone" marathon on Spike was pretty damn good. Everything I'd heard about Keppler on the 'Net made him out to be some sort of nerdy-but-badass guy that had some sort of chemistry with Catherine... and while it's not on the level of Cath/Warrick, I DID see something there. Sucks that the way he had to go was... well, bloody.

Still haven't heard back from Chase, which can be a good or a bad thing. Good if I do, because Yay! that would mean I could go to Washington, D.C. and score this possibly-really-cool internship. Bad because, well, a loan is money you have to pay back, and that sucks no matter WHAT it's for. Also bad because I neglected to use the URL for Student Advantage cardholders, which means I might have gotten a better rate or different plan options. I wonder if I hear from them again, can I mention that after the fact?

Anyway, if I don't, I've set the deadline of the 21st. If I hear from them by then, huzzah, I can go. If I don't, tough nuggets; I let the people at the WII know and I stay here and stick to my nice job, wonderful honor societies and friends, and the schedule and courses I've already picked out. It would suck if all that planning and running around (and paperwork: egads, PAPERWORK!) was for nothing but at least not for want of TRYING. And unlike Yoda, I do think the effort counts for something. Every experience is a chance to learn, and that includes those experiences where you don't succeed or get exactly what you wanted.

My aunt Sally and uncle Dan think that I ought to write the CA Congress representatives and senators (or at least the ones in my "district," which could be either Los Angeles or San Francisco, I suppose) and see if I can get them to give me any money-- do you think I ought to write an old fashioned letter (more formal, seems more appropriate) or an email (assuming I can find one for the people in question; it stands to reason they probably get a lot of junk mail, yeah?)? I *am* on a deadline; if I go, I have to be in Washington by January 16th, which doesn't leave a lot of time for actually GETTING the money, paying WII, and of course, getting plane tickets to get out there-- which will be ridiculously expensive not just this time of year, but at such short notice.

So while I've gotten a bit more accepting of the possibility that WII won't work out, and ISLP won't happen this summer, it's not like I'm HAPPY about these great possibilities just passing me by for lame reasons. So then I get this email from someone in the Tokyo American Center-- a part of the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo. They want to know if I'm interested in being a summer intern during the period for the G8 summit.

There's always a catch, ladies and gents: I have to respond by Tuesday, Japan time. Well, I responded already expressing my interest, and my question about housing if I come earlier than the expected start date (since apparently the G8 affects housing, so if I came "on time," which equals early July, then I'd be SOL for housing)... but I doubt this means they still have ACCEPTED me. It's more like they're pressed for time finding appropriate candidates and are weeding them down. It's great to be considered for something like that (and huzzah for Washington these days; someone out there must like me), but of course, money is an issue. Is it a paid internship? You can't really survive in Japan on a stipend. Hell, how would I get money for the plane ticket out there and back? It's not cheap!

So... we'll see who says what and what happens.

In the meantime, I've been busy with crafts (need more Fimo), fanfics (strange urge to read Nick/Sara, write "Speed of You," that Initial D/Yu-Gi-Oh crossover I thought up ages ago), reading (started on "His Dark Materials," which I got for cheap in a humungo paperback from Costco), and cleaning (finally got the rec room looking semi-passable, though there's still a huge pile of ancient bills to sort through). Also paid off my bills, which is always a refreshing feeling. It's better to get that stuff out of the way as soon as you get it, I think, so that you can always consider the amount of money you have "what you've got to work with," rather than an amount that is going to dwindle BECAUSE of bills.

Tomorrow I've got to finish cleaning and packing (and hopefully go to JoAnn's to get more Fimo and possibly to exchange my Amaco flattening machine, because the turn handle and table clamp are too loose and keep falling out), since I leave for S.F. on Tuesday afternoon, have yet to get my shuttle (I'm thinking from now on, it's better to leave by LAX, because the Van Nuys Flyaway is always cheaper to get to than the damn Super Shuttle), and when I come back, [ profile] fountainthe is swinging by! squee!

I'm also working on clearing up [ profile] 30kisses (apparently I need to hire a huge mod squad, because honestly? Keeping just one person on Claims List maintenance could probably considered a modern form of Internet torture... I'm so sorry, [ profile] svelterose!).

And then there's my End-of-the-Year resolution: get Epiphany UP AND RUNNING by New Year's Day. That would be Super-Speshul-Awesome.

Actually, there are a lot of things that would be Super-Speshul-Awesome, but I can only handle so much good karma at once. I just hope it doesn't fail me anytime soon.

Hey, [ profile] dqbunny and [ profile] guardian_kysra? Keep your eyes on your mailboxes, ladies. ^_~ And I don't mean the virtual ones.
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So something possessed me to check out what fics of my [ profile] 30kisses claim I had yet to do. Maybe this is me getting halfway distracted from finishing up WDKY25 like I should (gah, how pathetic to not be DONE with this damn fic by now!), but at least staying in-fandom and with the pairing.

Anyway, so I'm hunting down my list of completed fics, planned-out fics, and fics that have yet to be thought of. Some fics that I supposedly have planners for are not where they should be on my hard drive, and searches don't reveal much. I managed to dig through some of the anonymous gift-fic communities and find some-- I've added them to my Memories-- but there WAS still one that's supposedly completed for [ profile] 30kisses that I cannot find. (ETA: Right as I was typing this I was struck with the inspiration to actually check the 30kisses archives. And there it was! I AM TEH SMARTZ!)

For the ones I couldn't find planner files or notes for, I just started writing a new planner file. What's weird is, past LJ entries indicate I started on the infamous "Kaiba the Virgin Sacrifice" fic, but if I did start it (or a planner file of it) anywhere, I can't find it. And afaik, there's no way to find JUST private LJ entries (I discovered a few fics and drafts lying around based on dates that way, but that was because I had a date IN MIND). If anyone knows how, please tell me, because that's the only other likely scenario I can think of, if it's not in Memories, tagged, etc.

But anyway, if you know of any of my other fics mysteriously hidden somewhere, please let me know; I'm always trying to figure out what I don't have an HTML copy of. I want to get everything up on FFnet and Dragonfayth, or Epiphany when I finally get off my busy bum and get it live. I think I have a lot more fanfiction hidden here on LJ, at any rate. I already found my 2005 submissions for [ profile] yuugiouxmasfics (and I *SO* would do that again this year!), but you never know where there might be more!

And, for posterity:
1 (look over here: Disunity), 5 (ano sa...: Shadow), 7, (superstar: Hypnotized), 11 (gardenia: Girls' Club), 13 (excessive chain: Sight Unseen), 15 (perfect blue: Perfect Blue), 18 (a~n: Voice), 19 (red: Kaiba the Virgin Sacrifice), 25 (fence: Just Missed The Train), 30 (kiss: Someone Else's Wife)

6 (the space between dreams and reality: The Stairway to Heaven), 22 (cradle: BEWJ), 27 (overflow: Tremors)

2 (Letters), 4 (Lover Alone), 10 (Something Completely Different), 12 (I'm In A Good Mood), 14 (Cowboy), 16 (A Touch of Victory), 20 (I Walk Alone), 23 (Kaiba Baby), 24 (Good Night and then Goodbye), 26 (The Darkness Within), 29 (Neko no Guukan)

EVERYTHING ELSE IS NOT YET THOUGHT OF. And I'm always making sure that what's on 30kisses (Memories) matches up with what's here (Memories). I think it does...
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Back in the States. Have been for a few days, actually, spending all the time I could with Scott. Grandpa hasn't been feeling too well though, and that's got me worried... and I've got lots of cleaning and other random things to do. And the weather is weird. It's 64 degrees out-- balmy, considering it's supposed to be WINTER.

Okay, so I've got a few days before my United certificate expires, so I just want to buy my Spring Break trip and get it over with. But when I called Dad, he suggested I buy a one-way ticket first class, since we could drive down together (since we're both going back for Passover on April 7th). It's a great idea, but all the flights I've found going from LAX to SFO (Burbank to Oakland is out of the question; United doesn't do any non-stop flights in that direction from those airports) are $165 for first class at the lowest fare. And that's ONE WAY. When I was looking for round trips, it was only $98 or so, tax and fees inclusive. So even though I'd only pay $65 or so in the end (because of the certificate), is it really worth it to pay so much more for a ONE way trip? I've tried modifying the dates (I can do 3/30, 3/31, or 4/1), but it doesn't seem to make a difference. And the certificate HAS to be used on, so I'm kind of stuck wondering what to do. Any suggestions?

I got into SDSU! Hahah. Scott just left here about an hour ago, and I called him to tell him, but basically everything's still up in the air because he doesn't have a steady job at the moment. He's looking into a cruise ship job (photography, that is), and he still has the option of applying for a teaching position somewhere through Oxford Seminars. To be honest, I don't like EITHER of those ideas, because it would take him far away from me, but I understand the necessity of putting career/money/stability/security first. Even if he were in San Diego, that's not really the proper way to have a relationship. An ideal relationship would have the people living within an hour or less of each other, not two hours and 250+ miles. So to be picky, we're not REALLY in a relationship, but I have absolutely zero interest in anyone else or meeting anyone else (which is why it partially bothers me when Scott gets so insistent on me "getting out more" and meeting people or "making friends," because to me, it often sounds like I'm bothering him or he wants me to meet others and not think of him so much). But if something happens and he CAN get a stable job he likes in San Diego, then I can move down there and we can have our own place. That would be kinda nice...

* Clean my room
* Pay Mom back
* Pay T-Mobile bill
* Buy school textbooks (within the next 2 weeks)
* Buy new boots ($25 off at DSW!)
* Spend my Borders Rewards Credit (probably on manga.)
* Buy an external HD? I can't believe I'm saying this, but 80GB doesn't seem like a lot with all the photos and music I have...
* Work on my scholarship paper!
* Update [ profile] 30kisses things that need to be updated... (I'm downloading emails from that account again, so I should be on top of the claims list. Hopefully I'll still have the wonderful support of the other mods, too).
* Watch An Inconvenient Truth and return it to Blockbuster tomorrow (YOU MUST SEE IT. I don't usually go for things that are hype, but this is a damn good documentary, strongly supported, well-presented, and not too hard on the ears or the eyes. Watch it. Learn. DO SOMETHING.)
* Get involved in SOMETHING (club, NSCS, etc.) this semester... go out more. Not just 'cause Scott said to, but because I want to, anyway.
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I'm possibly biting off more than I can chew by claiming Seto x Anzu for [ profile] 100_situations. But if I can, I'll see if I can cross some of these with my claim over on [ profile] 30kisses, which is locked since I own the community. :D

Anywho, here's a snippet of what you have to look forward to, if you can envision the sorts of evil I can come up with:

001.Disease 002.Bathroom 003.Delirious 004.Autumn 005.River
006.Sunset 007.Relief 008.Silence 009.Night 010.Cry
011.Fair 012.Allergy 013.Death 014.Table 015.Early
016.Criminal 017.Play 018.Numbered 019.Fun 020.Full
021.Pack 022.Taste 023.Bleach 024.String 025.Flu
026.Court 027.Dark 028.Succeed 029.Truth 030.Lies
031.Business 032.Deception 033.Enter 034.Leave 035.Sneer
036.Gun 037.Office 038.Enemy 039.Father 040.Bastard
041.Furious 042.Accident 043.Joke 044.Benign 045.Insult
046.Call 047.Bonus 048.Inside 049.Outside 050.Traffic
051.Hand 052.Lock 053.Trust 054.Drugs 055.Trip
056.Smoke 057.Test 058.Survive 059.Hang 060.Commit
061.Polish 062.Brave 063.Cheeky 064.Rough 065.Struggle
066.Relocate 067.Misguided 068.Scatter 069.Bitter 070.Sweet
071.Aim 072.Lost 073.Confront 074.Forbid 075.Disaster
076.Creature 077.Organize 078.Elevate 079.Safeguard 080.Emerge
081.Wild 082.Fan 083.Sushi 084.Crash 085.Myth
086.Languid 087.Nocturnal 088.Blood 089.Pitch 090.Stash
091.Burst 092.Rush 093.Limited 094.Grim 095.Beautiful
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.

For [ profile] 30kisses
Note that this table, like the [ profile] 100_situations table above only includes the themes I've selected, and links to the finished fics for those themes NOT the title of the fic, rating, or anything like that. If you see a theme that interests you, click on it and be sure to read the introduction for all the basic info: title, rating, warnings, spoilers, all that good stuff. Thanks.

001.Look Over Here 002.News; Letter 003.Jolt! 004.Our Distance And That Person 005."Ano Sa..."
006.The Space Between Dreams and Reality 007.Superstar 008.Our Own World 009.Dash 010.#10
011.Gardenia 012.In A Good Mood 013.Excessive Chain 014.Radio-Cassette Player 015.Perfect Blue
016.Invincible; Unrivaled 017.Kilohertz 018."A~n" 019.Red 020.The Road Home
021.Violence; Pillage/Plunder; Extortion 022.Cradle 023.Candy 024.Good Night 025.Fence
026.If Only I Could Make You Mine 027.Overflow 028.Wada Calcium CD3 029.The Sound of Waves 030.Kiss
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Damn, I've got that DDR song stuck in my head. "Cafe, cafe, cafe cafe, cafe cafe cafe!" or something.

Okay, so a couple of new things:
(1) Seems I grossly misinterpreted what was going on with [ profile] god_101 in terms of someone dying or whatnot. Of course I'm still extremely worried about him, but everyone handles break ups (as the case truly was, not someone dying like I thought) differently. If he wants to be open to the help that his friends are willing to give, then my offer still stands. But I won't put mental strain on myself taking blame for something I honestly have no control over.

(2) Okay, I'm making one giant exception to my own rule that I posted for the contest on [ profile] weekly_ygo. In this week's issue (#20), I decided in lieu of an Editor's Choice, I'd hold two contests, one for a community layout/icons, and one for WikiFic. The deal is, whoever makes the community layout and icons will get a paid account (or extra time/userpics, whatever, if they already have a paid account) and whoever adds the most full-length, brand-new articles to WikiFic within the next week will get their very own unlimited subdomain on (or, if they don't want a subdomain, I will register a domain of their choice -that is currently available, of course- for two years and host a Yu-Gi-Oh fansite and related material). I thought this was a great idea, but no one commented on it AT ALL in the post. So this is the ONE place where I will pimp the contest, in the hopes that people simply spread it by word of mouth, comments in LJs, etc. I don't want anyone else MAKING POSTS about it, but everything else is fine, and I hope we get some participation. If you have any questions, see the latest issue or just ask me. :)

(3) Yuck, Jury Duty. And I can't get out of it, because it's the second time I've postponed it, and saying you're related to a lawyer, a socialist/communist, a student, too far away, don't have a car, don't have money to get there... none of it works. They see that I live a mere 9 miles away from the Van Nuys courthouse, and I get slammed with Jury Duty. Worse, one of my bosses said I can kiss Japan goodbye if I end up getting stuck in a trial that lasts months on end. I just hope I don't get called at all, but my Group number is *1* so what's the chance of that? *sigh* At least I'll be getting paid next week, and I found a decent, cheap bus schedule for getting there if I can't get a ride from Grandpa.

(4) Inspiration... for the wrong thing. I have ideas for almost all of my [ profile] 30kisses, but getting them written out is another matter altogether. I've started most of the good ones, and unfortunately they have the potential to turn out to be long -sort of like how I didn't think about Prophecy Girl, Something to Somebody, and Death and Absolution would be multi-chapter whoppers, but THEY ARE! But if I do want this to be one of my [ profile] 30kisses, I have to figure out how it could work for a theme that isn't taken, and not make it look like it's part of Prophcy Girl (because one particular scene -no dirty jokes involved, honest!- totally screams Prophecy Girl, and I don't want that). The only problem is, I only have 2 themes that don't have any ideas for them at all, and that's because they're the hardest themes for me: #17 - kilohertz, and #21: violence; pillage/plunder; extortion. This idea I *MIGHT* be able to make work for #21, but it would likely take a very different turn than I intended (and still be Prophecy Girl-esque because of it).

But the very beginning of the fic just makes me giddy because it's so evil. :> Well, in my mind, anyway.
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Happy Birthday ceruleansan, mischiefmagnet and missandrony!

Okay, so I did it. I'm being an unoriginal, damn-good looking wh0r and going as Songstress Yuna for Fanime. I have pre-regged. I have (almost) bought and paid for the cosplay... and I might get a microphone accessory from someone else. The boots won't match, but who cares? I can also make the hair accessory myself (Yay for FIMO!). I have no plane ticket, no hotel room and no money for food/dealer's room at the moment, but I will once my birthday paycheck comes through (it just happens to fall on or around that day, yey me), but I will deal with that ASAP. I've also just emailed my mom, so at least she can help me out with the hotel (I hope), and Baba and Grandpa might help me with the plane tickets and shuttle costs (the plane tickets I would pay them back for, duh).

Anyway, it'd be nice to offset my potential hotel room costs if someone wanted to room with me. $45/night for 3 nights isn't bad for a 4-star hotel right in the convention center. Anyone interested? (Note: I'm looking for ONE, *maybe* two people for a double-bed room. Completely non-smoking, and for the love of god, no whirling-dervishes for roommates. I like people who are neat and relatively decent guests.)

[ profile] atlantian_magic, I owe you Kaiba the Virgin Sacrifice. I've actually been quite the busy bee, working on WDKY24 (which is late, I realize-- I apologize to my betas and my Wonderful Historical Consultant, [ profile] guardian_kysra). It's being a stubborn brat. I've also been playing FFX-2 almost non-stop (bad Mer, bad!) in lieu of having a decent Karaoke Revolution (Party Mix SUCKS!) or The Sims (I refuse to buy the PC CD version. It's DVD Special Edition or BUST!). Now I'm leveling up in the underground Thunder Plains cave, by rubber banding my X button down with a quarter, and setting the Analog stick to constant roam. Bwahahaha... it's so slow leveling up. I thought I'd be tons of leveled up by now, since I went to Target with Karin and her boyfriend, the aptly-named Guy. But Grandpa wanted to "turn it off" and so he unplugged my Memory Card and controller. -_-; I told him never to do that again, and just turn off/change the channel if he didn't want to see Yuna ramming herself into a wall and battling Machina. So now he knows. :P

Back to KtVS: (Kaiba the Vampire Slayer!? WAAAH!?) so what would be a more effective perspective, I wonder, for this first foray of mind into probably-smut? Kaiba, our unwilling "hero," or Anzu, the mysterious seductress? I have two separate opening lines, and the opening line determines "whose story" it is. Note that this wouldn't be a first-person fic (eeeuch... for a smutfic?), but with Kaiba's perspective, you'd probably get more humor from his being stuck in such an awkward situation. From Anzu, you'd understand from the get-go everything about the plot, minus the ending. Anzu's story would also be darker, up until said ending.

I obviously haven't written any of it yet-- except for the planner, so don't shoot! I like asking people's opinions about everything.

I finished reading The Mediator: Darkest Hour and The Mediator: Haunted (yes, in less than a day. The series is that addicting). Now it's onto the last, dramatic, and hopefully ROMANTIC book in the series, The Mediator: Twilight. Now, am I the only one who read Book #5 and thought "If they made a Mediator movie, THIS WOULD BE IT!?" Too bad I'm not so good at adapting novels into screenplays. I could totally do it the other way around. (I would also be a much better Suze than Hilary Duff or somesuch. Not that I've ever wanted to break into Hollywood, but still. :P)

Anyway, ugh... stomachache from that mini Pizza Primo I got at Target's Pizza Hut Express. I knew it was a bad idea the moment I stuck it in my mouth, but alas... I didn't like the looks of the pizza Karin and Guy brought home with them from before, and I know there's little to nothing else to eat in the house except pancakes and cream of wheat... which I'm right sick of. Well, except for the pancakes. But what to do for a quick meal that you don't have to prepare carefully?

Gotta go! (P.S. What's up with this new "Current Location:" thing in LJ? I use Semagic, and the client hasn't updated for this field, and there's no news or FAQ announcements about it... help?)
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I do not like Jim Cramer. I just felt like saying "Boo-yah" because there are only 18 days left till my 21st birthday! WHOO! And I'll be in Hawaii sipping Mai Tais~

At the behest of many people, I shall also be starting on "Kaiba the Virgin Sacrifice" soon. It'll start out kind of dark (because it has to), but trust me, it'll get steamy/sexy/sensual enough to "keep your attention." I hope. *impish smile* As I said in my last post, I did work on WDKY24. Alas, it's coming along slower than I intended, if only because I keep thinking I'm writing very dryly, "telling" and not "showing." There are parts when I honestly think it needs to be more emotionally-driven, perhaps with dialogue, and yet I can't think of the right words to say. This is a long chapter already, too: I haven't finished it, and it's already 114KB! Mostly, I have left to write the final duel scene, the conclusion of the chapter (with teasers for the Next Big Arc, coming in Ch. 26), and some bits of Anubis' past, which I hope won't be too confusing/historically inaccurate.

Last night I got up to Cloister 30 in Via Infinitio, and all the Elder Drakes ramming themselves into the walls (migraine, much?) keep scaring me off. I just run past them, avoiding the fight... even though I need to fight one of them to get them into Shinra's Bestiary, and even if it means "fighting" them and running away X amount of times until they oversoul, I still have to face them. ;_; But they SCARE me! Isn't that stupid? I have a bunch of monsters I have yet to oversoul, and the sucky part is, I can't do it without getting all the way through Via Infinitio. That's the only way to get 100% in the game: beat Trema and Paragon. But the reward for doing so is The End garment grid, which lets you Break Damage Limit... which I totally need. Obviously, the problem is, I'd like to Break Damage Limit BEFORE I have to face those guys... otherwise it'll just be me going back and forth, saving and praying I don't get pwned by a Mega Tonberry or whatnot. I need to know what GGs and DSes to equip (plus accessories) so I can level up faster (they're all at 58-60 now) and be confident enough to take some more fiends on. It's been a while since I've played though, but being so close to the ending, I really want to beat the game at 100%! I hate how all the guides make it seem so easy to beat Via Infinitio, though! :P
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So if it was "Miss Independent" running around in my head before (a total Mai x Jounouchi song if there ever was one), now it's "Just Missed the Train," which has inspired me for something for [ profile] 30kisses, particularly theme #25: fence. It's annoying though, because like I mentioned before, I have all those other 30kisses submissions sitting on my computer at home, they're just unfinished because I can't think of how to end them... well, except for Kaiba the Virgin Sacrifice, but I have to be in the right frame of mind to sit down and write that without turning into some sort of tomato!

I'll get around to writing it later, maybe at work. I have my flash drive with me, so I can save it on there and not worry about it.

So, why are all the weird people on MySpace? I mean, there are non-weird people on there, but today I just got a message from someone who says he and his girlfriend are interested in trying out a threesome, and if I'm interested... My face goes: o_O; (okay, I'm totally NOT pulling an Usagi Kou here and taping an emoticon to my face. But you get the picture). Does anybody READ the profiles on MySpace? I'm "in a relationship" or whatever the hell you wanna call it, and even though I'm bi, I won't just hop into a bed with 2 people I don't know and trust because THEY need to add some spice in their love life!

o_o; Geez.

In other news, I'm going to San Diego this weekend. I know my last Amtrak adventure was harrowing (very late trains and the like), but I'm going to hope that it was just a one-shot thing... in any case, my train leaves Chatsworth around 8:40pm or so on Friday night, so I can either ask Zack to take me there straight after work, or I can go home with my grandparents and let them take me. Last time I liked having them there, because the train was very late, and it was extremely cold out. I liked being able to get in the car and warm up while I waited for the train. Chatsworth is an outdoors station, and it's the porn capital of the world, so creepy people are always lurking about...

I'm going because this weekend and next weekend are mine and Scott's only chances to see each other before he goes to Belize and I go to Hawaii. It feels like we've been seeing each other often, but realistically, it's only a few times each month. After living with him for so long, I never thought I'd be able to survive not seeing him for such a long stretch of time, but I'm managing. I have moments when I really wish he was with me, but for now, things are okay. I only hope that wherever life takes him, I can be with him sooner rather than later. :)

And now for more crazy stuff: I have to finish my Gilman application, the Bridging scholarship application, and now I have to send a Financial Aid Award letter (via fax) to the NSEP people in Washington. Which means I have to pressure mom a bit more (already talked to her last night) about the letter of Dependent Verification (which I sent out this morning) which she has to mail back to me with a copy of both mine and her tax returns (she'll do it electronically for me, and have the gov't deposit it automatically in my bank account. Sweet!). I won't be able to get that Award letter until I give all the stuff from mom to school... probably. I should check with them anyway. In any case, the stuff for school is due within 3 weeks, and the award letter I have to fax to NSEP is due by the 31st. YIPES!

What else? I worked a lot on WDKY24 last night; I kind of got inspired for this particular scene that is essentially dropping a big piece of sticky candy in the middle of an anthill. I'm eager to see if anyone will pick up on it (call it a "hidden" piece of candy). Still Anubis' backstory is a tough thing to tackle, but with Kysra's help and some good research, I think I can make this work relatively "realistically" (for the WDKYverse, anyway).

I also FINALLY managed to get the style I got from [ profile] _premadelayouts to work for my Friends' page, but many things are still out of place, and I'm not sure how to rearrange them so they ARE in place. Is there a way I can make that style public so other people can go "oh, you have your %%blahblah%% variable in the wrong place, which is why your username is way off to the right, and your entries are all indented 20 pixels"? (Also, think anyone can help me with that?)

I got a $20 Amazon certificate from after a survey I took, which is nice. I thought I wouldn't get it, since I'm not a business major (and that was what the survey was about), but I still did, so I'm getting the last 3 books in the Mediator series by Meg Cabot, and a book in the Elements of Fiction Writing series (which I'm sorta re-reading at the moment) called Description. I was thinking about buying all the Princess Diaries books I'm missing (Volumes 4-7, including the 4.5 "Princess Project"), but I decided against it-- there's so many, and Amazon sure made it confusing by offering the British versions, too! @_@

AAAAAAAAAND I got Volume 2 of Yu-Gi-Oh! R in the mail from Sagusa Books. How come I've never heard of them before? They're great! :D I realize Jenniyah is already scanlating (crappily, but still scanlating) YGO!R, so [ profile] souten_scans won't be taking that on in the forseeable future. But I'm still waiting on [ profile] dm_san to get back to me with whether or not our groups will work together for the scanlations of the Gospel of Truth, since she already has very HQ scans that would save us a lot of time and unnecessary effort.

I'm getting my hair done tomorrow-- a partial weave of highlights (as suggested! ^_~), I still need a wireless card, to do some cleaning, and now catch up on reading for Women Writers of Asia, because if I post *something* on the short story we were supposed to have read by yesterday, it's better than nothing. I also have to revise my English essay and try and get it to my professor before 7pm tonight. So much to do, and yet... I'm not too stressed. Let's just see if I can remember it all!
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Happy Birthday Mklutz!

MK-mama, click here for your crack!wallpaper of conceptual loverliness )

While I'm addressing SMRFFers, [ profile] kitesareevil (or anyone else for that matter), do you remember what Stormlight's alias for her non-SM works was? I want to say it's got 'Quill' or something in it,  but I can't be sure. HEEEEEEEEELP!

[ profile] dqbunny, how's it going? ^_^ I just wanted to see if you were busy or whatnot, since there are some Memories that didn't make it in the system yet (some new ones, and some REALLY old ones). >_> I would do it myself, but I'm afraid of screwing up, since there are so many categories, and I wouldn't know what to do (100%) for sure. Help?

[ profile] janimelee, [ profile] winterwing3000, and any other interested parties... WDKY24 should be ready for beta'ing in about a week or so. [ profile] guardian_kysra gave me the historical info I needed tonight, so hopefully I'll have time this weekend to work on the story. Give me about a week to polish everything up and run some things by Kysra (by email, if need be), and then I can have people beta'ing it before it goes live... sometime hopefully before I go on Spring Break, as I will be away from my computer THE ENTIRE TIME I'm in Hawaii. Now how's that for dedication to a cause?

In any case, WDKY24 signifies the end of the Anubis/Pyramid of Light/movie arc, and sets the stage for my FAVORITE upcoming act, plus lots more tension, drama, and of course, STEAM! I'll be dropping bombshells here and there, you just need to know where to look!

I had better go... I need to shower in the morning, deposit my paycheck (apparently Direct Deposit can take more than 2 mos. to process... -_-;) and finish reading "The Binding Vine" by noon. :P But other than that, nothing to do... life is good. :)
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Grr, argh. That's my common phrase for this mood, ne? So I decided to try and play some Katamari Damacy again, just because I've been working like crazy the past few weeks -school work and work-work- and I decided I needed a break. For once, I have no looming essays, applications, or anything to worry about (save my article due for Journalism, which I will get to work on tomorrow afternoon). Today, I was worried I wouldn't even finish my Japanese HW, but Takase-sensei was about 30 mins. late anyway, so I finished it up just in time as the TAs did this replacement for our response drills thing. We wrote all 16 answers down, instead of picking one out of the 16 (from either e, e/supplement, or f; we added g, so we don't have to do it on Monday). I think I did okay... I got some things wrong in my Situational Drills, I know that, but it's better than nothing at all. I have to get my Listening Comprehension done by Monday though, because now the website's back up. :P

Anywhoozle, so I'm trying to get the Camera in Make A Star 5. And after you get past the 45 cm hill, you hang a write, go around the corner for a bit, and head up this ramp-like green fencing. And then you go to the narrow part of the fence in the far right corner, and there's a crow hovering in the air, your Camera (Present) in its feet. All the guides I've read recommend you "dash" to get to it, but every time I do the Charge 'N Roll, NOTHING WORKS! Like, the ball will spin very fast for about 2 seconds, and then it's like slamming on the breaks. It stops right at the tip of the fence, and I can't "shoot out" to catch the present.


I'm going to try and play again (between bites of the Chinese takeout I ordered... yum!) and see if being BIGGER helps at all. Maybe if I fall, but I'm at least 1 m, I can catch the present anyway. :P

In other news, looks like I'll be adding a Hall of Fame to [ profile] 30kisses. What makes that job easy is that so few people have finished claims, so I'll be able to grab most of their finished claims pretty easily. One person already has a made banner; if the other person wants one, I can make it for them. And that'll be the Hall of Fame. :) Whenever more people get close to finishing, I'll probably need more help with the HoF, but that's not the case at the moment.

I've also been adding Memories to [ profile] betasquad, even though it's not that active at the moment... but as I write more WDKY24 (still need to get some info from [ profile] guardian_kysra before I'll feel comfortable with this one scene), more will go up. A new member has just joined from the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom, too, so yay to that!
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And now for a 2-question meme whose results are amazingly true:
I do know how to LJ-CUT, I do, I do! )

I finally managed to clean some junk off the computer; I need to somehow scan my Waseda application to be able to type in it, but short of scanning it to Adobe Acrobat, I don't know what to do. What about Word? I could do it in Photoshop too, but I'd rather not, because it'd take up so much space. Does anyone else have any ideas on what to do when you have a paper copy of something that needs to be typewritten? I can't get a digital copy (as far as I know)...

I tried to scan it before, but I think my Scanner software is being all stupid on me, so I might need to uninstall and reinstall it, along with a security update. But to do that, I had to delete some things-- I think Meteor Garden episode 3 was part of that. So I burned Episodes 1 & 2, but 3's missing, and I have 4-27 now. I also have to burn the HYD J-drama, some leftover Red vs. Blue episodes, Yu-Gi-Oh! (though I might keep Capsule Monsters eps 3 & 4 on my HD so I can upload them to for anyone that wants them), and... blah, other stuff. I burned some good AMVs-- "The Light You Bring" (Eizou, to the song by Fuel) for Yu-Gi-Oh, "Listen to your Heart" (unknown creator, to the song by DHT) for FFX-2, and Studebunker Studio's "1985" (to the fabulous song by I-can't-remember-who) to Azumanga Daioh. There's a bunch of others. Me loves AMVs. :)

It seems I can't get anything done unless these other things get done first. I have to get Meteor Garden 3 again... though finding the torrent (as I usually don't save them) will be a pain in the neck. ;_; Anyone that has that one episode subbed, I would be much obliged. Then I can download the scant few episodes of Star Ocean EX that I'm missing, because the DVD package is incomplete and ridiculously overpriced, and Soldats did a better job anyway...

I've got so many damn ideas for [ profile] 30kisses that I started to post one, trashed it (sort of), and saved it as a Private entry so I can edit it later on without ya'll seeing it in its horrific-ness. But on the bright side, if I don't make these all horrendously long, I should actually be able to get most of them done... soonish? I still have to worry about all these scholarships and applications, plus letters of recommendation, work, school work (including getting interviews done for my first news-feature in a week), and everything else.

Just when I thought the stress was over...! This is what I get for having a relaxing weekend. Damn it, I hope I sleep well tonight.
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I mention the communities I'm either in or that I own/co-moderate, but now it's time for some serious pimpage. Get ready.

[ profile] 4husorting
If you're a Harry Potter fan, you simply have to join. If you've ever wondered what "house" you belong in, but think you might have traits from more than one house, check us out! And it's not just simply a pretty community with a cool name (now that I think about it, we're "four house union" but we have six houses...) it's a place to interact with other people, get to know them... and in a sense, it's a personality-based rating community with an actual GOAL in mind, none of that superficial "rate me on my boob size!" crap. :P

We're just starting out, so the more the merrier! We're aiming to have contests, a quidditch pitch (think scavenger hunt and HP knowledge quizzes), and house competitions. How fun! If you decide to fill out an application, mention that you heard about it from me, [ profile] the_sweet!

[ profile] betasquad
A great community devoted to helping fanfiction writers improve their craft with people from the fandom of their choice-- be it anime, manga, or video game-based. Now we have a beautiful website, an active community, and a great forum! Come join us! (I'm posting all of my Yu-Gi-Oh stuff up there, so all my calls to betas should be directed there.)

[ profile] ygo_offtopicon
Where the random resides! Do you ever tire of icontests that feature only one running theme-- like song lyrics, poetry verses, stills from the show, character-based themes... blah! How boring! Why not try something that's never the same, and always unpredictable! Learn to expect the unexpected with fun, frivolous, and stimulating themes ranging from Indiana Jones to Autumn!

[ profile] 30kisses
"Bigger, faster, and better than ever!" That's what separates us from the original [ profile] 30_kisses, and from all the other spinoff communities. We also have alternative lists created by our members, a shorter claims list with quicker filling time, and an extended system of archiving everyone's submissions! So come join us and test your mettle with 30kisses-- and then some!

[ profile] ygo_goodfic
We all see enough Yu-Gi-Oh badfic out there-- enough to spork our eyes out with from here to the eight-millionth millennium. But what about GOOD fics? What makes the good ones so good, and what have those authors got that other authors don't? Make recommendations, postulate theories, or just lavish praise over your favorite authors.

[ profile] ygo_lyricwheel
A lyric wheel is a contest/challenge where people submit song lyrics to fit a particular theme. After everyone has submitted, the songs are randomized and re-distributed, and people write a fanfiction (of any length, style, or pairing) inspired by or using the lyrics from the song-- and the fic has to fit the original theme. It's quite a challenge: unpredictable and fun. You might just get a new favorite song, or be challenged to write for a musical genre that's not quite to your tastes! The second round will end on October 25th, with the third round starting shortly thereafter. Come join us!

And finally, a question... where does the "Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart" line come from (Evil Dead or something, right?) and why the heck do people always associate it with shooting people? I've seen icons using the line for Rufus Shinra (FFIV: AC) and Alice (I think... from Biohazard/Resident Evil). WTF?
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Well, today was better than yesterday, purely because:
a) I didn't embarrass myself in Japanese class and lose credit (when I shouldn't have)
b) I got to see Scott (even though he was rather difficult to get along with, let alone TALK to)
c) I woke up determined to make this day better, and I think that actually made the difference.

The downside is that I'm still very much worried about the laptop that I blew so much money on, and my current sorry state of funds. I also find myself getting bored by everything I do, lacking inspiration or motivation to do the things I want and NEED to do, and generally becoming very cynical about everything around me. I want a challenge, I want freshness. That doesn't mean I want to change my religion, rearrange my room, or start eating an all-sushi diet. But I *AM* trying to be more fit (I signed up for the gym at last and had my first workout session of this week; I would have done another today, but I thought it would be yucky to get all sweaty and then go to class), eat better (note: foods I once enjoyed make me sick now-- that's how healthy my body is!), and do things that will improve my life, even if I don't see some immediate benefit to me.

With the laptop, I'm still waiting on the Drivers and Utilities CD. It's not that I think I'm lacking much in terms of drivers; all the necessary devices work just fine. But I do want to have all the original Dell programs that were likely included in the cost of my laptop (Norton and WordPerfect excluded), and the Owner's Manual. I also wonder if maybe some obscure driver NOT listed in the Device Manager has something to do with why the computer is so sporadically slow to shut down, open up some programs, or download email. Worse, when I try to use Firefox on my laptop now, I get the browser with the title bar of the webpages, but no tabs, no screen-- just white! It's freaking me out, and I don't know what to do.

I'm also waiting on my new Kingston 1 GB memory chip (which I paid a lot for, so it better damn well make a difference), my PS2 (I pray that it got to Dave okay; he hasn't emailed me back yet), and a bank statement, because WaMu online is being a bitch.

I want to have more time to myself, to actually SLEEP, perhaps get some more writing/work (icons!) done, webpage design, and the inevitable CLEANING OF ROOM. The right side of my room is all paperwork; the leftside is all clothes that need to be put away or hung up. ;_;

When I finally DO finish my icon sets for [ profile] iconfiend100 and [ profile] 7sinvirtueicons I want to pimp them over at the usual places: [ profile] goodygoicons and the like. The same applies to my fics; when I release a new chapter of WDKY, I have to remember to post announcements at [ profile] setoanzulove and [ profile] pro_anzu_fans along with [ profile] ygowritersguild (any others?). Same goes for the completed [ profile] 30kisses set! X_X I really think I need to make lots of colorful to-do and checklists that are laminated or something.

I really want to be enthusiastic about October and November:

* October 1st is the all-day Clubs & Organizations Recognition Conference. Workshops and free food = fun!
* October 1st-5th, Baba and Grandpa are away in Seattle. PARTAY!
* October 3rd is the Student Development and International Programs (SD&IP) workshop for potential Study Abroad students. I plan on commanding and conquering the competition!
* October 3rd or the 13th I can apply at Red Robin. Hopefully that will lead to a new, more challenging job where I can make friends, get good pay, and learn more.
* October 30th is Daylight Savings Time-- one more hour of sleep!
* October 31st is Halloween/Samhain, my favorite holiday EVAR! If only I could come up with something cool to do/dress up as...
* November 1st-2nd, there are two Leadership Institute workshops I'd like to attend.
* November 20th is Mai's birthday, and I'd like to have several of the late 20s WDKY chapters out by then, when Mai has some pretty big, kick-ass roles.
* November 21st is Scott's 26th birthday, and even if we're not together, he is still technically the best friend I have down here, and someone very dear to me, so I want to think of something special to do/give.

There's cool stuff coming up this month, too. September 25th is both a speech about the miracles of twins (too bad it's at CalTech; I have to find a speech to attend for Story #2 for my WRP2 class), plus a scrapbooking workshop at this lady's house in Granada Hills. September 26th, Eva comes back to SoCal. September 29th, UCLA starts and Alias premieres.

The big kicker, as I kind of mentioned before, is my lack of funds. Food, clothing, treats (manga), and all the computer stuff I bought has added up, and now I don't have the $400 to take a Driver's Ed course, which I really wanted to do before December. So I sent Mom an email (early Xmas present?) and asked her to call me back, but I haven't heard from her yet. I can't ask her over the phone... ;_; If I get the money (regardless of who) I will take and pass that damn course. I want my driver's license, dammit, even if I don't have a car.

A slight update on my 30kisses )

I have to do my [ profile] ygo_lyricwheel entry soon, plus there's (as I said before) all those icons... and hey, [ profile] rhapsody_dragon, we need to brainstorm more themes for [ profile] ygo_offtopicon ne? I have a good idea... ^_^;
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Ugh, I hate all the political-based responses to the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. The representative for the White House keeps accusing this one MSNBC/Newsweek reporter that he was finger pointing and playing the blame game (his exact words, repeated to infinity). The guy was only asking a yes-or-no question. -_-; Then again, I'm biased because I'm a journalist-in-training, I guess. Mamono, what are your thoughts on recent coverage?

Well, if it seems/feels like (on my end, anyway) that I've been dead, it's because I've been trying to get my new Dell Inspiron 6000 to work... to no avail. I upgraded to Win XP Pro the night I got the laptop, but apparently something went wrong in the install, and since I didn't buy the Pro from Dell, I have to reformat and reinstall the Home OS, and then bug Microsoft for help regarding the XP Pro upgrade. I won't have to reinstall much:
* Firefox (bookmarks, extensions, themes)
* Thunderbird (old email -still on this comp- and account settings)
* LimeWire
* iTunes 5
* Winamp

Also, no one from [ profile] betasquad has said yay or nay to my idea of having a website/forum (something I originally proposed to [ profile] nekokilala), which kind of bums me out. I have tons of [ profile] 30kisses claims to catch up on, and I'm wondering if there might be an easier way of letting [ profile] svelterose update when I'm not available.

I want to post WDKY18 --tonight, if possible, now that it's pretty smoothed out. I'm spending so much time (or what FEELS like a lot of time) at school, studying, at work (ugh, especially tomorrow!) and trying to clean up my room (I got most of the closest sorted out; now I have to put my desk papers and such together). The comp is running strangely slow right now (great, just what I need), so I'm going to finish this entry, install the latest Java in the hopes that it'll fix my future downloads, and restart. More later, perhaps.
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After work today, I got my last 2 textbooks-- my Creative Writing book and my Syllabus (which isn't really a syllabus at all, it's a workbook of weird pages and random stories). I'm kind of worried that the teacher seems so obsessed with himself, using his own works as examples, but then again, maybe he's proud in a good way. If any of you guys who write fanfiction taught a Creative Writing class, would you ever use your own writing as an example? Why or why not?

My Mythology teacher scared me at first-- kind of chubby with a double-chin, very pale with light eyes and pink lips-- he looked like a corpse with crooked teeth. But once he got talking, he was very funny and the class looks like it'll be interesting. Many class activities will be conducted online, which I'm grateful for.

Back to Japanese... Scott was called on today, and he either wasn't paying attention or he seriously needed the textbook (which I picked up at the bookstore before class; QuickCopies took forever to assemble the binder of notes, but I got it in less than 10 minutes). He didn't know what to say... I tried to help him out, but I think I might have made things worse. He didn't seem upset at me or anything, now that I think about it, but like I said earlier, he rushed off to Aikido, and he never saw or said anything to me after we parted ways. :P He owes me lunch tomorrow.

Wednesday is what I'm really looking forward to, though, because aside from Japanese and Mythology, I'll also have my 2 Journalism classes, my WRPII course (with Salido again!) at night. I wonder how I'll get home? I do have to learn to drive though, and I'd like to have learned by December. Time to research some driving schools... (I don't even know what course to take)

I'm glad people are submitting alternative lists at [ profile] 30kisses. I really have to finish my SxA pairing for that, so I can either pick a new pairing (a few of the other pairings I write for were taken, but the authors have PROBABLY given up... *sigh*) or focus on my 100 icons. I've gotten a few more done lately, but I want to do all "batch posts" where I have at least 5 icons at a time, so it might be a while before I post at [ profile] iconfiend100 again.

*yawn* I'm so tired! It's so hot! I need to learn sign language, and I have to stop blushing when a Japanese person orders at Jamba Juice!

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