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I have this nifty tool on my Mac called beaTunes 3 (it's available for Windows, too!) that helps you take better care of your music and make better playlists. If you're missing information (genre, album artist), if information is misspelled, or if it's inconsistent (Utada Hikaru sings in Danish?!), it can fix it for you. It can also provide interesting information about a song, such as its "color" and what key it's in.

The color is supposed to help you organize your songs. For example, red songs tend to go better with other red songs.

This reminded me of how folks make fansoundtracks and fanmixes for fandoms, characters, pairings, and so on. There's a huge mish-mash of music out there that I never would have heard had it not been someone putting it together for the sake of this fandom we have in common!

With that in mind, I propose a challenge for myself and anyone else who wants to try and take it on.

Pick one of the following colors:


I will pick five songs that fit into that "color," and you will tell me what fandom to write ficlets or drabbles for them in.

So for example, if you say "Red," you might also say "Sailor Moon," and I have to find five songs that I can somehow relate back to "Sailor Moon," and possibly (somehow) explain why that song fits a "red" color. And I shall do it with fic! You can also give me other information to work with, like a character or pairings, a period of time from canon, etc. (Just don't be overly specific, otherwise it'll be like a commissioned fic or something...)

The only rule: A fandom can't be repeated with the same color.

If you do pick a fandom, please pick one that you know that I know...(as in, have watched/read), even if I've never written for it before. Otherwise it might be too challenging! :P

So, here's what we all get out of this:

Me: practice writing again, a sense of excitement
You: a fanfic or five that you've helped create, some suggestions for interesting songs that fit your fandom/character/pairing of choice! It's like a mini-fanmix!
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I love fanmixes. It's a fun way of telling a story, exploring a pairing, sharing your love for a fandom, and for discovering new music.

Alas, it's kind of a pain to organize said music, especially since everyone has their own methods. I tend to go with the flow--if stuff's already tagged/labeled and has the artwork attached, yay. If not, I'll add the bare minimum of what I care about and move on.

Here's where I run into trouble:
* If there's no genre and I don't know the artist, what do I do? You can pretty much create your own genres, and "Fanmix" is a valid genre in iTunes. Of course it doesn't say anything about the artist or the track itself.

* If a song is on two fanmixes, you can have multiple album artwork images embedded into the one song, but only one will display unless you switch it. It's easier to a) just have two of the same song or b) just not care about the artwork and swap it when you feel like it (if you remember). But the problem is, what if it's two fanmixes where the rest of the album information is intact? Marking it as a "Compilation" is technically inaccurate, since that term implies that there are various artists on a single ALBUM. The "Compilation" indicator has nothing to do with "Grouping," for example, which is what I use for fanmix tracks that already have the album information in there. So do I mark it as a NOT compilation, since iTunes' organizational method won't properly group everything from the Playlist/Grouping under one folder, anyway?

Right now I'm using the awesome (although somewhat unpretty) app "beaTunes 2" to help with my iTunes organizational woes. It inspects my iTunes library (which, by the way, is pretty darn huge) and looks up inconsistencies of all sorts, ranging from typos (REM versus R.E.M.) to those pesky Compilation tags on tracks with only one "Album" artist (Note: Not "Album Artist," but an "Artist" on one "Album").

It's not perfect; it thinks any and all albums called "Christmas Songs" are the same album, even if it's by multiple artists--as if it's a compilation album when it's not. It's just a million people have released "Christmas Songs" albums. Let's get creative here people, shall we?! Well, in the meantime, I can tell beaTunes 2 to ignore that.

But what do you do for organizing your fanmixes? How would you solve the above issues?
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If you're getting sick of this or think it doesn't apply to you, move along.

Mac users, an easy way to backup your LJ! )

And now, a somewhat goofy idea: Strikethrough 2007: The Fanmix
Fandom is powerful. Fandom is creative. Here is a mix of fandom's creativity and fandom's voice (links to iTunes store).
* Let's Get It Started (Spike Mix)
* Right Now (Van Halen)
* Hoist the Colours (Hans Zimmer)
* We Will Rock You (Queen)
* We Are The Champions (Queen)
* Red Alert [Jaxx Radio Mix] (Basement Jaxx)
* For The People (The Black Eyed Peas)
* No One [Clean] (Cold)
* If Everyone Cared (Nickelback)
* Rock In This Pocket [Song of David] (Suzanne Vega)
* I Dare You To Move (Switchfoot)
* Keep Tryin' (Utada Hikaru)

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