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I'm a little late for this one, too, but in my defense, I was enjoying some really good meatloaf (!), mashed potatoes, and brownies with my dad and bf. :)

We're getting close on the days here! Even if I am a bit late with some of my posts, I hope to say on March 30 that I have completed all 30 of these topics, and I'm still inspired to write and create things...not just for Sailor Moon or even fandom in general, but EVERYTHING! I do believe this kind of "free challenge" has helped in ways other assignments or challenges have not.

Still, I know I take on more than I can usually handle, which leads to stress, which leads to...projects being left undone. It'd be nice if I had a more formal structure telling me where to go next, what's the most important or what's the easiest to get done soonest, that kind of thing. Wouldn't it be nice if there was some sort of auto-prioritizer that could take things like skill, time, and resources available into account?

Anyway, these are from Frizzy over at Sailor Failures.

♥ » Day 23 – Sailor Moon moment that makes you happy )
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Once again brought to you by Sailor Failures on Tumblr. A macro a day keeps the youma away!

♥ » Day 19 – Sailor Moon episodes Subbed or Dubbed? )
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It's a little bit later than my usual posting for the 30 Days of Sailor Moon meme, brought to you by Sailor Failures on Tumblr, but that's because I have today off!

I've got lots to get done, so let's get this very interesting topic out of the way, shall we?

♥ » Day 08 – Favorite villain )

Can you tell that I like (parenthetical asides)?
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And now for one of my favorite topics in all of fandom...romance! 'Shipping! WAFF! TAFF! Orange Crush! (Hey, waitasec...)

Yes, it's time for the 30 Days of Sailor Moon meme once more, brought to you by Sailor Failures on Tumblr.

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It's that time of day again, time for the 30 Day Sailor Moon Meme, brought to you by Sailor Failures on Tumblr.

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Well, it's a new month and a new opportunity to try new things and get back into the habit of old (good) things. Like writing on my blog. Like reminiscing. Like commenting with friends!

So, thanks to Sailor Failures on Tumblr, I'm going to spend the first 30 days of March participating in a Sailor Moon meme!

Some of this may be old news for folks that have read my journal(s) for some time, but hey! Nostalgia's fun!

♥ » Day 01 – What age you started watching Sailor Moon... )
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zOMG Happy Birthday [ profile] starrienite!

I would just like to state for the record that, while I enjoy the Yu-Gi-Oh dub and try to watch it regularly, I don't approve nor like the stupid changes they make. Whenever possible, I try to stick to the "would-be-accurate-translation" of things like characters, places, and card names.

For example... Ishizu is wrong. It is Isis, always has been, always will be.
Marik... also wrong. I'm actually considering changing all instances of his name in WDKY to Malik, because it's simply more appropriate that way.
And no matter what some massive duel screen says in the dub, it's Seigfred, not Siegfried (only slightly more acceptable), Sigfried, Zigfried, or whatever else you can think of. His alias is Lloyd (with Leon using "Wilson") and his real family name is "Von Schroeder".
Once upon a time in fandom, people differentiated between Yami no Yuugi and Yuugi Mutou as "Yugi" (dark Yuugi) and "Yuugi" (little/normal Yuugi). That is wrong. So is using "hikari" for the vessels (Ryou, Malik, Yuugi).
There is no Yami no Pegasus, Yami no Kaiba, Yami no Shaadi, or Yami no Isis. You CAN hold a Millennium Item without going batshit insane, and you can also be batshit insane and carry a Millennium Item.

When a card exists in the anime and is known to (or will eventually be) exist in the English TCG, I will use whatever name the TCG uses. Sometimes the anime gets it wrong, or the name changes. Most of the time, the dub tries to stick to cards that have been released in English already, or that have approved names already on the table. Some cards in the anime may have been released as promo cards in Japan,  but they're "broken" by today's TCG standards, so they're not sure if they'll release them in the English TCG. In that case, I use whatever name the dub calls them by.

For example, "Exchange of the Spirits" is the name of the card Isis uses to flip-flop her and Kaiba's graveyards with their decks. The original card name was "Reversed Worlds," but when the card was actually released in the TCG, it kept the name we know as the dub name! In "Prophecy Girl", I happen to think "Reversed Worlds" sounds a lot cooler, so I use that. In WDKY, if that card were to appear, it would be as "Exchange of the Spirits", the name it's known by in the English TCG (I believe it was released as a sneak preview to Cybernetic Revolution or something).

And sorry, Domino is not in California. -_-;

And I hate how they remove perfectly spelled and grammatically correct instances of English from the show... for example, Joey's "Type 6" machine monster, or the symbols on Kaiba's keyboard at Kaibaland. WTF? Geez.

Also... I'm a terrible procrastinator. I haven't really written (or even tried to write) until today, and now I find myself having woken up from a nap that lasted too long (missed GX! damn!) and with a shitload of stuff to do. I already finished one analysis for Creative Writing (e.e. cummings's "Buffalo Bill's"), but I still have a few more to do, plus a 5 page minimum/20 page maximum short story for our Fiction workshop, which starts tomorrow. And of course, Professor Lopez volunteered ME to do it.

I didn't want to submit my Family Story, because it's lame. I could rewrite my play ("Point and Perfection") into prose, but I don't really want to do that, either. Somehow, it would take away the "feeling" you get, as you would if the play were actually performed (which it never will be). So I thought of the two "original fiction" stories I've tinkered with in the past, "I'm Listening," which is a sort of suspense-mystery, and "Wandering Spirit," which is a sort of supernatural fantasy. I'm working on "I'm Listening" now, and it's already at 6 pages, but it's nowhere near sounding/feeling "complete" (even chapter-wise; no one said my story had to be "complete" I think... but if it's supposed to be a short story... >_>) And there's always my almost-original-fiction "Goodbye, Hello, Who Are You?" which is currently residing unfinished in the Dance Dance Revolution section of FFnet. But it's pretty long, and it's unfinished at 4 chapters.

So now I'm not really feeling inspired to write "I'm Listening" at the moment, and I keep getting distracted by, "Well, what if I told the Final Fantasy X/X-2 story?" Yeah, no, copyright infringement or whatever.

Unless I didn't use their names.

But still, some people are bound to recognize things. I could change all sorts of jabberwocky (airships, spheres, etc.) into modern things, or other things, but it still wouldn't be my story to tell.

GARGH! Stupid Professor Lopez. I don't want to submit poetry or my play, but still! Why me!?

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