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Ah, the question so many of us Moonie fans ask ourselves and others. We take quizzes, we read profiles, we watch episodes and do panel-by-panel comparisons of the manga. But there's still a huge selection of personality in each of the soldiers, from the very first (Sailor Venus) to the newest (Sailor Chibi-Moon), along with those from beyond (the Sailor Starlights), and those that only appear in the manga (Sailor Kakyuu).

But for me? Well...stop me if you've heard this one before! ^_~

Once again, this meme, closing in on its end, is brought to you by Sailor Failures.

I finally got something of the Tumblr system clarified by Frizzy over there, btw. I asked even though it had nothing to do with the Sailor Failures topic (Sailor Moon, obviously), because Tumblr's own FAQ sucks, as does trying to Google the answer anywhere, even on answers-oriented websites. :( Anyway Frizzy, not like I think you read this, but I asked only because I knew you'd answer. So thanks!

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I'm not very good with timeliness on these things lately. But at least this time, I'm only 35 minute late, and not a few hours! And even if the timestamp doesn't reflect that, I am being honest!

There are only 6 more days left of this! Thanks to Frizzy at Sailor Failures for editing and sharing this awesome list!

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I'm back, I'm bold, maybe even--ah hell, how many times have I opened a post with that line? I clearly love alliteration too much. Or similar-sounding words. Like Sailor Failures!

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