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If I've got a story -scenes, moments, whatever- in my head, should I just get it out of my head by writing it, instead of writing outlines of the scene in a file and storing it away until later?

It bothers me that I keep thinking of these other stories, other ideas, other universes other than WDKY, because I REALLY want to get WDKY done. But whenever I think of it and its characters, I get off-topic and go to this other story (you can probably tell by now that the characters are the same, but the story is different).

Maybe I should start becoming the sort who writes fics and posts them when they're done, instead of being this insane WIPer? I wonder if that'd help keep the hair in (on?) my head.
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Can anyone point me at a Wiki or something that explains how vampires work in the CLAMP-verse? I mean xxxHolic/Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles and wherever they sourced their vampires from, like X/1999 or some other CLAMP vampire title.

I know "game" (gah-may) comes into play somehow, but I'm not sure how. Help?
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Well, spring break has at last come to a close. It went fast, but at least it was fun and relaxing. It certainly was nice sleeping in till around 10:30 a.m. every day; tomorrow my "waking up at 6:30 a.m." routine begins anew. Oh, and also my habit of going to the Arbor Grill for occasional morning breakfasts; I'm looking forward to enjoying a breakfast burrito again after a week of waffles, cereal, and toast.

I didn't post during spring break even though I had the time; it was more like my thoughts were pretty scattered and I tried to be out as much as possible-- or at least doing stuff.

I went to Opening Night for the Giants at AT&T Park with Steph, Kathryn, Nora, and a guy named Melvin who was only there for a blip of time, it seemed. I shouted myself hoarse and then ended up sick as a result-- I've got awful congestion, a dry nose (ow) and an occasional cough, but I hope to be better by my birthday. I'm being smart about what I'm eating and drinking, and that, of course, includes medicines to help me get over this.

I also got to see Evie, Eva, Crystal, and (surprise surprise!) Louie (from high school) again at our Chevy's night. As is my luck, I got a certificate from Chevy's THE DAY AFTER for a free entree. Isn't that always how it works? Whatever "it" is? Well, maybe I'll go this weekend in San Diego: the closest Tex-Mex to the border when the border is more or less off-limits!

Oh, oh, oh! I also got the real "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence" (a.k.a. Furyo, which translates to "Prisoner of War") soundtrack, which I think is beautiful, so even though I don't like Utada's sophomore U.S. album (not counting her days as Cubic U, of course), I applaud her for indirectly introducing me to another composer and his music (Ryuichi Sakamoto). I actually like the title track of the movie (which is what Utada sampled from) a lot more than this song... sorry Utada! Although I am curious if the vocal version, "Forbidden Colours" is the same "Forbidden Colours" that is a special bonus on one of Sarah Brightman's Canadian albums. If it is, it'll be interesting to see how she redid it; I didn't like the vocal version too much, but maybe that has to do with the kind of "spacey" quality it had as a song.

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I'm really craving a red velvet cupcake for my birthday. I wonder if any bakeries around here have them?

 This One (Crying Like a Child) by Utada from This Is the One (Rating: 0)
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So I got to reading [ profile] pamgutz's very intriguing essay on exactly why (complete with in-book citations) Edward Cullen is an abusive boyfriend, and so not worth all the fangirl-gasm he gets. And being that "Twilight" is, at best, amusing/entertaining/a strangely addicting read but I still STRONGLY dislike the characters, the writing style, and the disappointing plot, I've got a fic bunny.

Remember a while back how I said I'd never write "Twilight" fics because the fandom scares me? It's still true. But now I've got a bit more of a bunny that I had before, so I'm setting it free here on the 'Net, because if I ever become masochistic, I might revisit this post. If anyone else were to ever undertake this and make it Very Good, I'd want to read it (which is saying a lot for something involving the "Twilight" fandom).

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Yeah, this post got longer than I planned.

Random aside: why are there no good Rainbow Text generators online? Why do generators always have to spit out bad/deprecated HTML code? Use CSS! Use hex codes with quotes and pound-signs, or use the damn color names! Yeesh.
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So, being that sleeping is elusive and I've read every book and manga in my room backwards and forwards, I decided to opt for reading Ceres: Celestial Legend *again*, since it's good and I've been on a Yuu Watase kick lately anyway AND because before all the "mayhem" went down, I was watching the anime series, which I'd finally completed my collection of on DVD (shoulda bought the collector's edition... D'oh! There's no lyrical subtitling for the songs, the audio track is sometimes off --like, I'll hear the English voice and not the Japanese one, even though I always set it to Japanese audio w/ English subs before selecting "Play"-- and sometimes the timing is off, too).

I finished the series last night. Bawled my eyes out. Watase never fails in that respect; I don't think she's done a single series that I've read/watched (this would include the J-Drama adaptation of "Absolute Boyfriend," even though the similarities to her manga were slim) that DIDN'T make me cry. It's a good thing, though. Her stuff's very thought-provoking.

So, with the hesitation of someone about to step in potentially icy water, I tread into fandom. )


Jun. 26th, 2006 12:45 pm
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So between finishing reading Hearts of Ice (Ranma 1/2) and watching Sailor Moon classic for the 200 Days of Sailor Moon project (complete with dub comparisons courtesy of YouTube) AND my pre-existing plotbunny for Seiya x Usagi for [ profile] sm_monthly, I have been STRUCK! yet again!

I've always been a fan of first season romances, but when I write, I just have more fun with SMR, because the break-up (obviously I'm talking anime-verse here, not manga or PGSM) and the time travel elements always appeal to me. So why not mix up a little bit of both? So here's the general gist:

For reasons as-yet-unknown, Usagi (from SMR at least, or Stars at most) goes back in time. How far back? Is it enough to prevent the other Senshi (save Venus) from being awakened? What about her knowledge that Mamoru will either break-up with her/blame their entire relationship on "destiny" rather than true love, or the fact that he will die for her? Usagi knows the truth: about Beryl, the Dark Kingdom, the Nijizuishou and the Ginzuishou... but will knowing save her? Usagi seems a different person, and the way she is determined to protect those she loves may cause an adverse ripple effect that no one is able to predict...

This sounds like something that has to have been done before though, so before I get giddy and try to write it, would someone be so kind as to point me in the direction of a fic that features Usagi time traveling to "fix" things? I don't know why I like this idea so much-- it's something that comes up in "Circle of Seven," definitely in "Time Sphere," that tentative FFX/2 fic I never wrote, and of course, in "Death and Absolution." I love time travel!
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Okay, so I've been wanting various icons like, FOREVER, and as much as I want to believe I have it in me to make what I see in my head, it just never pans out that way. Besides, I still have way too many things to be doing in Photoshop elsewise, so I'm going to make myself a meme and pray the creative, cool souls out there do it.

I'm going to request 5 icons. If you can fulfill any one (or more!) of these icon requests, comment and say which one. Then reply to your comment with a link to the image so I can upload it and fawn over it. Then you take this meme and I'll make an icon (or more!) for you!

# Icon - Subject Matter (Addl. Specific Info) "The Text You want on the icon, if any" (icon specifications re: size, color, shapes, etc.)

#1 - Moulin Rouge (Satine) "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" (pref. still, bright colors)
#2 - Writing (Plot bunnies) "I've been PLOTBUNNIED!" (a cute bunny rabbit would be nice. A real bunny, not a cartoon bunny or something.)
#3 - Sailor Mars (PGSM Live Action) "Kasei" (the Japanese characters for the planet "Mars". It looks like this: 火星.) Or something along those lines. Surprise me.
#4 - Equilibrium (Christian Bale) "Any quote spoken by Bale's character, John Preston at any point in the movie" (blueish-black tones, but his face still has to be clear)
#5 - RANDOM (pick an interest from my Interest List, preferably something anime/manga/video game, and make an icon using a character from that. Try to incorporate a quote from that character too... something that fits "me.")


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