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There are quite a few "Sailor Moon" live-action fan movies in the works these days, but [ profile] SailorMoonFilm was one that was getting a lot of press from folks I follow and the Sailor Moon community at large. The initial previews weren't my thing--it didn't quite seem "true" enough to Sailor Moon, though it was marketed as an "Americanized modernization."

So, in a nutshell, my thoughts as a Sailor Moon fan... )

In sum: it's an awesome short film, and it looks very well-made, which should make those folks that contributed to the production effort very happy. I hope that if it catches the interest of anybody major, or if they petition the fanbase for money to make a longer film, that they improve some of the things I mentioned above--not for my own edification, but to make it more true to the Sailor Moon canon we clearly all know and love. Keep the Americanization, the modernization, fine--that's actually best for obvious budgetary constraints. But fix things like the costumes, because they're WORTH it. They're so iconic, there's just no reason to alter them. Naoko already came up with so many amazing versions, with any ridiculousness built-in and long-since accepted by fandom! Adapting them for no good reason (I'd love to hear it/them if there are any) just makes people seem like those pompous "artistes" with no respect for the original work that they're adapting.

I'd like to see how the story is further adapted, and I'd actually shell out for a soundtrack if there was one made.

I did not contribute in any way to this production, and the above commentary is purely my own, as an interested fan.
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If you weren't aware, I'm a huge fan of Tsugumi Ohba's "Death Note" manga series. I knew there was a movie out, but it wasn't until tonight that I realized it was being done "Kill Bill" style, divided into 2 parts. The first part came out on June 17th, and it apparently isn't out on DVD yet (they're probably waiting for the second part to come out, so they can span it all together... unlike "Kill Bill"), but the second part is set to premiere November 3rd.

My roommate Midori professed to liking it, and after seeing the latest trailer on YouTube, I am all for having a Death Note Party and seeing the second part when it comes out in theatres. I got spoiled by the Wikipedia article regarding the fact that the manga has ended in Japan (and will soon in the States, too; I know they were up to at least Volume 7 when I left) and how it ends... sort of. But of course, movie directors can always monkey-wrench things. I don't know if they'll introduce Mello and Near into the movie, but if they don't, the movie will be a drastic departure from the manga.

And then there's the ANIME, which just started 2 weeks ago, and the next episode airs TOMORROW NIGHT (I wish I knew what channel!). Toriyama's World has done a fabulous job of subtitling them thus far, and I'm totally addicted to the opening song, "the WORLD," by Nightmare. I was amazed at how fast I downloaded the torrents from TW/AnimeSuki; less than 10 minutes for 2 episodes!

And then there's Yu-Gi-Oh. I can get the Japanese dubbed version of the movie (Hikari no PYRAMID) *AND* the legendary novelization that gave "facts" and descriptions lacking. Point in fact, they're never going to do a novelization in English; the best we get is the ANI-MANGA, and that's purely based off the (original) English dub. The movie isn't exactly cheap, but it's worth it to see the differences; if there were a group out there willing to subtitle it, I would be happy to rip the raw for them (not that I've ever done anything like that before, but it would be cool to get it going). Of course, if I wanted to be a yen-pincher, translating the movie novelization would be the best thing-- it's also cheaper, from

But seriously, I'm being smart by not buying all these things like crazy- I already had a way-expensive grocery bill with Costco/TheFlyingPig due this Thursday, my Internet's going to be pretty pricey once the bill kicks in two months from now, and to top it all off, I keep seeing things I want (for once)! There are all these CDs on, the Yu-Gi-Oh movie, the novelization, a possibly-unnecessary-but-still-useful electronic dictionary, new boots, new Converse, Photoshop CS2 for my Mac (because waiting 4 months until I can "sneak" into the Art Department and yoink it off their computers? Yeah, right. $300 for the full version of the latest, though I don't know if it comes with ImageReady. It better! But I don't really need any of the other parts of the CS), Quicktime Pro (maybe), possibly Microsoft Office for the Mac (Student Edition, of course-- still $149), and who the hell knows what else. I already spent $12 on the new Skype number, and any money I *THINK* I have will disappear quickly upon my return to the States-- that damn phone bill MUST be paid back (to Mom). Though, it has yet to show up on my T-Mobile account, so that kind of bothers me...

I have yet to be reimbursed for the whole medical fiasco for my tonsils, either. They said "two weeks," because they sent the reimbursement by mail to my bank, and who knows how they handle international deposits.

I feel like I'm forgetting something... (like maybe the weirdoes that keep calling/IMing me on Skype? I've set it to only let people I authorize contact me, so if you want to be on that list, better let me know! I don't know how those people know my Skype number or name though-- that bothers me. I set the Privacy options to not show my web presence, but obviously it makes no damn difference. One weirdo left me a voicemail, but I could hardly make it out, and apparently, I can't call my Voicemail again to see what he said. So Skype's far from perfect. It has NO Voicemail options for saving, replaying, etc.)

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