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Well, it's here...the last day of the 30 Day Sailor Moon meme. While I've been late on some days, I've done ALL 30 entries. Check them out by seeing which entries are tagged "30 Days of Sailor Moon." If you've done (or are doing, or plan on doing) this meme too, don't forget to link me to your journals so I can read them, too! And feel free to respond to my's always good to hear from fellow Moonies and engage in fandom fun!

This meme was compiled and edited by Frizzy of Sailor Failures.

There are three known Moon Cats in the entirety of the Sailor Moon canon: Sailor Venus' white cat, Artemis (a tomcat), Sailor Moon's black cat, Luna, and their daughter from the future, the gray-purple cat Diana. Yes, they're all named after moon GODDESSES (Greek, Latin name for the Titan Moon Goddess, and Roman, respectively), but they actually hail from a planet called Mau, where apparently all of the inhabitants possess the ability to shapeshift from cats into humans...only a select few are chosen to become guardians of the Moon family, though, and there was a never-seen Sailor Mau that Luna mentioned in the manga when confonted by Sailor Nyanko, the evil Animamate that stole Sailor Mau's Sailor Crystal.

Luna and Artemis are "guardians" for a reason: they have to instruct the Sailor Senshi on their mission, even though these are 13 and 14 (when the Senshi are first found) girls. And yet these girls are responsible from saving the world from certain doom using magical powers that they wield while in short skirts....

I guess it's not that weird to a cat from another planet with the ability to talk and a crescent moon shaped "bald spot" (oops, "mark!"). And both the cats also had some kind of amnesia, since they didn't remember just WHO Serenity was, or the fact that Sailor Moon wasn't actually supposed to exist....

Anyway, getting to the point (it's almost as if I'm trying to prolong the inevitable and keep on writing for this meme...hey, don't you like parenthetical asides?), I would say it's a wavering tie between Luna and Artemis. Luna is pretty naggy to Usagi/Serena, but rightfully so--Minako might be a bit of a slacker, but once you give her the proper motivation, she fires on all cylinders. She's simply more of an active girl than Usagi to begin with, and I think that means less work for Artemis, but more work when she's not "into it," because it's hard to change her mind. Usagi seems to waver quite a bit, so it's easy to "convince" her to do things, especially when Luna has the "greater good" in mind.

Luna's had some pretty funny moments when making sure Usagi stays on the right track--there was one time when Luna had to scratch Usagi and get all vicious, and it was almost amusing because it was like Usagi had assumed Luna was this docile housepet type cat, even though when Luna first appeared, Usagi pretty much turned blue from the shock that OMG THIS CAT TALKS!!!

Luna's also the only one we saw turn into a human in the anime (rather, during the Snow Princess Kaguya Sailor Moon Super movie), but Artemis and Diana both turned human a few points during the manga. Artemis did it when he needed to save Sailor Venus, and him doing so helped Minako power up and get her Super Crystal. I wish that had been in the anime....

Artemis is pretty funny, especially when, in the movie, he's upset over Luna mooning over the astronaut guy she's fallen for. And when he's serving as a guardian, he doesn't get vicious--just logical. He's always looking out for Minako; he truly cares for her (even though she pretty much squished him when they first met). That's not to say Luna doesn't care for Usagi--she does, to an extreme degree--but while Luna treats Usagi like her own daughter, I think Artemis treats Minako as something of an equal, if not the reincarnated goddess/bearer of incredible powers that she is.

I don't even feel like mentioning Diana all that much because she's so much of a kitten...sure, Pluto entrusts her with guarding the Gates of Time, and she helps Chibiusa out a few times in SuperS in a pinch, but there's not a whole lot we know or see about her. (The fact that she's gray just because Luna and Artemis are black and white respectively is weird. THAT'S NOT HOW GENETICS WORK! Or maybe they do on Mau, I don't know. I like the Parallel Sailor Moon spotted cat more than Diana, truthfully...what was its name?)

I think if I ever got an all-black or all-white cat, I'd definitely name it Luna or Artemis. :)

However, I absolutely detest how Luna and Artemis got turned into plushes for the live action. If Saban had gotten their hands on Sailor Moon to make that godawful half-animation, half-live action, at least they would have had a REAL cat (okay, so Luna got turned into a white Persian, but at least it was a real cat)!

Even if Luna was voiced by her original VA, Keiko Han, turning her into a little girl Sailor Senshi to replace Chibiusa (or whatever their reasoning was)? LAAAME. That THING is not my Moon Cat! :P

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