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Mar. 1st, 2010 02:11 pm
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From a recent review for WDKY:

Look, you have had this story up for a while now and I have not seen an update. I don't know if maybe your lazy or what but if you don't update soon I'm deleting this story from bookmark. Your just taking way to long to do a simple update, its sad really.  I hope you don't have writers block or something, but even if you do get over it.  If your not going to continue the story please say so, just tell us that the story is discontinued.

Hope you get off your ** and write

from a soon to be lost reader

I don't know why I'm even acknowledging a review with such godawful spelling and grammar, but it's the message that counts: WDKY is not discontinued. I know I take a long time to update, but that's because--horrors! shock!--I have a real life. I've recently graduated from university, am pursuing a second degree, moved away from my home for the last five years, and am now looking for a job.

Also, yeah, I'm a bit uninspired. I think about WDKY and my other fics a lot, but I can't make myself sit down and write. The bug's just not there. I'd rather not write crap when I know that my writing can be great IF I put my mind to it.

WDKY27 is probably 75% done, but I'd rather not further extend what I've already stated is 36 chapters just because what I have done is "good enough" but is not the complete story I want for that chapter. I'm going to write the rest, and I'm going to get it beta'd, and it's going to take as long as it needs.

It sucks if I lose a reader, but honestly? I don't write to cater to their demands. I've never been that kind of a writer, and can't see myself ever becoming one.

If you, dear reader, would like to see what I have of WDKY27 so far, I'd be happy to put it up here and get some suggestions, advice, critiques, motivations, whatever. I'd love to get it done, especially since my self-imposed deadline of finishing the whole damn fic by graduation (May 18, FYI) isn't going to happen.

I'd say that getting a job is more of a priority, considering how broke I am, but I also know that having a job means having LESS time to work on WDKY, so anything I can get done would be a god-send, even if I have to work out of order, work on other fics, or even work in other fandoms to get my muse going again.

But reviews like these? Yeah, they don't help. I get guilty enough from the good reviews that actually are polite and nice and thoughtful, let alone mean ones that accuse me of being lazy or mean.
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Day 3 of the Repo Men hunt saw an influx of spam on the #repomen channel on Twitter, with known spammers (auto-bots) likely trying to protect the whereabouts of #repowill (Will La Ferriere), who went on-grid after he failed to complete a task for Groundswell, Inc. He was last known to be in Nashville, IL traveling at 39 MPH (likely in a car). His most recent purchase was for an Amtrak ticket, but no Amtrak stations are within walking distance of his location on Mission Rd. near the South Side Sports Bar. However, there are several within a short drive's distance.

Because it was a $121 credit purchase, it's possible he actually made the purchase a few days ago, but that doesn't mean the ticket couldn't have been used for a trip today.

The (currently) known spammer/bot list:
@Toga_Bot (possibly unrelated, but it picked up on the use of TOGA! in some of the spam tweets and kept the cycle going)

These bots will respond in a flood to any Tweets with the #repomen or #repowill hashtag, usually with links to the Repo Men trailer on YouTube or another YT link (that is dead/incorrectly written), or a lot of gibberish or repetitive words.

As many of these bots have been reported for spam and blocked as possible; please continue to do so to help keep the #repomen channel clean. I've also communicated with @TheUnionCares to assist in this issue, if it's possible.

I've created a private List containing all these spammers, but I'd be happy to make it public if it would help in any way.

More coming soon.

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