Apr. 1st, 2011

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Okay, so late yesterday I got and activated my new temporary phone, the Samsung Galaxy S. I did a bit of research beforehand, seeing as it wasn't really my CHOICE to get the phone; I was sick of using the HTC Magic (T-Mobile myTouch 3G) and basically told T-Mobile everything that was wrong with it and how I worked for Apple and could drop them like a hot rock and get an iPhone that day. They looked at my account and my amazing loyalty (always pays bills on time, one time paid a $900 international phone bill) and said they'd get me the latest phone in their line, the Galaxy S for $249.

Sure, it's 16 GB when I would have gotten a $299 32 GB iPhone 4, but it's my understanding that this is fairly close to the full upgrade eligibility price, and since I'm paying it in 3 installments, it's not so bad. If I decide I don't like the phone in 20 days or less (though shouldn't it be 30 since I'm in California? Or is that only with new contracts...?), I can mail it back and get a new phone--whether it's from T-Mobile or not. If I stuck with T-Mobile till at least July, I could reduce my Early Termination Fee to $100; if I wait until September 22, I can make it $0. Right now it's a hefty $200, which is nothing to laugh at, but when you hate your existing phone as much as I do, you might be willing to eat it...and I probably will, if the Samsung Galaxy S fails to impress.

Ring ring ring on my telephone )

So that's it...for now. The new phone is called "The Galaxy Cauldron" (almost all of my electronics are actually a geeky reference of some sort; I kind of like this one because of its potential for Badass), rather than the very boring "Nullentropy." :P

Let the hardcore testing commence!

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