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So I saw "Eclipse" the other night with Stephanie. I didn't pay for it: she used passes! So I have kept my promise of never paying for anything involving "Twilight," except for the time I saw the first movie, and that was genuinely for the LULZ. I was so obnoxious--and I admit it!--during the screening that it more than made up for the cost of the movie and the Junior Mints I think I ate. I wasn't quite as obnoxious during this screening, but it was great to know there were other folks in the theatre who just saw it for the LULZ.

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So I never actually said what swag I got at Anime Expo! For me, at least, swag a big part of the con-going experience. Panels can be fun (or totally lousy, depending on scheduling, "technical difficulties" and other stupid things), and screenings can be a blast (or put you to sleep because there's no variety and the lines stink), but I mainly go to cons these days for the following things:
* Friends
* AMVs
* Swag
* Cosplay
in that order. All told, I "got" all of those things at Anime Expo, so you could say I had a good time.

Swagalicious! )

So I'm overall satisfied with what I got, even though the Expo itself wasn't as good this year as last year. That's really a much longer story, but suffice it to say, they were just very disorganized. That makes people irritable and rude, and that makes other people miserable.

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So if you happen to be selling any of these or know where I can get them cheap, drop me a line!
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So, yesterday I went to the mall and got myself $165 or so of manga (and one book, "How to Read Novels Like a Professor"), including Vols. 23 and 24 of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles. Going months between reads means I forget some things, but I usually get a very quick reminder of the action somehow, and then lots of mysteries are either layered on one another or revealed.

The latest volumes? REVELATIONS IN SPADES. Obviously you shouldn't touch the cut if you haven't read at least this far, though I expect most "true" fans are reading from the Japanese raws or scanlations or whatever. Me, I'm going by Del Rey's speed.

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Can anyone point me at a Wiki or something that explains how vampires work in the CLAMP-verse? I mean xxxHolic/Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles and wherever they sourced their vampires from, like X/1999 or some other CLAMP vampire title.

I know "game" (gah-may) comes into play somehow, but I'm not sure how. Help?
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So I got to reading [ profile] pamgutz's very intriguing essay on exactly why (complete with in-book citations) Edward Cullen is an abusive boyfriend, and so not worth all the fangirl-gasm he gets. And being that "Twilight" is, at best, amusing/entertaining/a strangely addicting read but I still STRONGLY dislike the characters, the writing style, and the disappointing plot, I've got a fic bunny.

Remember a while back how I said I'd never write "Twilight" fics because the fandom scares me? It's still true. But now I've got a bit more of a bunny that I had before, so I'm setting it free here on the 'Net, because if I ever become masochistic, I might revisit this post. If anyone else were to ever undertake this and make it Very Good, I'd want to read it (which is saying a lot for something involving the "Twilight" fandom).

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Yeah, this post got longer than I planned.

Random aside: why are there no good Rainbow Text generators online? Why do generators always have to spit out bad/deprecated HTML code? Use CSS! Use hex codes with quotes and pound-signs, or use the damn color names! Yeesh.

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