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Not that long ago, I finally got a DVR, which enabled me to play catch-up with some of my favorite TV shows that I have missed due to my crazy schedule. It's weird, because while I'm working only part-time and, up until this session, have been only taking one class (eight weeks) online, I feel like I don't have the time to do my usual activities--even staying up-to-date with my Feed on Facebook, let alone checking journals and other sites, working on fic/art, getting organized on my computer, etc. I'm not even playing video games or writing articles (like I should be). Where does my time go?

So when I finally do get some breather time and I can watch TV, imagine my shock to hear that the Monday evening episode of Stargate: Universe (the latest iteration in the Stargate franchise, which began with the Kurt Russell MGM movie and became Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis on the SyFy--formerly Sci-Fi--channel) was the final one! As in SERIES FINALE.

What the hell!?

The show's only been on for two seasons now, and intermittent seasons at that. Meanwhile, "SyFy" (which is a joke of a name, but it's "trademark-able!") is showing cooking shows, ridiculous ghost/urban legend/paranormal shows that everyone with a brain knows are staged, and oh yes! WRESTLING.

There are a handful of science-fiction television programs on these days. A few of them are good. Not all of them are on SyFy, and of the ones that are, not all of them even have a true sci-fi bent the way Stargate: Universe (henceforth "SGU") did. To name a few: Haven, Eureka, Sanctuary, Being Human, Doctor Who, Fringe...etc. There are also some that places will list that I honestly don't consider Sci-Fi. For example, Smallville, another favorite show of mine. It's not sci-fi. It's action, if anything, because it's based off the early years of SUPERMAN, for Pete's sake! Or call it drama, or romance, because it's like a slightly more angsty version of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, from the 90s! NOT SCI-FI.

Merlin? Also not sci-fi. In fact, anyone who likes Merlin really ought to know better: it's fantasy, pure and true. Call it myth, call it legend, call it fairy tales--it sure as hell IS NOT sci-fi.

What follows is a rant about the cancellation/ending of SGU; there will be spoilers.

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For the next half hour or so, it's July 20.

For those that don't know (yet), July 20 is the day my older half-sister Michelle Elizabeth Smith died (fuck euphemisms). She fell from a cliff near Lands End in San Francisco, CA, which I consider my hometown, because I grew up here. (Michelle, being my half-sister, grew up partially in New York and partially in California.)

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So tonight's episode of Smallville was the Season 9 finale! I'd read a few spoilers ahead of time, but I missed the last two weeks' episodes, so I wasn't entirely sure if the finale was THIS week or not. But it definitely is! Spoilers, obviously.

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And then there's Stargate: Universe. Next week's episode looks quite awesome, judging by the amazing cast of guest stars (Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks being my personal favs). This week's episode was pretty confusing at first, but it cleared up quickly and yet still left some residual material to work with...

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Sep. 10th, 2009 09:57 pm
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So I'm watching the CW's new "The Vampire Diaries" show in an attempt to believe in the vampire genre post-Twilight. I was really hoping it wouldn't have too many (it's impossible to believe in ANY) Twilight elements, but so far, the show's not faring well.

A quick reference table, for the uninitiated:

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Ah, well, it seems no matter how hard I (or the Geeks on YTDAW, or the fans on Dollars For Sense) wish, Sara Sidle will be disappearing from CSI. Okay, maybe "disappearing" is the wrong word, all things considered, but Jorja Fox will be leaving the show as of S8x08, according to the latest Entertainment Weekly exclusive (which, incidentally, I saw during my J371 class while doing a newspaper assignment using the Daily News).

Unlike the TV Guide article that was circulating for a few weeks, this one has Jorja Fox definitively saying she's going to be leaving. She says it's not because of the money, though, but because she wants to get away from the violence of the show; not for good (and she even admits it may be the stupidest thing she's ever done, but she won't know until she tries). She wants to pursue other projects... who knows what they might be.

Personally, I would have rather found this out by watching; I see no point to revealing major spoilers for episodes still more than a month away. That said, I am a BIT glad that the episode where she'll supposedly (come on, it hasn't been aired YET) leave isn't the one that was filmed on campus, otherwise I would have really kicked myself for not seeing it in the plot. It makes more sense that way; like I said when I posted my article and talked about the filming on campus, I can't see an episode involving a major character leaving having the usual multiple crime scenes. 42 minutes is NOT a whole lot of time, and for something THAT major, it should be one crime scene at the most, with the rest devoted to the character interaction and the plot involving the character leaving.

What else:
* I pray to all that's holy that they don't kill her off. I don't think they will, given that they had that chance at the beginning of this season and they didn't do it.

* I think that if GSR was 7 seasons in the making (to become canon AND known to the whole cast), they can't destroy it in one episode. I can't see Grissom hooking up with Lady Heather, Sofia, or any other major female character with Sara gone.

* While part of me would LOVE to see Sara leaving because she married Grissom and got pregnant, I think it's a bit too fluffy for CSI. What I don't get is the gap of 4 episodes between Grissom's proposal and Sara's (supposed) departure. Sara could theoretically say (like I mentioned in my previous theorizing post) "I need more time" to figure out her answer, but... somehow I don't see that happening. If she's been with Grissom this long, I really think she'd just KNOW. Something traumatic or major would have to happen for Sara to a) say something like that or b) turn him down and have a reason to leave.

But I can't see her flat-out saying no because... well, the tagline for the episode is "The moment GSR fans have all been waiting for." And hey, I may be a n00b GSR fan, but I'll tell you I haven't been waiting for a moment when Sara rejects/breaks up with Grissom, when Sara dies and leaves Grissom super-depressed, etc. I've been waiting for Grissom to get the balls to propose and Sara to get over her issues and say yes. From there... well, that's the CSI writers' job, to balance the procedural part of the drama with the character portion of it. I know they can make it work without turning it into Desperate Housewives or Grey's Anatomy or whatnot.

If this news has yet to hit DFS or YTDAW, I'm a bit surprised; I hardly think I'm "in the know" (despite my one article that became fandom news...). I wonder if it's worth it to keep sending in flyers and the like to CBS when it seems that at this point, it's not a matter of Jorja leaving on account of a lousy raise, it's her own personal decision to try other things. The last thing I think ANY actor wants is to be solely defined by the one role they stuck with for years and years, and if Jorja Fox can do a character that goes above and beyond Sara Sidle, more power to her. I'd love to see her in more things.

Unlike a lot of CSI fans, I don't think I could really say "If Sara leaves, I leave." I'll probably still watch CSI to see if it starts stinking and if it does, then of course I'll stop watching. That happened with a lot of shows I was initially excited about (and even ones I stuck with until the end, like Alias and Star Trek: Voyager had their Serious Moments of Suck). Of course, I hope it doesn't happen with CSI, but part of the reason why I really enjoyed the show was because of the characterization, specifically the interaction between Grissom and Sara. Hell, if even Spike TV can recognize the "sexual tension" between these two in that simple locker scene from before Grissom went on sabbatical, then it's not like GSR is some sort of minority that the evil CBS writers want to crush into the ground and laugh at.

I'm hoping that however Sara leaves, it'll be with the possibility of future guest appearances. Hence, even though my idea is downright fluffy and would probably never happen, I'm hoping for something at least a LITTLE along those lines, because if she leaves under GOOD circumstances, there's a better chance of her showing up again when Grissom needs some more fleshing out.

If anyone's got ideas on how Sara Sidle could gracefully bow out without being killed or breaking Grissom's heart, I'd love to hear it. I honestly think those are the two extremes, and I really hope the writers don't resort to that.

It seems today's a day for goodbyes, though, whether possible or past, present or future. *sigh*

Hup hup!

Oct. 14th, 2007 09:35 pm
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Let's see, five or so minutes until clean-up time (or at least until Jamie is supposed to get here to help me clean up) for the NSCS Garage Sale, and we've made about $85 over the course of two days. Not too bad. The leftovers I suppose we'll give to the Goodwill, though some stuff (namely some sports cards and some manga) I think I can sell online for a decent amount. Hopefully.

Joyce also said she'll buy all the stuffed animals; she works in family law, and when kids get adopted out, they get to pick a stuffed animal, but she says "they're" (I don't know who "they" are) always running out (of stuffed animals to give away). Right now, we have about 10 left, so hopefully Joyce will be willing to fork over $20 or so for the lot, including a brand-new, super-soft dog-pillow thing.

It hasn't been bad, sitting out here pretty much all day. As per usual for me, I've been reading a lot of CSI fic (I think I've read almost everything by Mossley, at this point), chatting with Joe and Jamie when they were here (Jamie is helping me clean up before we meet Joe and the others at Starbucks for an NSLS meeting), and checking my email.

I'm applying to another internship that might meet the Journalism department's standards for credit (for a journalism internship)-- the Washington Internship Institute. Okay, it's not free, but housing is actually part of the package and I *hope* that it's a paid internship. Anyway, Prof. Shapiro (last semester's JOUR 331 - Graphics professor) agreed to write the required faculty recommendation form for me, so yay to that. :) I think it's bull that I should have to pay all these fees and deposits for things I supposedly qualify for because I'm so active in volunteering, have such a good GPA, etc. -_- Whatever happened to REWARDING the smart kids? I feel like all the good opportunities are just beyond my reach, all because of cash. Well, there's loans, fundraising, and scholarships, and I'm sure as hell not a quitter, so I'll have to look into a variety of things.

Personally, I'd like it if the Target internship could still work out somehow for Journalism credit, because not only is it local and sound fun (but also challenging), but it pays well. Plus there's a strong chance of being hired full-time after the fact, which is nothing to scoff at. Even Target needs a media/press relations department, and while I'm no PR concentration, you never know the needs of a corporation like that.

I have decided I'm going to drop Japanese as a minor, though. On the one hand, it's sad, because I've always been so dedicated to the study of Japanese language and culture, and I enjoyed it a lot when I was younger. When I got into college and DID declare it as my secondary minor, I thought of it as the thing that would set me apart from all the other Journalism majors with their required collateral fields or minors. But the classes are terribly timed, stressful... and to be honest, just thinking about it makes my chest hurt. I can't handle the professors, the workload... anything. I get this sickening guilty feeling whenever I read the [ profile] japanese community, too. I know that I said just a few paragraphs above, I'm not a quitter-- and I'm not NOW. But I was, because Japanese stressed me out that much.

Even though I look back on going to Japan as a great experience, one I learned a lot from, to be honest, I can't see myself living there anymore, like I used to. I don't think I could work at Shonen Jump or Shojo Beat as a translator; an editor, maybe (and they do need one...). And when I really look back on it, I remember the fun times with my friends, but I also remember how cold and lonely I was. I remember crying the first few days I got there, because I felt like the stupidest person there, not remembering certain things. That was especially true when I finally went to Tokyo on my own and I didn't understand what the clerk was telling me when she said Sarah Brightman had already left the store. I must have waited there for an hour, all because I forgot what the word "sakki" meant.

I don't want to feel that way again. I'd like to think that I learned from my experiences --both in class and in Japan-- and now I have a better grasp on my limitations. I know a bit more about just what defines my breaking point: at which point I get so stressed I make myself ill. I have to say, I really have been getting pretty sick over the past half-year, and if it's really all psychosomatic, I'm disappointed in myself. I'm not exactly the paragon of healthy eating and regular exercise, but it's not like I pork out in front of the TV all day with a bag of chips and guac. But stressing out does things to your insides, and I was getting pretty close to either being a hypochondriac or being genuinely ill with something like an ulcer. Scott had that, and just judging by what I heard from him, I don't want to go down that route.

I have yet to really un-declare the minor, and I'm not 100% sure of the consequences- after all, I got that Presidential Scholarship which I really never did anything with, though it saved my hide in Japan after that idiotic phone escapade. Part of me still thinks I'm more than capable of writing that book, but it's not like I ever had this great relationship with my supposed mentor, Hirota-sensei, and I hardly think I would after I un-declare the minor. That's especially true if I have to get her signature on any forms and explain just why I feel the way I do. I don't like getting emotional around professors.

Anyway, other stuff:
What's your preferred domain registrar? I've been with, and while they were good, they were too expensive. Same goes with InterNIC. I'm with Yahoo! Small Business for, and GoDaddy for, but today at the NSLS officers' meeting, Jamie told me that GoDaddy sucks and he won't have anything to do with them, directly or indirectly. I've had a great experience with them so far, despite their supposed lousy TOS and policies. Nonetheless, if I wanted to get a CSUN NSLS website that's not hosted by CSUN (because apparently that requires funding which we currently do not have), I need to find a good registrar. Suggestions are appreciated!

WDKY25 is like, seriously, almost done. Whee! I actually was working on it last night-- a storm of writing! Please let it continue...!
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I've wanted to take JOUR 371 "Women, Men, and Media" for a while, and now that I'm in it, I can really say I'm looking at my "usual media" in a different light. Like most people, I'm not the hugest fan of commercials, but occasionally I'll pay attention to one if it's funny (the Doritos Superbowl commercial), the first time for an annoyingly stupid one (the Geico cavemen commercials...), interesting (the Halo 3 commercial) or trendy... you get the idea.

But tonight I'm watching Voyager or CSI or something on Spike and I see a commercial for a new Sega Rally video game. It's got these two girls, the driver who lends her friend in the passenger seat her lipgloss. The passenger girl raves about the color-- meanwhile, you're seeing the car skid, slide, go every which-way... basically, like a rally car on a track.

The tag line? "Drive like a man."


Srsly, WTF?

I'm not sure if I should be offended or not. After all, it's basically saying that guys drive like complete schmucks and get into accidents. But it's also saying that that sort of behavior is admirable, like women should WANT to drive like that (and don't). Then again, maybe it's supposed to be "women are cool-- they can put makeup on in any situation, bumpy or not!" But I doubt that very much.

I'm sorry, I'd much rather be applying makeup and driving slow and steady than be getting highs off testosterone and racing when and where it's unnecessary, spinning, rolling, and crashing like some foolish street racers (FYI, I can admire Initial D as a piece of fiction, but there was recently a bunch of street racers here in the San Fernando Valley that were responsible for the death of a mother and two children. I don't consider *real* street racers in high regard, and think they're a bunch of fucktwits).



Oct. 11th, 2007 04:33 pm
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Here's a thought: In "Living Doll," when Grissom essentially makes the admission that reveals his (long-standing) relationship with Sara (e.g. something that isn't co-workers-only, acquaintanceship, or anything else so simple and friendly), the two people that look THE MOST SURPRISED are Catherine and Warrick.

The least surprised looking ones are Greg and Nick, though later it's revealed that supposedly Greg knew (via hints) from Sara, but Nick didn't have a single clue. Catherine... she always SEEMS like she knew, and I can see Warrick not being so blind. (Point in fact, Catherine is the only one besides Sara to be able to see Grissom in a friendly/non-supervisory light, so it makes sense why in so much GSR fic, she always knows about GSR before they announce it. Even in canon, she pretty much KNOWS that Grissom likes Sara as more than a co-worker/friend.)

Is it because they "acted" too much? It's curious. It's possibly even fic-worthy. Except no, because that'd be bad for my fic karma.
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WOW. So as if getting to hang out on the set of CSI wasn't cool enough (all right, it would have been cooler if I got to talk with Jorja Fox and George Eads, or see William Petersen), the day before yesterday I got a very nice, vaguely familiar envelope in the mail...

I got invited to the Delegation on Communication in Journalism in AUSTRALIA! AGAIN! This is the second year I've been invited, but because last year I was in Japan, I missed the deadline for turning the application in. The fact that I got invited again despite the drama that happened last semester means I'm still gold to somebody out there, and I don't want to pass this opportunity up.

Of course, there's always a catch. Just like the coolest media internship programs, this delegation costs money. It covers airfare, travel insurance, accommodations, food, and, if I want, an extra few days touring around the most exotic parts of Australia. HOW COOL IS THAT!? *squeeballs*

Anyway, it's $6789 total, which is... a lot, of course. The first deposit of $649 has to be made before December 17th, which is not a bad thing-- I mean, I could easily put that amount on my credit card and pay it back in 2-3 chunks over the next few months. But then in January, $2000 would be due, with the remainder due in February. That's the money I'm not so sure about, because my highest credit limit is on my Macy*s Visa (which I never intend to use outside of Macy*s *AS* a Visa), and I don't see any way of my job (or even my Spring Semester financial aid check, really) covering that.

But there's no way I'm just going to give up hope now. I have to look into things-- scholarships, other financial aid. My dad would probably tell me to ask the Journalism department here at CSUN to fund it so I could write some sort of story, but I doubt that they'd do that. I always doubt that sort of generosity from this department... -_- (Then again, this department seems pretty broke half the time, so...) Anyone have any ideas? It's power fundraising time-- not just for DonorsChoose and AIDS Walk, but Mer, too! :O!!!

(Did I also mention I got invited into another honor society, the Golden Key? DAMN. I feel... smart, like there's another me out there faking everyone out, and I'm basking in this. I don't feel like I deserve it, but on the flip side, I'm really excited, happy, and proud.)

* WDKY IS FOUR YEARS OLD AS OF YESTERDAY (10/9). Someone hit me upside the head with an inspiration-motivation-mallet, please. the last time I let a fanfiction fester for this long was Only 16, and that... didn't turn out so well. It wasn't even as long as WDKY!
* Updated my online portfolio/resume with my latest articles. Also added them to Facebook, including the CSI article. Headline sucks, but I didn't make it up. Read the article if you like, though, and tell me what you think!
* Damn, I feel busy all the time. I'm glad the weekend's coming up, though-- I mean, I'll be busy anyway, with the NSCS garage sale (and the weekend after that, the AIDS Walk-- squee, already raised $275!), but maybe I'll use the sale as a chance to clean my room or something. And maybe get some computer stuff done, too.

...I wanna read more CSI fic. I've read 2 60+ chapter fics (yesterday's was 81 and COUNTING) in the past week or so, and... I'm hooked! More GSR plz!
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So as I walked to work today, I saw a bunch of "West Las Vegas University" flyers up everywhere. I thought it was a student filming thing, which seems to have been around a lot, but THEN I spied a large crowd clustered just past the main Oviatt Library quad and noticed...


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (did I mention that's my new favorite show? Yes. Yes I did) is filming an episode here on campus.


I saw Jorja Fox and the evil little genius girl from a previous episode (you know, the one who killed a girl using sodium in a shower-head; she and her brother each tried to take the blame for each other, but because of reasonable doubt, they both got off, but at episode's end, the little girl essentially "admitted" to Jorja Fox (Sara) that she'd done it and there was nothing Sara could do about it). I was within TEN FEET of Jorja Fox.

So obviously this is for an episode coming up in Season 8 (keep in mind, 08x02 is premiering tonight, so this must be AT LEAST 08x05), and Sara/Jorja Fox is most definitely staying on the show for this season. And her arm heals by the time this episode airs. :D Also, little evil/demonic genius girl ends up going to WLVU, which is NOT a real university (and even if it was, not in Nevada! Haha!).

The only sad/weird thing was how the scriptwriters had to stereotype-- there was a whole mess of extras done up like members of Evanescence or whatever, complete with leather corsets and black lipstick. Uh, yeah, the goths. Hate to break it to you, but huge public universities don't HAVE cliques like high school... leastwise, not that I've ever seen, and I've been here four years. But whatever, WLVU =/= CSUN, even though really, it is. :P

But I find this super-cool and "hitsuzen" because I've been obsessing over CSI the past couple of days, reading fanfiction for GSR (Grissom x Sara Romance, my new TV OTP ever since my other favorite TV shows ended ages ago) and, up until I left work to get lunch and go to class, getting LJ icons (have yet to find more than 1 I like and then upload). So, just WOW.


This makes me want 9pm to come that much sooner. :D

I tried to take pictures with my camera phone, but it's really blurry, I think. But SO DAMN COOL. This totally outweighs Sky High! :D :D :D
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So tonight I watched the "Star Wars: Legacy Revealed" and "Star Wars Tech" specials on the History channel, and they proved to be quite interesting. To be honest with you, I never really go to movies looking for deeper symbolism, ties to world myth, literature, religion, or history. I just go to be entertained, and to have a good time. So this special gave me insight on a side of the Star Wars universe that I never really thought to look for before. But in seeing all the flashbacks and learning "what can be" and "what can't," I also thought up a bunch of questions. Maybe some of the more dedicated SW fans here can answer them for me.

Oh yeah, Darth Vader is Luke's dad. )

So while I really enjoy Star Wars and found this special interesting, it certainly brought up a lot of questions, probably ones I wouldn't have if I were a more hardcore fan that paid closer attention to the intricacies of the story. I know the Star Wars universe and story is far from perfect, but it DID change a lot in the world, especially regarding film making, and even science. In that respect, it's timelessly cool.
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I got tired of the pastel look of my old LJ layout (I'm not as creative as other LJers with their original and unique LJ layouts... I'm so fickle, I just change whatever's available in the LJ styles), so I switched to the new limited-edition "Havaianas" blue and pink layout. It's kind of cute, nice and bright.

Today I came to work late because of a dermatology appointment at Kaiser... FINALLY! I had to call them, even though my substitute primary physician told me THEY (being the dermatology department) would call me since she put a referral in for me. Anyway, so I showed the dermatology doc the funny spot on my left side. The nice doctor, Schweitzer by name, just smiled and said we'd biopsy it. And biopsy we did! So I guess he carved the odd bit off. Apparently I have more moles than I thought-- things I thought were just freckles are "warning spots," so I guess it's a good idea that I heeded the advice of Glamour and made the appointment to see my dermatologist, just because I fit into the "danger" group (one of them, anyway: fair-skinned and freckled folks). The results will be available in one week. And whatever they are, they probably won't surprise me. I think when it comes to medical stuff, nothing short of an STD could surprise me. (And considering I'm lacking in the S department, a D would be pretty hard to come by.)

Grandpa was nice enough to take me to Western Bagel (I had to pout and practically beg, which is pathetic for a 22-year-old college student, but their bagels are SOOOO good, much better than the Freudian Sip ones here on campus), which was actually kind of unexpected, since he pretty much said "No, don't have time, be mature about it," and I figured he was right, whatever, just get a bagel at school. But he didn't, so I got to have a soft, cream-cheese covered bagel (TWO! One for my late breakfast, one that I'll have in a bit for lunch) and a raspberry Snapple. JOYGASM!

And speaking of food, I've become a Food Network junkie. Compared to high school, I don't watch a lot of TV anymore-- I watch "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" on Sundays, "Raine" when it was on Thursdays/Fridays, and occasionally Food Network, if the show interests me. Two nights ago, I watched a marathon of Dinner: Impossible" and last night, I watched a marathon of "Ace of Cakes" and an episode of "Iron Chef America," which, compared to the crappy Shatner version, is fantastic and fun! I was really impressed with Chef Blais, who did all these crazy scientific things in the kitchen to make an amazing array of things with GARBANZO beans. As a supposed Garbanzo bean hater, I might actually like to try some of the things he made, because he proved that you can do a lot more with legumes than just stick them in a salad or dip.

But all the "Ace of Cakes" had me thinking: If your favorite [fictional] couple were getting married and wanted a 'unique' cake for their reception, what sort of cake might they have?

I'm thinking something along these lines or more "not-so-traditional."

I was originally considering Seto Kaiba and Anzu Mazaki, of course, and Anzu would undoubtedly say "No Duel Monsters," while Kaiba might say "No dancing anything." So what sort of cake might they have, if they don't want it to be all traditional (that is, multi-tiered and round with frills)? And what about Usagi and Mamoru, for that matter? I mean, we know Usagi's got her sweet tooth, but you can make a delicious cake in all sorts of shapes and sizes! So what sort of unique cake might she and Mamoru have? Give me size, shapes, colors, and if you can think more creatively, flavors!

Let me know!

But at last! The weekend! Have to clean my room (honest. With our without that damn bookcase!) and study for my finals-- on Monday there's my JOUR 330 final in Editing, and on Tuesday I have my JOUR 400 Media Law final and my JOUR 331 Graphics final, all of which I genuinely have to study for. Other than that, no other finals, just work. And I only work Wednesday and Friday, apparently. It'll be nice to have Thursday off. This weekend I also want to go to the mall to make sure Baba spends the Borders card my mom got her for Mother's Day (aww) and probably something else which I am forgetting. Maybe to look for CS3 books, since I might be getting it within the next two weeks thanks to my stellar soon-to-be-graduating-from-UCLA cousin **ERIN!** Apparently UCLA students get a much steeper discount on CS3 than CSUN students do, so I asked her if she could score it for me. She said yes, just call her on Saturday when she has time. :) Thrills!

And I guess I'm just going to keep thumbing through the Fall 2007 schedule to get some ideas for that "spare" class I have. I want to keep checking the online schedule throughout the summer so I know exactly what class times and professors are being offered. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a fun, mostly-stress-free Fall!
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Okay, here's some oddness for you:
(1) 'Mokuba' is apparently a brand of hair accessories. I've seen them featured in the last two month's issues of Glamour, primarily with ribbons.

(2) A person came into the Walk-In center today named Akhnaton. "Akhenaden" or "Akunadin," much? Hey, it's a real Arabic name!

(3) I've also seen Shadi mentioned in Glamour somewhere-- it might have been a jewelry brand or maker, from what I can remember.

Extreme Makeover: Scandal Edition! )
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Well, it won't be long until the wide, grand populous of America (that is to say, those with TVs) finds themselves glued to the tube once more. After all, last season produced some rather... interesting finales, to say the least.

Of the ones I covered in one of my former entries, "Glued to the Tube," "Xander Saves The Day (At Last)!" and others, I covered shows like Alias, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Charmed.

Now, I wasn't expecting to write this entry at all-- not until mid to late September, when the press/media goes on a frenzy advertising snippets of what's to come. To tell you the truth, nothing short of what I read on E! Online today could get me any more excited-- producers and writers alike are all taking that "I totally did NOT expect THAT" route with the premieres. Now, most of this may be gossip, but plenty of it is bona fide interview, along with a lot of angry responses that people on message boards have seen. So let's get started, shall we?

In the finale of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," a lot of things came together-- Willow, who had been trying to get off her "magic high" and do away with any kind of spell that would a) make her life easier b) impose her will on otherwise stubborn forces or c) break her relationship of trust even further with Tara. And it was working-- up until a vengeful and back-stabbing leader of "The Trio," Warren decided to go and shoot Buffy. The first bullet missed -Xander leaped upon him- but the second one hit. Where'd the missed bullet go? Straight into Tara's heart. She and Willow, recently reconciled, had been making love most of the episode, and upon getting up, Tara freezes... and falls to the floor. The episode "Seeing Red," made several viewers just that-- as far as they were concerned, Joss had suddenly, and unnecessarily removed one of the only realistically portrayed lesbian couples on TV!

To a certain extent, I agree with the viewers-- I mean, I didn't expect Tara to die, and once I heard it would happen, I knew Willow would go ballistic, and quickly go back into uber-demon-girl mode again. After all, what more of an unexpected season finale enemy could you get when the Slayer's own best friend is turned against her? The fun part, of course, was watching Xander save her. His character grew a lot in that episode, though a lot of people seem to forget he was there at all.

It seems Joss Whedon's decision wasn't well accepted though, even by members of his own cast. Several interviews from Robert A. Black's article and its follow up reveal that Whedon looked at Tara's death as a "necessity" -- she was never a full-time cast member anyway, and in order to bring out the underlying subplot of Willow going "back to the dark side," you had to give her a good reason to. However, the new season has a lot of old themes that viewers aren't going to expect-- probably because Buffy's fought The Master, Angel, another Slayer, a corrupt politician, a half-human Goddess of Hell, a technological Terror, and of course, a Trio of idiots. Supposedly, the new season will bring back the Goddess, the Master, and even Tara- though not necessarily in that order, in the roles we know them in. ^^ So surprises are sure to be in wait.

As for the spin off show, Angel, it's getting more irritating by the second. I should say now that I am 99.9% always a fan of canon couples. That is to say, if the show implies that a certain pair will get together, and they do, I root for that couple... even if the show is a spin off. Do you get where I'm going with this? I wasn't a big fan of Groo, but I honestly thought it was ridiculous that Cordy and Angel "suddenly realize" that they love each other. I know for a fact that this will be another premiere where months have gone by-- it's summer's end now, and "where is everybody?" Well, Wesley's exploring a potential relationship (*coughcough* LILAH *coughcough*) with Wolfram and Hart, while Gunn and Fred, who have spent the whole summer together, go with Connor/Steve (E! Online also called him C. Diddy, which I thought was kinda funny) to look for his dad. Of course, they'll eventually find him-- or perhaps Angel will break free on his own. But Angel goes on the hunt for Cordy, who has been missing all this time too. She's still a regular, but won't appear in the first (few?) episode(s) since she's up in her Other Realm gathering forces (for what? E didn't say). When people ask Angel why he's collecting certain artifacts, he says it's "for someone that is very important to me." (the line was originally "for someone I love very much." BLECH!) Talk about too many things going on at once! The worst part is, now Angel's got his own counterpart wandering around Sunnydale-- Spike, recently resouled (and again, I ask, WHY DIDN'T THEY THINK OF THIS EARLIER?!) is all broody-- how will he NOT end up like Angel?

It's safe to say that Seth Green's busy schedule won't him to come back on the show, but former Slayer-now-in-LA-prison just may. What about former Officer Jenny (bad joke) and Wolfram and Hart exec Lindsay? In both shows, "unexpected reappearances" lead the parade, since Buffy's new enemy isn't all that new at all, she won't be working at the Doublemeat Palace (and again, viewers complain that Whedon won't listen to his fans and keep the relationship between W/T intact, but is glad to oblige a major corporate sponsor) and she (but what about ANGEL?) is bound to find out about Spike sooner than later. What's more, the season is supposed to be Dawn-centric (FINALLY) as she starts "coming of age" and coming into power (well she still IS the KEY. It took them long enough). Lastly, rumors (and they ARE only rumors) have been circulating about Sarah Michelle Gellar's lack of a return for an eighth (that's the season after next-- the season starting this September will be the SEVENTH) season. I doubt the show can continue without a slayer-- even though they KILLED Buffy last season, she still had to show up in the premiere. Go figure. And by 'a slayer,' I do not mean a resurrected Kendra, a freed Faith, or Dawn with muscle. The show is BUFFY the Vampire Slayer.

--MORE? Alias, Charmed, Star Trek and others... I have yet to find out what's ahead for them. Drop me a note if you have any juicy rumors!
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Ah, months ago I wrote my thoughts on the season/series finales. It's been too long, and now I finally remembered-- and feel like writing them. So here I am, keeping my promise!

Felicity: To the tell you the truth, I missed the series finale of Felicity. I lost interest in the show after the second season, when Felicity a) changed times, and b) went around the country with BEN. From the start, I didn't like Ben-- he had no personality, wasn't that much of a looker, and I honestly could NOT see what Felicity saw in him. When I finally found my Thursday nights free, (I no longer get NBC) I started to watch it again... but the schedule was so sporadic (more like half-seasons than full ones) that I lost interest once more. I watched the few episodes that featured Felicity going back in time-- to "redo" the time she had spent with Noel. As someone obsessed with time-travel theorems and possibilities, I had a gut feeling that Felicity wouldn't get what she wanted. She'd have to learn that life without a guy wasn't so bad. I always saw her character as rather flat and clingy.

The highlight of the 'Countdown to Goodbye' segment had to be the tiffs between Sean and Megan, since I didn't even know they were married. Their contrasting characters made everything so interesting that the time-travel (which brought Tangi Miller's character back to life, erased Zoe from history, and saw Sean interested in Amy -former Pink Power Ranger and Felicity's best friend... who apparently was *using* Sean to get to BEN *again*... sheesh.) Now, from what I saw of the ending previews, NOEL dies- in a fire! Can you say LAME?

There's a little thing writers in fiction have to remember: the implicit promise. It's the one thing that you say (whether obviously or subtlety) in the VERY BEGINNING of every story, that says "you're going to feel ___" and "you're going to see the world ____" Screenwriters do it a little differently, starting *and* ending every season with an implicit promise, while [hopefully] resolving the old one, or at least closing some loopholes.

Felicity did that-- at first, but then failed miserably. It lost it's appeal too quickly, and I hope that Fall's new shows make up for several of the disappointments of last season (which sadly, came from the WB).

Enterprise YES! Another new Star Trek series! I've only watched entire seasons (and shows) of Voyager and Enterprise, and both have engaging, interesting characters. I was a fan of Scott Bakula when he was doing Quantum Leap, and now he's still interesting-- though monotone. My absolute favorite characters are Trip, Reed, and Hoshi. Oh, and I can't forget the adorable beagle Porthos! I want a beagle! In the last episode, the ever-present and seemingly omniscient Suliban reappeared, along with a time traveling Crewman Daniels. I missed TWO episodes throughout the entire season, and I think it threw me off kilter! In any case, Daniels gave Captain Archer some haunting dreams, intending to prevent the destruction of an entire planet. However, the plan fails- and while the ship is on the run from several heavily-armed vessels, the Captain is transported (he thinks he's being taken to the vessels demanding him as a hostage) to the 31st century (after ANY OTHER Star Trek series)-- but it's in a state of total destruction. Now there's no way to send Archer back. I like the series because it's not focused entirely on who the Captain's going to DO that episode. I do have some quirks about it though-- it being set 150 years before Kirk's time, why are the uniforms so modern? Why aren't there more girls in minis on the ship? And above all, what's with the modern transporter (however rare they use it) sequence? I suppose "going retro" would decline the audience some, but at least it would stay true to the Star Trek timeline. I can't wait until Nemesis, the 10th ST movie, starring the TNG crew, comes out this month.

Alias: Quite easily my new favorite show, this season finale literally kept me on the edge of my seat-- when I wasn't running back and forth in the kitchen for some much needed snacks. I adore the simmering romance between Sydney and Vaughn (STUD!) and could easily see the implicit promise being made throughout the season-- that Sydney, on a constant search for her mother (though the fact that she was really alive only became clear towards the last few episodes, regardless of how predictable it was) would have to meet her. She'd end up in a worst-case scenario situation-- in the hands of The Man (the irony there is finally realized) -- and then meet her mother. The entire last episode was packed with drama, romance, comedy... there are so many unanswered questions, and that's what makes a finale great. Vaughn isn't DEAD-- more likely captured. After all, the water flooded a building-- doubtless there was SOME place that had air or a window or a manner of escape. It's unlikely that he could have been captured, unless there was a way for the water to be drained at such a fast rate that he wouldn't have drowned, and, possibly passed out, could have been taken in. BUT, we're still wondering about the effects of Will finding out Syd's secret, WHAT in the world Syd is going to say to her mother... and probably a million other questions I'm not remembering at the moment.

Charmed: I used to watch it, then I stopped, then I started watching it again. Rose McGowan successfully completes her first season as half-sister Paige, and I must commend her on a job well done. I recently re-watched the season premiere where she made her debut, and though hints were aplenty, and the emotional tension was high, she made a good entrance into a fun and engaging show. It was the only show that I saw that didn't leave you nail-biting -the ending was HAPPY, what with the Angel of Destiny (an admiral in ST, too?) and everything. Now, we're wondering what's happening with Cole, now that he's got a mesh of demon powers inside him. What's more, since The Source is gone, who will the girls fight? There has to be *some* source of evil, right? Or are all the baddies in the world just rebelling now?

Overall, I'd have to say this season's finales were about a 6 or 7. Some were very engaging, on-the-edge-of-your-seat, emotional roller coasters, while others... let's just say they left much to be desired. Stay tuned (and I mean it this time) for the season PREMIERES, coming up in September/October or November.
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Ah, Buffy's finale-- well, what can I say? The last half hour of Buffy's two-hour finale lacked in a kick-- and, like Angel, I think the finale should have been the *previous* episode (the one where Warren, sick of losing to the power-imbued Buffster, shot Buffy and Tara and then got ripped to shreds by Evil Willow for killing Tara). Most shows this season seem to think finale means "closing up all the loose ends and then adding ONE last one." Some writers seem to be doing this in the most ridiculous ways-- and case in point is the sudden maniac transformation of Willow, out to destroy the world by summoning some ancient god named Prosperpexa. The show seemed good for random laughs rather than the dramatic seriousness/violence and romance that made Buffy so appealing originally- last season's ending was far better.

With Buffy still getting used to LIFE on Earth again, and with her "secret" out in the open, it seems the coming seasons will be more about her and Dawn growing as people. There's no doubt that this season's ender, with the death of Tara, the short-lived return of Giles, and the departure of Spike will have repercussions in the future; the things that Evil Willow said and did to Buffy and Co. will probably put a huge gap in the friendship of all the Scoobies, especially Buffy and Willow.

Xander, for once, earns his place outside of the doghouse. Throughout most of the episode, he was his usual runaway self-- but at the very end, he came through, and rather than Buffy saving the world, it was him. I think it's about time. His proclamations of love (friendship love, for all you die hard fans of the age-old Xander/Willow 'ships) touched that tiny spark in Willow that the Dover coven of witches gave to Giles to transfer to her.

As for Anya, I think it was impossible for her to avoid going back to the life of a vengeance demon, but now, she might start falling for Xander again, right when he grows up and learns to move on from his mistakes. With Dawn, it's a possibility that she will learn to "channel" her inner powers-- for, as Evil Willow mentioned, Dawn is STILL the Key, regardless of the time passed and the blood already spilled. She no doubt, being from the blood of the Slayer, has some inner powers that have yet to manifest. Finally, with Spike-- well, what can I say. For most of the season, we could see he was falling down a sort of pit-- and at the bottom, Buffy "leaves" him. It was for the better of both of them, considering the emotion he thought he was feeling was "chip-based," not to mention based off Buffy's distorted view of her life and her return to it; Buffy was just using him. However, after all the trials he went through-- it was quite definitely a surprise that his SOUL of all things was returned to him. I wonder why no one tried that on Spike to begin with-- that is, using the old Romanian spell to restore his soul to him. Why is Angel the special circumstance? I don't think that, even with a soul, Spike will be able to go back to Sunnydale like that-- after all, Xander wants to kill him, Anya doesn't NEED him, Buffy hates him, and Dawn is probably disappointed in him. Should he return, it will not be into open arms.

Next Season Questions to Answer:

  • What about Willow? She won't just "get over" Tara's death. It's feasible that the "time effect" will take place, where months pass between the finale and the next season premiere. How will she avoid the lure of the magicks? She sure channeled a lot of power into Prosperpexa, despite the fact that Xander blocked a lot of it. The very intake of such power could have repercussive effects on Xander, but will Prosperpexa be a new enemy? The Satanic church won't just *disappear,* and since Willow is the only witch of power... *shrugs*

  • Xander and Anya...? A remote possibility, but a possibility nonetheless. In the finale, Xander did a lot of growing up, so will he be able to get over his mistakes... or will he keep on regretting them? Anya's got her work cut out for her too, restoring the Magic Box.

  • Spike with a SOUL!? Are they trying to insert a blonde Angel into Buffy? After all Buff's been through the past two seasons, I think the last thing she needs is romance-- or sex.

Comments, questions, addendum? I want to know what other fans think! I'm going to follow this up with the finales for Felicity, Enterprise, Alias, and Charmed. Stay tuned!
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Since season and series finales seem to be a big thing, I think I'll recap and comment on my favorite shows.
For starters-- I cannot believe that Survivor: Marquesas beat out the series finale of X-files! Well, maybe I can, but I'm just slightly surprised. After all, X-files has been running for so long, and this episode promised to *answer some questions!* At long last! Since I'm a very retired baby X-phile, I wonder (having not watched the finale) whether the show lived up to anyone's expectations. I know several people stopped watching it because Mulder left... it's amazing how high schoolers can be attracted to a guy that's 40-something and married with children... As for Survivor, I find it rather silly. All the reality shows I have a strong dislike to, since there are idiotic parodies, shameless promotions, ridiculous imitations, and rather inane rules. I could go into details, but I already have an old entry (Reality Bites) that I inflamed all this about.

Starting my favorites list is Angel-- whose ratings for the finale weren't that great. I don't think they'll be that great if they move the time slot again either-- at least when Buffy was still on the WB, preceding Angel, there was no question as to what to watch after Buffy. But with Angel on the WB and Buffy on the UPN Network, Angel comes first-- and crossovers are practically an impossibility. Crossovers between the two star-crossed do-gooders of SoCal usually highlighted the season, but this move impacted both show's ratings, as far as I can see. Angel was rather weak this season (not just because of that) but also because Joss (Whedon, writer and creator of both BtVS and Angel) HAD to make Angel start feeling something for Cordelia.

*cough* I can understand the need to have romance for the male and female leads, but with each other? I figured this season would all be about the impossible for Angel becoming possible-- that is, having a son. Far from a normal life, he's a father now. The climatic moment of the season had to be when Connor was taken away-- and I think the season *should* have ended there. But no, they continued it, with Groo starting to doubt Cordelia's feelings for him (despite my "dislike" of Groo, I still think that he and Cordy belong together) and Connor returning all of three episodes later. Since the whole incident seemed fueled by Wesley, he is now a side character who has been "seduced by the dark side--" and quite literally too, surprisingly, after sleeping with Lilah. His British wit don't escape him even after sleeping with the enemy, and being given the chance to work for Wolfram and Hart. His skills, missing from the Angel alliance and in hiatus for anyone else, would be a valuable asset to the continuing enemy that is W&H. With Connor returned (as "Steven") to normal land, Angel is put into a sort of fatherly-defensive mode-- he hasn't had the opportunity to raise his own son, and though the boy was raised in a hell dimension as "The Destroyer," he seems okay. He gets quite used to the presence of women, which makes one wonder just what Quar-Toth is like. Justine, the evil wannabe-slayer with a thing for Holtz helps Holtz carry out one final plan of revenge against Angel, as she and Connor dump a sealed-in-all-things-impossible-to-break-through Angel into the Pacific. Oh great. What with Cordy "becoming a higher neing" (I still think she'll be a major player on the show, despite her other-worldliness), and Groo and Lorne leaving, this leaves Gunn and Fred all alone...

So, overall, we have Angel with the following Next Season Questions to Answer:

  • What happens to Angel? He doesn't need to breathe, but he can't break out of steel binding, a two-ton metal box, sealed with blowtorches-- especially considering he'd be some 400 feet underwater, with all the pressures of Earth on him. Since he lives forever (or would assuming he doesn't die of starvation of blood) he'd just be sitting down at the bottom of the ocean forever...

  • Where does Cordy go, exactly, and will she ever come back? She doesn't refuse "The Powers That Be" (and hey, weren't they killed?) so she goes up... in an ironically "angelic" way. Where to, what for, or the extent of her powers is still unknown. Will Angel know how she feels about him? Another unknown.
  • Where does Groo go? They can just kick him off the show, but still, he's a deposed champion from another dimension-- doesn't easily blend in. Maybe he'll go to Sunnydale? The Hellmouth seems to be lacking in male leads lately...

  • Will we ever see Lorne again? We know he's disliked by Connor, but since "the kid" is pretty twisted by Justine, it's unlikely he'd just return to the hotel anyway.

  • Wesley, Lilah, and the Wolf, Ram, and Hart reference in the other dimension. We don't know WHAT is going on is Wesley's mind, and between using him to help out in dire need, avoiding his name when around Angel, and wondering what the heck this former Watcher is up to, it's kinda odd that the secondary male lead is so... brushed aside. It's certainly plausible that Angel is still pissed, but since his anger at Holtz calmed, maybe the same can be true for Wes, who was misled by a prophecy that wasn't true? As for Lilah... yeah. ^^;; Petty rivalry with Garrett will no doubt continue, even as she keeps on dropping hints to Wes to join the evil Galactic Empire that is W&H. I think we'll be seeing more of the Other Dimension as well, since the reference to Wolfram and Hart was never explained.

  • And finally-- what about Faith? ^^ She's still in jail, but since Buffy died, did she receive powers? Speaking of Buffy's death (and leading into Buffy, anyway) was another slayer awakened in the three month period of her death? Or did Faith just receive a jolt of power-- which was/n't taken away, with the return of the Slayer?

Coming up next: Buffy, Alias, Charmed, Enterprise, Felicity. Stay tuned!
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I wasn't going to write anything today-- at least, not after my day got better. If you've ever read any of my previous entries, you might have noticed that I usually only write when I get depressed or seriously angry and NEED to vent. Then again, I write a lot, so what does that tell you? ^.~

Suffice it to say, my day started out just short of okay. I cleaned chalkboards for a teacher who I detest. My grades haven't improved much since the second quarter of first semester, when I had a 2.29 GPA, due to a smattering of Ds on my report card. I was disappointed. Even for the self-named "slacker" and manic-depressive stick girl, 3 Ds is not something to be happy about. I make it a point to at least GO to school, TRY to understand things, and PARTICIPATE in class. There are plenty of people who think I'm a goody-goody just for that; others say I could be worse. Both are right, on some level, I suppose.

My day got much better when I went to my 6th period-- it turned out I had the highest grade in my class for the final exam in Japanese-- a 97! I was ecstatic. 1st had been a bust, with a D (which my teacher said she *might* bump up to a C-- if she felt like it), 2nd there was barely anyone there, and my substitute (which we've had for three weeks now, since my real teacher had a baby and then got deported O.o;) says she doesn't know the grades, but she did explain the stuff I didn't know, 3rd got me a D on the final I seriously tried on, and 4th got me a D with a glimmer of hope for being bumped up to a C. Lunch, which normally cheers me up, only furthered to depress me, as I spent it in the Journalism lab. I always feel lately in there that I'm the only one who tries, and when I cut anyone some slack, I'm the slave-driver. I just don't understand people these days.

I go home, clean my room for a few hours, and decide to make dinner. But there's no Miracle Whip (good stuff!) for my artichoke (yummm!) so I ask mom if I can go to the market. Now, I normally hate going out late for several reasons: 1) I have to cross a major thoroughfare where people drive like students tag-- every which way-- and 2) it's late, dark, and cold-- need I say more? Lately I've been pretty okay with it, knowing enough to keep myself standing. But I get to the supermarket some eight blocks away, and in the condiments aisle, I discover my wallet is missing! @!#$%^$^%$#%# !!! Angry at first, terrified the next, and crying the rest of my way, I backtracked home-- with no luck. Go home, tell mom because I have a god damned conscience (and by the way, despite my fervent tearfilled prayers, "He" didn't help me one bit-- so I might convert to the point where there are no male schmoes up in the clouds getting my attention), repeat. Still no luck.

Eat artichoke with acidy-butter-lemon sauce, feel depressed. Watch Jeopardy, where all the answers are prattled off like shotgun bullets. Here's the kicker-- the contestants of tonight were a security manager who looked like a Marine, an old guy with a horrible receding hairline and a cross between a Santa/Punch 'Em Out guy, and a shy schoolteacher. The schoolteacher, who was the only woman, barely answered more than twice each round. The security manager was the returning champion, smart and confident, but he ended up getting in a battle of the brains with Mr. Receding Hair once the latter got over his embarrassment from several wrong answers. Then comes the final round, and the question is about the elements: this element, a metal, the first known to be *discovered* in 1669, set England aglow with excitement. Marine-dude answers Calcium (I think)... whatever he did answer, it was wrong. Next-in-line, the recede-y dude, answers Neon-- sorry, not a metal, it's a noble gas (even *I* know that). The schoolteacher answers Sodium (she looked unsure...). They were all wrong, it turned out, but both of the guys, who were so full of themselves with all their answers and three times the money (and then some) of the poor young lady, bet all they had, reducing themselves to under $1000 apiece. The $3400 the teacher had saved up over the rounds was the lead! I had wanted her to win, just because... it felt like I was rooting for the underdog, but it was the *good* underdog. And she won! And for some reason, I'm just a little bit happier. Maybe I won't get my wallet back, and I'll have to deal with the hassle of buying a new one, replacing my ATM card, and bugging my friend for a new senior portrait, but at least I have this one day of short-lived hope. It's a nice feeling, really.
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What? You thought this was some depressing entry? *laughs* Nopers. Well, considering my recent trend... ah, well.

This is about the recent barrage of Season/Series finales that I've seen on TV. So warning, if you don't like listening to straight out rants of TV shows and predictions... then leave now. Ok.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Okay, peeps, SERIES finale. No, that doesn't mean it's all over. I mean, Joss Whedon can't possibly do a movie sequel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) w/o Buffy. But that's another story-- it won't be out till late 2002. Anywho, it's been transferred to UPN, which is a subsidiary station of FOX-- yes FOX owns Buffy, and they wanted too much money from the WB to keep it running.

The deal is this: Now, UPN owns Buffy and Roswell, and they will pick up where they left off. So Season 7 of BtVS will continue on UPN. Capice? It will be in its regular timeslot (thank god)-- Tuesdays, 8/7 Central.
My opinion on the whole Buffy death thing? *whistles* Well, if I'd had my way, I wouldn't have shown Buffy's body, which would have meant there was a shred of chance that she survived the whole dimensional closing ordeal, and simply got stuck in another world. Heh, maybe the one Cordelia and the LA gang just got out of?
But no, Joss isn't thinking that way. So Buffy's dead. No more blood. Question: who gets the Slayer powers this time? Maybe Faith gets them all now. After all, Faith (who is still in jail, mind you) only got activated after Kendra died-- Kendra, btw, was activated after Buffy died for a split second. But now, Buffy is dead-dead. Eek. So who gets the rest of her powers?

Any way you slice it, they can't call it Buffy without Buffy... so she'll be back. Duh.

Question #2: Did Giles actually kill Ben/Glory? Even if he didn't succeed in suffocating Ben (jerk that he was by the end of the series), then it's plausible Ben (Glory's human form, remember?) died after the whole dimensional rip thing, and all the buildings were falling apart. There was a hint as to what Giles was going to do when Tara (still crazy) called him a killer. He knew it too, I think.

Wonder when the rest of the Scooby gang will find out? ^^. Also, so Tara's got her brain back, but what about the rest of the mental escapees? They did manage to escape the hospital, remember?

I highly doubt we've seen the last of demon Angel. He'll find a way to manifest himself in LA. But in the long run, Angel remains on the WB, at least for the next two years. If the WB's ratings for Angel drop, then UPN gets to pick it up until it hits Season 5-- or longer, if it does well.

So, Willow (don't kill the messenger) is in LA, with the bad, bad, bad news that Buffy is... dead.
Okay, so do any of the LA gang know about Dawn and the whole key thing? After all, when Dawn was created, everyone (except the looneys) knew who she was-- or at least, who she was pretending to be. She's Dawn Summers (ironic, now that you think about it), sister of Buffy, daughter of Joyce. Hm. In any case, it seems as Willow's alone in LA (would be cool if Spike tagged along). Gunn is probably going to stick behind in LA to take care of things, while Wesley, Cordy (and obviously) Angel are going to LA for the funeral (or to kick some demon ass... after all, Sunnydale is now 99% hell). OH YES! If anyone saw Angel's finale for the season, did you see his face when he said "It's Buffy." Gee, a whole lot you can see in his face. Might I add that Buffy and Angel still (or at least Angel does, considering he's the one who's alive... so to speak) love each other. They did show feelings for each other after Joyce's funeral. -_- so sad how depressing events bring about such romantic moments.

Yeah so... lots of Buffy+Angel X-overs next season. In any case, Angel will be the first to air, in its new timeslot, Mondays at 8 or 9. I forget which. ^^;

Oooh, can't wait!

Star Trek
Ah, they managed to wrap up 5 years of Voyager into one nifty two-hour episode. It confused the heck out of me. SEVEN AND CHAKOTAY!? BLECH!! Excuse me while I rip the writer's brains out! It was too sudden, for my tastes, considering Chakotay didn't even know about Seven's little fantasy in "Human Error". And in "Natural Law", they were way too focused on the inhabitants of the planet than each other! Eesh.

Okay, I've pretty much figured out the whole Admiral Janeway thing. She can still exist, at least enough to go back in time (again and again) to change the past and get the crew home... because Janeway (the Captain) still knows what will happen, and unless she goes back in time (pretending to be the Admiral) then the past will keep repeating itself. Or something to that effect.

The Borg queen was right: all of Admiral Janeway's choices will be undone if she ceases to exist. But, because the Voyager crew (at least Seven and Janeway) knows about her and her misadventures/inventions, and so forth, then Captain Janeway can still successfully go back in time to prevent her younger self from repeating the same mistake... etc. As far as I can tell, the Borg are kaput.

Ah, that's it. We'll all have to wait until September to see anything new. Ideas, please, if you think you know what's going to happen! Leave a note! Write a rant! ^^
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When it started, I do not know. Real World, maybe? Survivor, then Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, followed by Survivor II (and coming soon, Survivor III and IV, set in the Amazon and in the African savannah. Oh joy), You Are The Weakest Link, Boot Camp... are there any I've missed?

In the long run, I am highly anti-"reality" TV. To me, it's a bit obvious that people are told what to do. Consider the fact that the people who create these so-called shows stuff over a month of "adventure" into 14 episodes. They over dramatize everything, and of course, edit out what they think won't be appealing to the public. Consider the people IN the show. Do you really think that they act like bitches all the time? They are probably told to, for the sake of ratings, and if not, then again, the creators simply highlight the bad moments of someone's day to make them look horrible in the eyes of the nation. How terrible it must be to go back to your hometown and have people tell you that you are such a bitch, and they never knew you could be so mean? Yes, folks, it does happen. On national TV, no less. These "contestants" know what they are getting into; they probably have a 12,000 page contract with 8 point fine print. Only one person can win the "big bucks" (most of which gets taken away by the IRS, mind you), so all the to-do it just a bunch of hype. Bull. Lard. Whatever. You can't really test someone when they know they're on national TV. They'll be shy, angry, uncomfortable, or unfocused. Even if the cameras are hidden, the fact still remains.

Don't judge a book by its cover. Don't judge a TV show by the word "Reality". Nine times out of ten, it's not. Reality TV is really just The Sims, with someone outside of everything, pulling the strings on you like you're some kind of marionette.

How nice it must be to have someone tell you that "You Are The Weakest Link" and must be eliminated from "all the other smart folks". Nice. If I got eliminated, or someone bashed me on national TV, I'd let them have it, right then and there, and show them just how "realistic" I am.
It's a fading trend, people. Don't fall for the bull.

Present Tense Note: Who would think that, six years later, both Survivor and the Reality TV genre would still be going strong? I stand corrected. I've never been a big fan of the genre, and am still not one, save for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (about the only reality show I think that does any actual GOOD), but I can see it has its benefits. It can give ordinary people courage to do extraordinary things. And I admit, I might not be an American Idol *or* Simon Cowell fan, but I do like Kelly Clarkson. I didn't when she was on "Idol," or when Ulrich in Choir made us sing "A Moment Like This" for graduation, but I grew up a bit. It happens. :P

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