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There's a lot of discussion floating around the web about what the 2013 Sailor Moon anime announced by Nico Nico Douga at a Tokyo event this past summer will be about.

Will it be closer to the original manga?
Is it a reboot of the original anime?
A remake?

No one "in the know" is talking right now, so that leaves fans (and those of us old-school enough to call ourselves "Moonies") speculating. Here are my questions for the future of the Sailor Moon anime:


1. Does that mean we'll get to see Minako's "original" origin story, taking place in Japan (and a few other wild places like China and Greece), along with Kaitou Ace?

2. Will "evil" be more black-and-white instead of having a tragic backstory, being manipulated by a greater power, etc.?
2a. Will we see Queen Beryl's "tragic" backstory along with the origins of Queen Metallia?
2b. Will Rubeus and some members of the Black Moon Clan be mere one-shot characters meant to be destroyed by powered-up Senshi, while Demando and others are more fleshed-out and possibly tragic (because they were being manipulated by the Death Phantom)?
2c. Does that mean some enemies will die quicker than they did in the original anime, where they may have repented (Nephlite), been healed (the Akayashi Sisters, the Amazon Quartet), or been "reborn" without the influence of evil (Galaxia)?

3. Does that mean the Senshi will have more, fewer, or the same amount of powers, attacks and abilities? (In the manga, they had powers that never showed up in the anime, like Mars' "Snake Fire," or Jupiter's "Coconut Cyclone." But the anime also had original attacks, usually one-shot ones, like Mars' "Fire Soul Bird" and Jupiter's "Thunder Dragon")
3a. Does that mean the Senshi will have less focus, because their stories will be like "filler episodes," similar to Chibiusa's Picture Diary, the High School Exam Battles, etc. and Usagi will be the primary character throughout the main storyline?
3b. Does that mean Usagi will be more mature, as she was in the manga? (In the manga, she didn't cry nearly as much, was VERY mature about her sacrificial decisions and those of others, dealt with grief in a very different way, was much more determined in her role as a Sailor Senshi/a lot less silly, etc.)

4. Will it still take place during the original timeline of 1992, or will the timeline be bumped up to modern day, similar to the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon live action TV series?
4a. Does that mean the fashion, activities, and accessories of the characters will change (cf. PGSM, where Usagi's transformation "pen" got turned into a cell phone)

IF IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE A REBOOT... (in that it will feature new plot arcs, possibly new characters, or new look at the same classic story, similar to how PGSM did with the first season of Sailor Moon--it somewhat followed the manga, but was very original in many ways too)

5. Will it follow any of the plot lines from the PGSM drama, such as...
5a. Princess Serenity is the one who destroyed the Moon Kingdom (a.k.a. Silver Millennium)
5b. Minako is already an idol
5b1. Minako is dying from an unnamed disease
5c. Mercury turns dark before/instead of Mamoru/Endymion
5d. Mars doesn't consider herself a "friend" of any of the Sailor Senshi, even Usagi, though she has an interesting, tolerable relationship with Minako
5e. Princess Sailor Moon exists, and will destroy shit
5f. The plot will stop after the first season
5g. If there is a "special," OVA, feature film, or other sort of continuation, it will take place in the far future, be it when the Senshi are in/graduated from college, Crystal Tokyo (if the original manga/anime's plots are followed at all), or similar.

6. Will we see original characters from PGSM, Sera Myu, or characters briefly mentioned in the manga like Mio, Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, etc?

7. What about characters that were unique to the original anime, like Yuuichirou?

8. Will it even focus on the original Sailor Senshi, and not Chibiusa and her team, the Sailor Starlights, a team in a different solar system/time period/galaxy?

9. Will it even have the same storylines at all, or will it have a fixed number of episodes in which any and all story arcs must be divided into?

IF IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE A REMAKE... (different from a "reboot" in that it will follow the SAME plot as the original anime, but have improved animation, stereo/5.1 surround sound, HD video, more special effects, etc. and MAYBE update a few things like cloud storage instead of CDs/floppy disks)

10. Will it have protracted transformation sequences like the ones from Pre Cure, Toei's current magical girl franchise?

11. Will Toei even be responsible for animating it? (Does Naoko Takeuchi have the rights to get it animated by another company if she so chose?)
11a. Who would be good at animating a formerly multi-million yen franchise, if you could pick any other studio currently operating right now?

12. Will the remake produce all-new merchandise, like the coveted Star Locket, if a version of it exists in the new anime? (This ties into the question about series length too, because while modern anime tend to have a preset, known number of episodes, Sailor Moon as a series is a known cash-cow, and it might be in the best interests of the license holders to either name a huge number, like the former anime series' 200 or simply not announce how many episodes the whole series will go, but go an episode at a time, adding story or prolonging story arcs as necessary.)


13. Will it be dubbed into English/Cantonese/Mandarin/Spanish/Portuguese/Thai/Polish/etc. and will English-speakers be able to get DAMNED TALENTED VOICE ACTORS who commit to a continuous contract until series' end, barring horrible disagreements with their co-workers, bosses, Naoko Takeuchi herself, or Acts of God?

What brought all this on, you may ask? I've been watching the original Sailor Moon anime with my boyfriend lately, and he's asked me what I like about the current arc we're on (R2), how it compares to the manga (which he's skimmed through my Kodansha English volumes of) etc. I've come to the conclusion that much as I love the original source material, the R arc of the anime--and all its changes--will always be near and dear to my heart.

Also, Ai no Senshi (the song).

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Well, it's here...the last day of the 30 Day Sailor Moon meme. While I've been late on some days, I've done ALL 30 entries. Check them out by seeing which entries are tagged "30 Days of Sailor Moon." If you've done (or are doing, or plan on doing) this meme too, don't forget to link me to your journals so I can read them, too! And feel free to respond to my's always good to hear from fellow Moonies and engage in fandom fun!

This meme was compiled and edited by Frizzy of Sailor Failures.

♥ » Day 30 – Favorite Moon Cat )
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OMG, only two more days to go! But I'm sure I'll still have lots to say on Sailor Moon. The past 27 days have been pretty thought-provoking, actually. The problem is, since this originated from Sailor Failures on Tumblr, there's no way to see everyone else who's doing it, because they could be posting ANYWHERE on the Internet! And perhaps not everyone who happens to be using LJ or DW is even using similar tags to mine...

Well, if you are reading this and have participated (or will participate in) this meme, link me to it! I want to read your responses, too!

♥ » Day 28 – Soldier you are least like )
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I'm not very good with timeliness on these things lately. But at least this time, I'm only 35 minute late, and not a few hours! And even if the timestamp doesn't reflect that, I am being honest!

There are only 6 more days left of this! Thanks to Frizzy at Sailor Failures for editing and sharing this awesome list!

♥ » Day 24 – Sailor Moon moment that makes you cry )
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I'm a little late for this one, too, but in my defense, I was enjoying some really good meatloaf (!), mashed potatoes, and brownies with my dad and bf. :)

We're getting close on the days here! Even if I am a bit late with some of my posts, I hope to say on March 30 that I have completed all 30 of these topics, and I'm still inspired to write and create things...not just for Sailor Moon or even fandom in general, but EVERYTHING! I do believe this kind of "free challenge" has helped in ways other assignments or challenges have not.

Still, I know I take on more than I can usually handle, which leads to stress, which leads to...projects being left undone. It'd be nice if I had a more formal structure telling me where to go next, what's the most important or what's the easiest to get done soonest, that kind of thing. Wouldn't it be nice if there was some sort of auto-prioritizer that could take things like skill, time, and resources available into account?

Anyway, these are from Frizzy over at Sailor Failures.

♥ » Day 23 – Sailor Moon moment that makes you happy )
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It's Day 22/30 in the Sailor Moon meme! How unbelievable! It feels great to be writing again, though. I'm really looking forward to AX now...I hope I can decide on which commissioner to go with for my Saturn costume, get a Silence Glaive made, and still save up to have lots of fun while I'm there! Ah, planning, planning....

Anyway, this is ganked from Frizzy of Sailor Failures!

Hey, should I be warning you about spoilers? Because this post has LOTS of them. For everything. :P This is your first and last warning.

♥ » Day 22 – Sailor Moon moment that upsets you )
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Okay, the honest-to-God truth is that I'm a teeny-tiny bit late with this. Two hours late. (But I'm backdating it so it appears properly in my archives. *cheater! cheater!*) It's the first and hopefully only time, so forgive me 'kay? I've been playing Star Ocean 4 a lot today and trying to complete a lot of sidequests....

Once again, another day in the 30 Days of Sailor Moon meme, brought to you by the inimitable Frizzy of Sailor Failures.

♥ » Day 17 – Favorite attack overall (villains included) )
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Day 16! We're now officially more than halfway through the 30 Days of Sailor Moon meme, and it's been really fun so far. I can't wait to get back into the SM fandom and do more revisions on the fic-currently-titled "Only 16." More on that later.

Anyway, this meme is brought to you by Frizzy of Sailor Failures on Tumblr.

♥ » Day 16 – Best Inner Soldier attack )
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I'm back, I'm bold, maybe even--ah hell, how many times have I opened a post with that line? I clearly love alliteration too much. Or similar-sounding words. Like Sailor Failures!

♥ » Day 14 – Best dressed Soldier )
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The meme...dun dun dun da dun dun dun da da da da!

Yes, it's time for 30 Days of Sailor Moon, Day 12! It's the day after the iPad 2 launch and it's still crazy here at the Apple Store San Francisco. I've got a sore throat/cough and a sniffly/stuffed nose, but it's all good! I'm eating beef portobello with broccoli and potatoes for lunch, and it's comfort food of the healthy variety. Win!

Considering yesterday's topic, today's shouldn't be that much of a surprise. Wonder why the Outer System Senshi got this question before the Inner Senshi?

Once again, brought to you by Sailor Failures on Tumblr. Tumblr is a weird service, and even though I have one, I don't really (know how to) use it. I personally WANT to comment on things, and it bums me out when I can't. Sailor Moon Secrets being on Tumblr is cool, but it seems to take away the fun that the other fandom secrets comms have. Too bad the one on LJ has apparently died out? *shrug*

♥ » Day 12 – Favorite Inner Soldier (and why) )
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You didn't think I forgot about this, did you?

Indeed, it's time for another day in the 30 Days of Sailor Moon meme, and I'm at last in the double digits!

♥ » Day 10 – Character you wish was a Soldier )
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It's a little bit later than my usual posting for the 30 Days of Sailor Moon meme, brought to you by Sailor Failures on Tumblr, but that's because I have today off!

I've got lots to get done, so let's get this very interesting topic out of the way, shall we?

♥ » Day 08 – Favorite villain )

Can you tell that I like (parenthetical asides)?
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Yay, I made it one week into the 30 Days of Sailor Moon meme, the same one found on Sailor Failures on Tumblr

♥ » Day 07 – Prettiest/most handsome character )
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Welcome, welcome, welcome, to the crazy fannish brain that is Mer's...or Andi's...or Azurite's. You know, I've gone through quite a few fandom nicknames in my time, but most people know 'em all. And they're certainly no secret.

I'm usually not secretive with my favorite pairings, either. Usually I'm the first to jump on the bandwagon of "proclaiming love and joy for ('SHIP NAME GOES HERE)!" And then there's this.

Day 6 of the 30 Days of Sailor Moon meme, again using the list from Sailor Failures on Tumblr.

♥ » Day 06 – Couple you wished existed )
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And now for one of my favorite topics in all of fandom...romance! 'Shipping! WAFF! TAFF! Orange Crush! (Hey, waitasec...)

Yes, it's time for the 30 Days of Sailor Moon meme once more, brought to you by Sailor Failures on Tumblr.

♥ » Day 05 – Best canon couple )
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It's that time of day again, time for the 30 Day Sailor Moon Meme, brought to you by Sailor Failures on Tumblr.

♥ » Day 04 – Best friendship )


Dec. 15th, 2005 02:07 pm
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  • Couldn't sleep last night. Tried to read bad Christmas romance novels (historicals); didn't work. The cheese ate my brain.
  • Decided to watch PGSM instead, all the way through Special Act. Bawled my eyes out.
  • Realized that even in its new form, Sailormoon will always appeal to me, have special  meaning for me, and send out important messages to anyone who cares to listen.
  • Decided to smash together all my websites at long last and create an Animanga Collision eFiction archive for all of my fics save the Seto x Anzu ones, which will remain hosted at Dragonfayth. I'll still post at other places (FFnet, MMorg, Aria's Ink ...if I can ever figure out their whacked upload system... DeviantArt ...same thing... and ASMR), but at least now I'll have a place for my rants and essays, as well. It'll take some time to set up, though. For most of the animes/mangas/games I'm into, it'll also include information pages, character profiles, etc.
  • Dropped my iPod mini on the sidewalk as I was running across the street on my way home from school (to sell a book) today. It's dinked up to the point where it irritated me, so I bought a purple protective skin from DecalGirl.com
  • Finished a transfer of funds (gas money for/from [ profile] cutieme4u --> Kysra) from PayPal; as I said before, we're almost at our goal and we only need a few more donations to get the scanner! It's doubtful I'll be able to ship it by Christmas unless I get funds from other people SOON!
  • Scored a job at the ITR University Help Desk... $8.05/hr for 20 hrs/wk., +/- 4 hours, if I want. Starts Jan. 9! Yahoo!
  • Mom might buy my laptop. :)
  • WILL MAKE IT TO JTAF! Keep your eyes peeled, gentlemen (and ladies-- er, [ profile] hikaru_jan, you're not going...? ;_;! :D).
  • Need to check/download classes that I need to take; I register on the 19th, and if any of my planned classes are full, I need alternatives. I don't want to be sitting on SOLAR (Student On-Line Access Registration or something) for an hour searching classes. I'll bring the hard copy schedule with me just in case, but I want the course numbers ready to go, with my knowledge that I need the class, that I can take the class in accordance with my schedule, and that I'll like the professor.
  • Am tired now... despite needing to pack and such, my eyes are so sore from all that crying I did last night that I just need to sleep. If I can actually fall asleep, it'll be a good thing.
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Spoilers for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Episode 40. A WTF Moment. )

Speaking of the PGSM episodes in general, I burned them all to CD a long time ago. I never recall having to use the xVid codec, but I have it on my computer now... though for some stupid reason, xVids still won't play in DivX, despite having the codec. And in WinAmp and Media Player both, there are short bits of every episode (since about 32 onward) that get all blurry and pixellated. Anyone know what's up and how to fix this-- or is the file just corrupt?

Oh yeah, and Okami-san from Hana Yori Dango is Ikuko-mama! Why the heck didn't I notice it until now? (Rhetorical question: I was watching them out of sync, plus Ikuko-mama is a redhead, while Okami-san has black hair.) I LOVE this new Ikuko-mama! She and Okami-san are so BIZARRE! :D

Princess Sailor Moon = Princess of Mayhem. She takes the place of the original series' Sailor Saturn. Anyone that's watched the series up to this point doesn't need to guess why.

zOMG the youmas. )

Finally, wtf is up with Mio? I mean, I hate her, but... what/who is she?
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Whoo-hoo! Okay, so Mamono's gotten back to me with WDKY17, and [ profile] guardian_kysra says she'll get back to me with it tomorrow (meaning today) and even [ profile] nekokilala, our newest member of [ profile] betasquad said she'd give it a look-see! Yayness!

News you can use:
I have updated my FFnet profile to include a comprehensive list of all 82 of my fics posted this far... and which ones are Oneshots, which ones are Works in Progress, and which ones are Multi-Chapter Completed Stories. As I JUST posted a new fic "Lover Alone" on [ profile] 30kisses and [ profile] ygo_lyricwheel, this FFnet list is subject to change whenever I upload a new story/chapter. So keep your eyes peeled. New information on the profile includes "expected number of chapters," which some people might be interested in knowing.

I finished downloading ALL of PGSM! Yay! I have to start burning the CDs... but I'm still burning Rochelle's Inuyasha (which was being a pain today and refusing to let me burn CDs and then not letting me know about it or why), so I don't even know if I'll have enough. Keep in mind that I bought 100 CDs about a month ago. -_- I'm just excited to finally be up to Act 20! I wanna throttle Mamoru, though!

In Jamba news... well, I think I made a bit of a discovery. It's 50/50 when it comes to being "good" or "bad." Remember "C" the co-worker who's younger than me, cute, and I kinda had a bitty-size crush on him? Well a) the other day he joked about my age... I kicked him (not hard) and told him how old I REALLY was (20) and he seemed surprised! I felt bad about kicking him though, and ironically enough, we both apologized at the same time; b) we both closed together, along with "J" who I suspect likes me. I like him as a friend --he's cheered me up when I've needed it, and he does seem to care, but that particular night, not only was I on my rag, but I was thinking about how it's 10 days from the date when it'll have been 10 years since my sister died. So I was kind of quiet. Why do guys make a fuss when girls are bitchy on their period, but if they're quiet and moody instead of yelling and screaming, they seem to get more paranoid? *shrug*

Anyway, I finally made this comment about C being a womanizer, and he actually persisted in knowing who (of the female coworkers) agreed with me. When I named one particular girl, it seemed to get to him, and I deduced that he liked her. Or he at least cares a lot about her opinion... so, womanizer or no, it's not as if I have any reason to be jealous [I already have a boyfriend, I don't date younger guys, and wanting attention from a guy just because other girls were getting it is NOT a good reason to go after someone] and I'm trying to figure out what to do. I intended to tell C that he shouldn't change who he is, I'm sorry for what I said, and that he can and should go after this girl if he wants to-- but he should lay off the flirting with other female co-workers, because as I said, I'm not the only one who's noticed (and been on the receiving end of it).

For the most part, we had an amicable relationship today, but he left pretty quickly (again, without giving me the chance to say anything to him). I felt kind of sour and sad about it for the remainder of my shift, because I kept thinking there was something I could have said, but if he really cared about it, he wouldn't have acted the way he did. "K," the nice lead that's been closing with us these past few nights, is one of the girls C kind of flirted with (even though she's 6 years his senior!) said C probably didn't care. I don't know whether to believe her or not.

I was also thinking about what "J" asked while we were closing-- if I could date anyone in the store, who would it be. J already knows I kind of liked C, so I wondered if he was just asking to get me to admit it. I dodged around the answer, saying I wouldn't take the risk-- and then later saying I just didn't take risks in the summer (people DYING and all). C ended up being the first co-worker I told the truth to about Michelle. He didn't react in any special way, which I guess is what makes it so memorable-- he didn't say "I'm sorry" or "What happened?" or anything. I think he might have said "Oh." I can't be upset or happy about that one way or another.

I wanted to tell C, when we were alone, that I lied to J (augh, now I feel bad about that) and that yeah, I would have gone out with C, if I had the chance. But I neglected to mention that I couldn't and wouldn't cheat on my boyfriend, whom I love very much, crushes and silly things like that aside. "S" and "K" both know I have a boyfriend, I don't think J and C do, though. I wanted to tell C that I did like him a lot initially, but a lot of that feeling has faded, and frankly, the whole "womanizer" thing came from me being jealous that he'd been so nice to me at first, but then he started flirting with other girls and downright ignoring me (ignoring totally, not just ignoring-as-flirt-material). I wanted to say I kind of badgered that girl into agreeing with me that he's a womanizer (she didn't outright disagree with me; she sort of treated the whole thing as a joke) and that if he genuinely liked her, he should say so. I just didn't want to hear it from his lips.

And I worked with that girl today, but I couldn't bring myself to tell HER what I suspect about C, either.

At least all this stuff about fics and things have distracted me enough (until now) where I'm not thinking about it.

But what I am thinking about is Harry Potter, and all these weird questions that have been bubbling in my head since I started reading "Order of the Phoenix" for the second time. So here are my questions under an LJ-CUT... Answer if you can/dare. Wiggle those extendable ears! )
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Let's just cut to the quick, mm? )

Sorry that these are coming along so slow... but time is hard to find now that I'm working so many hours this week! On top of that, I shouldn't have stayed up as late as I have... I have to be at work at 6:30am tomorrow! Eeya!

BTW-- can someone point me to or make me a few Sailor Moon icons? PGSM, preferably... but anime and manga work, too! I just need some SM spirit in my icon set, and I don't have too much time to make them myself! ;_; I'll make you an icon in return!
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Once again, I bring you the differences between the Sailor Moon live action (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) and the anime (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon). This time I hope to get through Act 5! Shall we get started?

This show is brought to you by Bandai, the same people that made toys for a bazillion other shows... )
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This special chapter of "Differences" will feature Act Zero, "The Birth of Sailor V!" Are you ready? Let's GO!

Act Zero! )
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Along with my many other summer projects, I plan on working on Mare Serenitatis, my first, original, and probably my most comprehensive (and out-of-date) site-- for Sailor Moon. I actually had a new layout in the works featuring PGSM, but I never went anywhere with it. Now that I'm making it a point to watch all the episodes and specials, I hope I'll get more into Sailor Moon and PGSM again.

As people have done with the manga vs. the anime, here's my mini-guide on changes between the Sailor Moon anime and the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon live action show. I'll occasionally mention the manga, since that's what the ANIME was based on, and you can most definitely see its influence in the live action, but I'm trying to go in order (manga --> anime --> live action) here.

Starlight Prayers... )

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