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Back in late August, I wrote a Star Wars/Sailor Moon crossover for [ profile] sailormoonland that, for reasons unknown, wasn't included in the Criss-Cross challenge's entries or results. Not sure if I submitted it too late or it was just too darn long (it was too long for a textarea, I know that much), but now that the results are out, I'm free to post it all over the great wide Intarwebz!

Title: Hope
Rating: G/K/For Everyone
Genres: Gen/Sci-Fi

Spoilers: For Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (season 5 of the anime)

Word Count: 1851
Status: Oneshot, Complete

Summary: Princess Leia Organa is captured by the Empire, and the plans for the Death Star she painstakingly worked to deliver to the Rebel Alliance may have been lost...but a cell mate aboard the battle station gives her hope.

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[ profile] obabscribbler, this is all your fault. That little ficlet you requested of Anzu and Zell (a Final Fantasy VIII and Yu-Gi-Oh! crossover) started out... somewhat simply enough. Zell reminded me of Jounouchi, so I wanted to channel that early scene from Vol. 1 of the manga, except Anzu's reasons for telling Zell (via ketchup on a hot dog, rather than a burger) to "TELL AND YOU DIE!!" would be vastly different than Jounouchi's.

And then an idea started to grow. I don't know, do you think he's her type? )
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I've just realized I have another squick besides slash: threesomes. I LOVE triangles, because it's human, and adds a lot of drama, but when I read about halfway through the first of only TWO Grissom/Sara/Nick (or G/N/S, as it may have actually been... I'm too afraid to go back and find out) fics on [ profile] geekfiction, I had a sinking sensation that Grissom-the-voyeur (spying on Nick and Sara practically getting it on --though I'm a GSR fan to the last, I can totally see Nick and Sara together for a bit, and even Greg and Sara. They're both a bit out of Sara's league, IMHO, but considering how they both seem to like her, I could see it for a brief fling. I can also see them being okay with it ending and her "ending up" with Grissom, too; with anyone else, I don't see that working out: it'd be too awkward) wouldn't be satisfied just watching and/or feeling up Sara once he revealed that he'd been spying on them the whole time. I mean, it's (er, I hesitate to use this word) "doable" for Nick and Grissom to BOTH get Sara at the same time, but... well, ow. So I stopped reading, even though part of me wonders if my gut instinct was right. And you can only know by reading, but... well, I'm in no mood to be "scarred" for life. There are some times when hitting the back button is just TOO LATE. (And why read what's not up your alley?)

So I'm perusing my FL and read a rather interesting [ profile] fanficrants "rant" about someone who got a review making reference to an old 4chan thread about "the Holders." It's basically an original forum "series" of sorts-- a choose-your-own-adventure mixed with mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. Good shit, in other words. There are 538 objects in the world-- originally 2538, but 2000 were lost. They appear in a number of forms, everything from what looks like your average everyday Rusty Keychain to an actual woman. Some people seek the items to see what they do; others seek to keep them forever separated. Once they were one, but they were separated. Something will happen if they are ever brought together again, but what? You can only know by embarking on the journey...

Okay, so you'd really have to be mental to actually do some of the things the prompts say to do (going to a mental institution or halfway house to ask for someone who is the "Holder of **" (** in this case being whatever the item in question is). But the items and whoever came up with them and what they do is actually pretty bitching, and... well, if CLAMP weren't doing something (with a lot less humor) in Tsubasa: RC and xxxHolic, I would say it could be a kick-ass manga.

Failing that, fanfiction. (Now, supposedly, the spammer in question, FBI-san of FFnet, will be writing this story. This person is pretty much just spamming FFnet with the snippets which may not even be his/hers, and has no other stories to indicate there is any experience in writing said fic-- or what universe it might be in. So, who the hell knows? One thing's for sure, with these as prompts, it can go ANY direction. Maybe it should be a community for a fic challenge, a'la 30kisses? Or I could always invent a new list... except not, because that'd be Just Plain Wrong) I'm talking THE ULTIMATE CROSSOVER. Consider this a dare for the bored or masochistic. What happens when you bring them all together? )

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