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I'm so excited about this that I honestly just want to tell everyone, everywhere.
So I got myself a new phone, and for once, I just couldn't pick a case for it. So I designed my own. Using my fanlisting Blue Eyes and Apricot' layout as inspiration, I designed an image that's usable for my new case, but also stickers, journals, totebags, and more!

Here's the image I ended up using:

Plus, I'd love to do more stuff like this. I don't consider myself much of a digital artist, but I love Azureshipping and would love to see more fan merchandise out there that shares that love. If you've got some ideas for things for me to try or want to collaborate, let me know!

So check me out on RedBubble!
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So I've got a few projects on my plate at the moment, almost all of them involving Photoshop. I'm trying to come up with a new layout for my domain so that all the subdomains (like Blue Eyes and Apricots, Azurelist, Dragonfayth, etc.) are all accessible. Plus, I need to have things like Resource/Credits pages, a Contact Me page, etc. I need to come up with a reasonable structure for everything.

My ideas were...
* Woodcut-style (like a Fleur de Lis; I've seen this in several places, but I'm not sure how to develop a few custom shapes or brushes and turn it into a whole layout, even if it is just a "portal" page)
* Jeweled stars (tried it; it wasn't successful with the NM Smith tutorial I tried, but a lot of Blending Options seemed to do the trick... now, what to do with it?)
* Tattoo-style-- like Ed Hardy. (I have no idea how to even embark on this. It's obviously got to do with the airbrush tool, but I don't know where to begin.)
* Retro Pop Art (This is inspired by the Lymabean "Spread the Love" contest logo. I have most of the brushes necessary to create something similar, except for the "retro" striped swirls.

I'm talking about the swirl-like shapes behind the letter E (of "Love") and behind the circles on the left (near where it says "Spread The...") Any idea where to find brushes like that?

Also, does anyone know how to make letters/shapes POP out like they do in the header? Is it just a matter of drawing a bunch of lines and having proper perspective?

And in the meantime, I'm going to separate out BEA's new "Media" page, add some embedded fanart via DA (don't know how much longer fanart's even going to *be* on DA, but...), and HOPEFULLY work on some fic.

Yesterday I did some adding to WikiFic for Yu-Gi-Oh! soundtracks/scores, but now I'm not sure if BOTH albums I bought in SD or just one is bootleg. I certainly didn't consider the possibility when I bought the things (usually I'm pretty good at spotting those kind of things, but these looked totally legit!)... yeesh. So, if you own some legit Yu-Gi-Oh! OSTs and have some free time, care to put up the track listing on WikiFic? I'll be able to grab the lyrics and take care of things like the kanji/furigana and the romanization.
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Once again, someone has stolen work by my friends from my website to post up in a badly put-together YouTube "AMV" using a tired song that's been done before. (Also known as "yet another Cascada "Everytime We Touch" Seto x Anzu video. Actually, to be more accurate, this one also includes Seto x Kisara and Seto x Shizuka.)

[ profile] bewareofdogz (I think), [ profile] lin_ko, Sempaiko, [ profile] uni_chan, I recognized all your work without a shred of credit (e.g. "Art by So-and-So) or a link back to any of our websites, e.g. BEA or DeviantART. Countless other fanartists were ripped off too, I'm sure, but I don't recognize the works of any potentially-notable Seto x Kisara or Seto x Shizuka artists.

I've already reported this to YouTube, but since I'm not the actual "copyright" holder of the artwork, you guys might need to do this as well. You'll need a YouTube account to submit the complaint form electronically, but I think there's still an email link buried in the Help files somewhere. If you need help locating it, let me know.

I took down BEA's fanart page ages ago, but someone determined enough could probably find the art elsewhere. I know [ profile] uni_chan has every right to display her amazing works on her DeviantART account. You'd think things like watermarks and, in the case of her image that got stolen (a gift to ME, which is why I got especially angry), text indicating who the image is for, who it's by, and what it's for (if anything), would stop people from using it without credit in a video slideshow. Maybe the idiot
"artist" thinks that because there's text on some of the graphics (namely the icon [ profile] uni_chan made for me, along with the WDKY Seto x Anzu art), it gives credit. Problem? The video has a strict resolution, meaning even if someone full-screens the video, the quality won't improve, so the art's text will remain illegible.

I've had con-artists (which is a much better term, I think; the term "artist" by itself for these people implies a measure of creativity which is clearly not present-- after all, there's no originality in a video that's been done before and only uses other peoples' works) say that they got the images ages ago and didn't remember where they got it from. Okay, fair enough, it happens to all of us-- but WHY USE THE IMAGE!? This is Common Sense 101, people: if you don't know where something came from, don't use it! This applies to all kinds of things. For example, you see a tissue lying on a table. Your nose is a bit runny, but who knows where that tissue's been? Do you pick it up and use it, even if it's crumpled into a ball?


And in the case of fanart, whether or not the original artist put a watermark or signature on it, you recognize it as fanart. Few fanartists can or even make the attempt to pass off their work as so close to the original that you'd need to double-take. And if you recognize something as fanart, and you like it enough to think, "Gee, I'd like to include this in a video tribute" or something, why not make the effort of Googling the pairing name plus the term "fanart" or similar to try and find the original artist to a) ask their permission; b) give them credit with a link back, and maybe even c) get permission to use more, newer, or shinier artwork? It's not that hard.

Anyway, I suggest any Azureshippers, artists, or simply honest people head on over to this video. Rate it 1 star, like I did. I didn't comment on it, but the temptation is certainly there. I might try to keep it private, to PMs, because "nasty" comments exploding on the video message board doesn't help anybody (besides, YouTube's thread folding is horribly disorganized). Obviously, if you the artist, or you, a friend of mine/any of the above-named artists wants to comment, feel free.

Above all else, all I seek is credit-- not a link to my YouTube account or even to BEA, but names to EACH INDIVIDUAL ARTIST and links to THEIR websites, if applicable. It's simply not fair otherwise, and the video should be taken down.

ETA: My PM to the poster; I think it's nice and not mean at all. Of course, I didn't mention that I already reported it to YouTube, but s/he doesn't need to know that.

I'm writing to ask you about your video set to Cascada's "Everytime We Touch" featuring Seto Kaiba and a number of other girls from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series.
I noticed that you used a great deal of fanart, some of which appears to have come from my website, the Seto Kaiba x Anzu Mazaki fanlisting, and some of which is by some good friends of mine. At least two pieces of art were gifted to me explicitly, and feature my name or the acronym for the title of my work. No credit is given either in the video or in the info, linking back to my website, giving the names of the original artists of the work, or linking back to the profiles of the artists. It is unfair to use the artwork without their permission/knowledge and without any credit.
I would be happy to provide you with the artists' information for those Seto x Anzu artworks that I recognize so that they can be properly acknowledged.

Thank you for your time,

I didn't make any threats, I didn't make any ultimatums. I don't think I was rude or mean or nasty. If I could have written it better or should not have bothered writing it at all, tell me

ETA2: *sigh* This is getting to be a rehash of what happened two years ago. For reference, users whose videos contained lifted artwork:
* ShizukaKaiba (whose video is posted above; she never responded to my PM, but the video seems to have been taken down)
* TeaKaiba (who has also been rude about it, but attempted to give credit after further discussion)
* AncientMemories (who has been extremely rude about this in the past and "attempted" to give proper credit but instead made it seem like *I* demanded credit for the works that weren't mine, but were hosted on my site(s) and made by my friends)
* AnzuTealover (who has been polite about this in the past)
* crazysycochick (who has also been rude about it, but attempted to give credit after further discussion)

So far all I'm doing is sending them PMs if I notice there is either no credit or the credit is incorrect (e.g. giving it to me instead of to the artists, and not providing links). I guess it's foolish to assume they'll do any extra legwork, especially for older videos that have already been posted, so I've been providing the exact timing of the images, the artists of the images in question, and the artist name plus a website link if I have one (which I do for almost everyone involved). Hopefully that plus some politeness --instead of nasty comments left on the video or immediate reporting to YouTube-- will help this situation.

In the meantime, I encourage any and all DA artists to watermark their art (you can do it easily in your Edit Deviation options). BEA's fanart section will never come back, and I'll probably be removing the Fic Art section of my old Yu-Gi-Oh website too. This sucks that I have to do this, but there are some people out there that seem to be too immature, rude, or selfish to think that real artists deserve credit for their hard work and creativity.

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...I don't know a thing about Gakuen Alice. o_o But I do know Tokyopop's quizzes don't embed properly. -_- Or maybe it's just my layout. In any case, what was the point of asking me for a post title when they're going to change it, anyway?

What's your Alice? Quiz )

Also: my ENGL 313 (Pop Culture) teacher ROCKS. I thought this of my previous Pop Culture teacher, the class I had to drop last Spring, when I had the semester from hell (and flunked Japanese). This Prof, Hatfield by name, knows what fandom is. Okay, so he's a Pop Culture teacher, he should know about some things... I mean, I expect people to know what anime is these days. Knowing manga (and not calling them "graphic novels") is a bit of an accomplishment, as is knowing what "fanfiction" is. But Hatfield just took the cake when he remembered one single word... COSPLAY.

Not "dressing up as a Klingon or Obi-Wan" but the very WORD "Cosplay." He knew it! (Okay, so his son is apparently in the disaster called the CSUN Anime Club, so I can't blame him if he found out through there...) But that rocks my socks, because even the people that dress up like Spock or Worf or Obi-Wan or Anakin don't know that word. To them, dressing up as a character is "dressing up as a character." Cosplay is a Japanese portmanteau, a mashing of "costume" and "play." Though it could theoretically be guessed from context (though Baba thought the "Cos" was short for "Cosmic" when I mentioned it to her this afternoon), it might take some examples of what it is (visual examples, that is) to really get the brain juices flowing.

We're going to have to do a fandom-related project near the end of the semester. An option is to study a "fandom-based community," where you "immerse" yourself in it. *raises eyebrow* Something tells me I'd have a great time "studying" [ profile] playthedamncard. Or [ profile] smrff. Heh!

Oh, to other fellow California voting-age ppls: so, what do you think of the whole Props 94-97? Those are the Indian Gaming ones, if you don't remember. TV is just saturated with those ads lately, and to be honest, I'm torn. On the one hand, I'm not apt to believing that more slot machines at Indian Gaming Resorts will equal billions of dollars for California, especially not "immediately." And while I realize that the state is in a fiscal crisis, if the money we get isn't used properly, it doesn't seem to make sense. Any money we do get -whether we "deserve" it or not- should be put into proper use.

What bothers me is that there are people on both sides of the fence, and as none of them are my local representatives or people I know/recognize, I don't know who to trust. There are teachers on both sides, police officers and other law enforcement officers... people whose opinion I value, but I don't know who to believe.

So, what do you think? I'm skeptical of the ads from the "No" campaign, if only because it clearly says at the bottom that they're paid for by a Vegas casino and a Hollywood racetrack. However, I don't know whether the passing of the props would mean that it really WOULD be four rich gaming tribes versus the many other, non-gaming tribes left in the dust. My grandfather thinks that Vegas casino bigshots are controlling the Indian Gaming casinos and resorts anyway, from "Connecticut to California," and that the bulk of the money goes back to them, anyway.

I don't know what to think, so... help?

Oh, also: [ profile] guardian_kysra, it's all your fault! Well, yours and Em's (sorry, I don't think I can spell her full LJ name... o_o but you know who I mean!), because I've been reading Em's "It Only Takes a Moment" for the past two nights (I'm slow), and checking out all your cute comic strips based on it... and other RobRae art (*wink wink*). You're making me wish I still watched TT! I'm actually glad I caught up on DeviantArt, at any rate. Lots of stuff to be had there. :) Got myself a new wallpaper, because, well, Ty was just making me blush inappropriately. So I switched it to NMSmith's lovely "Iris" wallpaper.

Reminds me of Goo Goo Dolls )

I wanna know how to make jewels like the small ones on the side. :)
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ETA (2/18/07): This post was formerly a paid post, sponsored by PayPerPost. However, because such posts are against LiveJournal's TOS, I've removed the sponsor note and link. However, the website WAS a good resource, so I recommend you Google it anyway; Art In the Picture is the name of the site. Check out Dali's most famous works there: "Persistence of Memory," and my favorite, "Meditative Rose."

That said, [ profile] baine and I (and possibly others?) are going to the Ueno Royal Museum at some point while we're in Tokyo, because there's a Salvador Dali exhibit going on there. I've had several people go "Salvador Who?" (and there was someone who thought I was talking about countries... who was that? ^_~) among other things, so I'm here to educate you a bit on who Salvador Dali is, and why I like him so much.

Salvador Dali is... )
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Sometimes I think I'm one of the very few people with school spirit in my entire high school. And though it's summer right now, I'm already planning and plotting ahead, trying to come up with ways to make the school better in my final year there.

That's saying a lot-- since with my two failed classes (though I should have passed English, what with all the praise and passed tests in summer school, but I got a D in Japanese -which I hope to make up with my extra credit manga- and an F in history-- SCREW THAT! >_< I got a 3 on my AP TEST! WAHAHA!) I need to make those up in Night School. Bleh. Better than taking another class during the actual school year though.

ANYWAY, I have been coming up with ideas for the Class of 2003 mural. In my school, classes since the early 1980s have been doing large murals that are placed in the wings of my school. There are three wings-- the first two are already filled, but there's a blank space where the class of 2000's mural *should* have been, but isn't, due to their lack of enthusiasm on that part (not to mention motivated artists) . In any case, I've been trying to get the class to come up with designs for the mural, since I intend to be the first class in the new millennium doing it. Other classes have tried to copy my original idea, once they found out about it via the polls I sent to homerooms, but none of them have been able to go through with it.

Now, thanks to my friends (artist types who have volunteered to help with the painting of the mural, should we get teacher permission) have help me come up with ideas-- and as the self-proclaimed "concept designer" I have to come up with a way to combine all the ideas, and decide which ones to use and not use.

So far, we're combining elements of the new millennium with current events and trends-- and all we need is a single running thread to make it a truly "2003" poster. We've got "the new millennium," Y2K, Cell Phones, Computers, DVDs, MP3 players, new music, new fashion... Cybercafes, Dance Dance Revolution, gaming consoles, digital photography, and more focused stuff on the school and the city/community-- like the Metreon, our new principal, the events of 9/11 and how they affected us, trends in media and television... it's a whole jumble of ideas.

*ahem* To continue where I was cut off (so sue me, I was typing this in the middle of class) I have this bunch of ideas... but I need a way to sketch them all out, to make them into one unified concept. It's sort of like how Yearbooks have themes, and even though they have the same stuff every year-- the classes, the Student Life section, etc. they always conform to the theme in one way or another. So how would I do that with this? Honestly, how do I know which ideas to cut... or which to keep? What's the underlying thread here that I'm not seeing-- and of course, even if I were to rally up my classmates to discuss/follow through on this, how do I go about addressing over 500 students, and picking and choosing the volunteers, the artists, and those who stick to what they start?

Now, once again, with feeling: HELP!

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